8 Supply Chain Technology Trends for 2022 and Beyond

8 Supply Chain Technology Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Manufacturing leaders who built resilient supply chains were successful in 2021, despite the many supply and demand fluctuations. Supply chain visibility, collaboration, and orchestration are now the top priority for executives. A survey of 200 supply chain leaders found that most would shift supply chain strategies from linear to more integrated supply chain networks to detect and minimize risk.

This report from TadaNow answers a critical question that supply chain leaders in manufacturing companies have – How do we plan for an ever-changing marketplace and keep risks in supply chain to a minimum?

Based on extensive research, TadaNow offers eight trends we believe companies should plan for:

  • 1. Multi-Tier Supply Chains
  • 2. Rise of the Digital Duplicate & Digital Twin of the Organization (DTO)
  • 3. Rise of Cognitive Control Towers
  • 4. Focus on Local Regions
  • 5. Blockchain Expands Supply Chain Capabilities
  • 6. Decisions Based on a New Model of TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership)
  • 7. Shift to Sustainable Supply Chains
  • 8. Multi-Enterprise Scenario Planning

Are you ready to harness the technology trends that will lead to supply chain excellence?

Read this report on ‘8 supply chain technology trends for 2022 and beyond’ from TadaNow.

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