Sun.Jul 25, 2021

A transformed Triumph Bancorp talks its hot market and future in call with analysts

The Supply Chain Journal

The second quarter earnings call of Triumph Bancorp (NASDAQ: TBK) was notable not so much for the financial numbers that were discussed.

Here's What a Post-Covid Supply Chain Review Looks Like

Supply Chain Brain

The future success of supply chains will depend on a strong, purpose-built strategy that encompasses several key areas


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Borderlands: Shipping container squeeze hits US soybean exporters

The Supply Chain Journal

Borderlands is a weekly rundown of developments in the world of United States-Mexico cross-border trucking and trade.

World’s Food Supplies Get Slammed by Drought, Floods and Frost

Supply Chain Brain

Extreme weather is slamming crops across the globe, bringing with it the threat of further food inflation at a time costs are already hovering near the highest in a decade and hunger is on the rise


4 Critical Steps to Build into Your Digital Logistics Strategy

Up your logistics game by empowering your supply chain with AI-powered analytics, real-time collaboration, IoT-enabled track and trace, and cognitive decision-making to achieve digital logistics success. Build your strategy around these 4 critical steps.

Streamlining new vehicle launches with real-time visibility


These days, the visibility of goods in transit is now considered a ‘must-have’ capability. Discover how real-time transportation visibility streamlines new vehicle launches, by improving cash flow, overall efficiency and the customer experience

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Why are postal networks losing out on eCommerce!


Last decade has been the most challenging one for Postal globally. It saw a sharp decline in its core mail business. While mail revenue share remains around 40 percent globally, the ratio of letters to parcels has declined from 13:1 in 2005 to 4:1 in 2015 and is expected to reach 1:1 parity by 2025.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Freight Carrier, Large or Small

Supply Chain Brain

Establishing a tailored carrier-selection process is the first step toward developing a strategic plan for the most efficient transportation system

Will US consumers throttle back on buying stuff?

The Supply Chain Journal

The conventional wisdom was that with more Americans vaccinated and the economy reopened, the explosion in goods-buying during the COVID-19 pandemic would moderate to at best a muffled roar.