What is Storytelling with Data and How Can You Master it? Get Tips from Cole Nussbaumer Knafflic


She also works with organizations and individuals to help them become more effective data storytellers through workshops. Color, when used sparingly and intentionally is one of your most powerful tools for drawing your audience’s attention to where you want them to pay it.

6 Important Tips For Effective Logistics Management


Editor's Note: Today's blog is from our friend Robert Everett who gives us some fantastic tips for effective logistics management. Here, we have discussed some crucial tips to manage logistics more effectively. These tips and strategies are necessary for process optimization.

Tips 104

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5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Logistics Business


Regular training workshops keep the employees up to date with the latest trends in the logistics industry. You can optimize the packaging using a variety of tools such as the genuine adhesive and sew on tapes so that the freight occupies less volume, and it does not increase the weight of the package. Measurement tools and software should be combined to efficiently determine and coordinate the information as per the requirement.

The Most Reliable Supply Chain…Without Technology?


Of course, we live in a high technology powered supply chain world, but often, as we noted in our 5 Upfront LTL Tips post, if you don’t remember the basics and best practices, no technology is going to fix those issues, but only make them more apparent.

Cultivating seeds and dreams in Lebanon

World Food Programme Logistics

But now I’ve gone organic and I’m saving enough to buy more tools….organic Lebanese farmer Ali explained the merits of the fertilizer workshop. “I But now I’ve gone organic and I’m saving enough to buy more tools. He works in agriculture and I’m giving him tips by phone.

Resources for Women in the Skilled Trades


Other tips for building a business may include writing out a business plan, being truly passionate about what you are doing, and being professional—from your services to your organization—from the beginning. Time To Read: 14 minutes. Table Of Contents. show ] What Are the Skilled Trades?

Low cost, high impact?—?World Food Programme (WFP) pioneer recounts his work in Mongolia, a new…

World Food Programme Logistics

We are well placed to provide this through our experience in other countries, and innovative technology and tools we use elsewhere, like PRISM , which we’ve rolled out in Cambodia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, mVAM , the 72 Hours Assessments , and shock responsive social protection. Do you have any tips for WFP staff ‘going solo’ in countries where we don’t have a presence? 5 Get practical tips ?—?I