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4 New Trends in Multimodal Transportation


The post 4 New Trends in Multimodal Transportation appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. The supply chain coronavirus issues have pushed the supply chain — and many suppliers — to their breaking point. Fortunately, there is time and opportunity for the supply chain to recover.

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Explained in Detail: Intermodal and Multimodal Transportation


This blog deals with intermodal and multimodal transportation, showcasing the differences between the two and the advantages of each. Also, get an analysis of how technology plays a crucial role in a TMS.


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Using Multimodal Transport & Multimodal Rating in Freight Management


In the freight shipping and transportation market, not all shipments or shipping methods are the same. That’s why understanding the advantages of multimodal transport is a critical part of rate monitoring and expense management. One set of services don’t always apply.

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Multimodal Transport: What is Multimodal Shipping? | PLS Logistics Services

PLS Logistics

Multimodal transport combines different types of transport to ship your goods in the most effective way.

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Why You Should be Working with a Multimodal Transportation & Logistic Partner

Odyssey Logistics

By serving as “one stop shops” for most of these companies’ transportation needs, multimodal partners help shippers work faster, save money. The post Why You Should be Working with a Multimodal Transportation & Logistic Partner appeared first on Odyssey Logistics & Technology. Continue Reading.

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CMA CGM Closes on Takeover of Bolloré Logistics, Its Largest Acquisition Ever

MTS Logistics

In addition to global supply chain operations, Bolloré Logistics also specializes in multimodal transport. As mentioned, Bolloré specializes in multimodal transport, but it also is doing business in industries that CMA CGM wants a larger footprint in. Why did CMA CGM choose Bolloré for its largest-ever acquisition?

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6 Things Supply Chain Decision Makers Look For in Supply Chain Logistics Partners


Multimodal Transportation Services Are Also Key to Logistics. Offering multimodal transportation services is another area where supply chain logistics experts express a need in their 3PL partners. Additionally, multimodal services and optimization help businesses drive sustainable transportation.