8 Questions to Rate Supply Chain Platform Needs and Capabilities

8 Questions to Rate Supply Chain Platform Needs and Capabilities

Based on more than 25 years of our experience in supply chain technology, TadaNow has created some critical questions for manufacturing leaders to ask while evaluating supply chain platforms:

  • What is the business outcome you’re trying to deliver?
  • How does the vendor define its supply chain platform and what is their depth of expertise in your industry?
  • How does the platform help the business embrace the new realities of work and better supply chain planning?
  • How can it facilitate better multi-tier supplier relationship management?
  • What is the vendor’s roadmap – and how does it plan to support the needs of the supply chain down the road?
  • What is the vendor’s ‘time to value’?

For technology leaders, many critical factors affect supply chain software buying decisions. The impact of those decisions on a business’s bottom line increases the stakes involved. The specific line of business, its maturity level, and the complexity of the interconnected networks, internal and external, all play a role. Asking the right questions is crucial to navigating these waters and finding the best solution.

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