If Steve Jobs Owned a 3PL

The Logistics of Logistics

Everybody knows Steve Jobs, the iconic innovator, who transformed five different industries: computers, phones, music, digital publishing and movies (Pixar). He even left his mark in brick and mortar with the Apple Stores, which have been wildly successful.

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Logistics Video: Mesmerizing Conveyor Belt

Logistics Matter

Maybe it is me, but I can watch this for hours. Anything happening in buildings with high walls and little to no windows, grabs my attention. I love the intricate web of movements of people, machines and goods in a warehouse environment.

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It’s Manufacturing Week! – A Look At American Manufacturing and Ingenuity for MFG Day


Editor's Note: In honor of Mfg Day 2016, we feature two of our friends from The Rodon Group and Manufacturing Stories in a celebration of what already makes America great. Edge Factor Releases new Film, American Ingenuity for MFG DAY 2016 – #MFGDay16.

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Successfully Fulfill Your Crowdfunding/Kickstarter Campaign

Ottawa Logistics

Quite possibly, one of the most useful inventions of modern times, and since the advent of sliced bread has to be online fundraising. Companies like Crowdfunding and Kickstarter enable you to get your product in front of millions immediately.

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What are your peers saying about Supply Chain Network Design?

Companies want to maximize service levels, but they also want to cut costs. How do you find the optimum balance? That's what Supply Chain Network Design is all about. This report delves into the benefits of SCND as a process and what companies are looking for and struggling with when it comes to supportive technologies.

When hard cash becomes obsolete, a digital India rises


A focused outlook on the Indian logistics industry & the fundamental approach towards a smarter ecosystem. With the onset of demonetization of currency, the Indian logistics landscape has been shaken up.

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Apparel: The Current Driving Force of E-Commerce

Apparel Logistics

The e-commerce industry has gone through a lot of changes over the last decade. If you own or manage an online store, you'll want to learn more about how apparel currently acts as the driving force behind e-commerce success.

Fundamental Supply Chain Shifts Kill The Idea of a "Surge"


I have talked a lot about the inventory to sales ratio and how it is such a great predictor of what will happen in the transportation industry.


Kane is Able

Shippers often work under the assumption that the way they ship freight (and the associated costs) are pretty much fixed and can’t change. But just because “it’s always been done this way” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t challenge the status quo. At Kane Is Able, we’ve identified a ton of ways to reduce freight costs, with changes you can begin implementing today. Freight Transportation

4 Ways Effective 3PL Can Help Pharma Comply With Health Canada Regulations

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When it comes to logistics in the pharmaceutical industry , the two biggest factors are security and traceability. Drug manufacturers have to deal with the risk of counterfeiting, contamination and shortages during distribution, which may compromise the quality of the products.

Over 500,000 registered drones in the U.S.

DC Velocity Reverse Logistics

To date, there are over 500,000 registered drones in the U.S., and there are over 20,000 registered commercial operators of drones. The FAA advises that over 3,300 people signed up to take the aeronautical knowledge test, which is one of the new requirements to operate a drone in the U.S.

Sex and the Single 3PL Salesman

The Logistics of Logistics

To meet his sales numbers, a young 3PL salesman calls 100 prospects per day and asks for the sale. He has been taught that if he makes enough calls, he will win over a shipper or two. The wise old boss reminds his newbie salesman that “it’s a numbers game.”.

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LogisticsMatter is Proudly Presenting Its New Logo

Logistics Matter

As some of you have already noticed LogisticsMatter has a new logo. After six years I thought it was time for a fresh look, after giving the site an overhaul last year. Please find it below: The new logos are designed by graphics designer and illustrator Stephan Brusche.

How Can Supply Chain Leaders Use Big Data as a Tool to Continuously Improve?


Supply chain leaders are enthralled with the idea of using big data, but they tend to fail to understand how to disseminate big data in their organization properly.

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Shipping and warehousing nutraceutical, health, and beauty products

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Industries with a need to ship especially sensitive products must conform to higher operational and safety standards, and keeping up with regulations and duties is a full time job.

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement and its effects on the Logistics/supply-demand industry


Infographic: What Makes Lithium Batteries Special?

The Logistics Academy

What is it about lithium batteries that makes them so effective at powering the world around us? What is it about them that classifies them as Dangerous Goods?

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Holiday Returns and Your Apparel Supply Chain

Apparel Logistics

For retailers, the holidays often bring a huge spike in sales, which can improve cash flow significantly. However, after everyone opens their gifts and writes their thank-you cards, some people return their gifts because they want something different or because they received duplicate items.

Supplier Compliance and Social Responsibility - Look Deep Into Your Supply Chain


The Guardian has run a great piece in their paper titled " Vauxhall and BMW among Car Firms Linked to Child Labour Over Glittery Mica Paint ". This article shows the results of the paper's investigation into illegal mica mines in India and the use of child labor.

Consolidation at origin creates leaner global supply chains


Consolidating many small lots of goods into fewer, larger, shipments for individual destinations or end-users is a tried and tested technique at local or country level. Less widely appreciated is the impact that consolidation close to origin can have on supply chains at the global scale.

Will The Sharing Economy Change The Face Of The 3PL Industry?

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The remarkable growth of some of the biggest players in the sharing economy, most notably Uber and Airbnb – which have a collective worth of over $50 billion – is expected to disrupt different industries to some extent, in this case the taxi and hospitality industry, respectively.

New Changes in Rate Management for Ocean Freight

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New Changes in Rate Management for Ocean Freight How will you handle the new freight rate dynamics with the new ocean container line mergers and alliances? If you thought ocean LCL and FCL ocean

UNHAS Expands Yemen Service

World Food Programme Logistics

WFP/Photolibrary. Sana’a – Humanitarian access is a critical component to supporting the millions of Yemenis in dire need of assistance.

Drones and Recovery, Edibility, Google, Applications, Public Opinion, and Hunters

Logistics Matter

There were so many interesting supply chain and logistics related drones stories in the past few weeks, that I put them together in this post. Please click the links in the tweets to read the full story.

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[Infographic] American Manufacturing: How Important is “American Made”


American manufacturing has a long history, ranging from the creation of 95 percent of all clothing sold in the US in New York City, reports Highsnobiety , to startups designing mobile device covers and protectors, explains The New York Times.

3 Effective Methods for E-commerce Customer Retention

Ottawa Logistics

Repeat customers are a key foundation of any business. Yet the present world seems to turn on a dime, with new internet based companies popping up on a daily basis. Here are three ways to ensure e-commerce customer retention in these modern times. Interactivity.

A Day in the Life of an Instavans Driver


Truck driving is a career choice like any other; however, truckers need to follow a lifestyle completely tailored around their job. Transport services vary across the big cities; we explore transport services in Bangalore. Let’s follow Manjunath through a typical day as an Instavans driver.

WDA allocates another $28 million to help local PMETs reskill

The Logistics Academy

To help more professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) in Singapore reskill for career switches and new job roles, the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) has set aside an additional $28 million.

The Virtual Apparel Warehouse and Order Fulfillment

Apparel Logistics

Both online and offline apparel retailers face several challenges when it comes to inventory and supply chain management. If you over-order a product, you're stuck with inventory you can't sell, which can eventually bankrupt your business.

What is The True State of The Supply Chain Industry?


As we look at the profession of managing supply chains we tend to spend a lot of time working on specific areas such as S&OP, Six Sigma, Lean, Labor management etc. These are all part of what we would hope would be an incredibly efficient supply chain.

Growing the awareness of the supply chain

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Guest Post by Stacey Little, Program Director, Transportation and Logistics Management, American Public University System Ever wondered why when a junior high or high school student is asked about their career aspiration that they rarely mention logistics or supply chain? On the rare occasion we hear that they want to

10 Best Ways To Reduce Supply Chain Costs

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One of the best ways to improve your corporate bottom line is to get supply chain costs under control, and fortunately there are some pretty straightforward things you can do to achieve this objective.


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ARE SHIPPING QUOTES BOGGING DOWN YOUR SALES STAFF? Shipping Quote Automation - Give a Shipping Quote in 15 Seconds Sales departments will often say the toughest part of their job is the tedious

Dispelling Three Common Myths about Global TMS Deployment

CLX Logistics

By Walt Heil for Talking Logistics. See full article here. For the last couple of decades transportation management systems have revolutionized supply chains, helping companies streamline their logistics processes, achieve greater visibility into their operations and save significant dollars on transportation.