It feels like procurement and supply chain has been on a transformation journey for decades, a marathon with no finish line in sight. But the end of the pandemic has meant the goal of full digital enablement has become much clearer, and the challenge now is to pick up the pace.

The emerging technology landscape has the potential to take us out of the race altogether. Is this our ‘adapt or die’ moment?

Join us as Helen Mackenzie fires the starting pistol on the heat that could determine procurement and supply chain’s fate: the race to 10x the impact.

Learning objectives:

  • Review of current practices and how they can be ineffective in a post pandemic environment
  • Utilizing tech to your advantage
  • Strategies for post pandemic resilience to create 10X the impact
  • The future of procurement and supply chain

August 15, 2023, at 9:30 am PT, 12:30 pm ET, and 5:30 pm GMT

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