Mojo Demo: Optimize Your Transportation Strategy


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What’s in Your Transportation Execution Solution Strategy?

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Transportation execution solutions and, in particular, visibility solutions, are hot. There are a number of macroeconomic factors driving the adoption of transportation execution systems. Technological innovations such as cloud computing, logistics networks and real-time GPS are increasing the importance of transportation execution solutions and redefining how transportation is managed. With all these new capabilities, how can transportation execution solutions help?

Transportation Execution & Visibility Systems Strategies for Success

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I just finished my latest research on the global market for Transportation Execution and Visibility Systems. Transportation Execution Solutions (TE) allow shippers to connect to multiple carriers and then tender, track, and pay in the system. The post Transportation Execution & Visibility Systems Strategies for Success appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Transportation

The Canadian Transportation Market: Strategies for Improving Cost and Service

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Brian Ware, VP of Marketing & Business Development at Transplace Canada , addresses the following questions and more in this timely and informative episode: How big is the Canadian transportation market?

Smarter Networks for Customer Fulfillment

Speaker: Hannah Testani, COO, Intelligent Audit

Have you ever wondered if your transportation spend is as optimized as it could be? Shipping strategies you can use to make your operation more productive and cost-effective. You've probably noticed that shipping costs are going up.

How Do Supply Chain & Transportation Leaders Get Started Using Their Big Data Strategy?


Yet the majority of companies have not defined a big data strategy, and others are barely starting to notice. . �. As a result, the simplest way of defining a big data strategy must begin with understanding how it will evolve and affect the company. . Data Supply Chain Transportation

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Maritime 2050 strategy

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The government has launched a new maritime strategy which outlines short, medium and long-term proposals to better position the UK as g global centre of emerging technology and world leader in the maritime industry for the next 30 years.

Defining a transportation strategy

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When we talk about a transportation strategy we really are referring to functions that occur outside the walls of the distribution or manufacturing center. How does product — raw material or finished goods — get to the distribution center or to the c

Logistics and the strangling of strategy

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However, the impact of logistics on strategy is just as significant and ultimately more profound. Logistic systems and supply chains, and the concepts that drive their formation, are as influential on strategy at least as much, if not more, than strategy should be in determining them.

Letter from the CEO: 2019 Outlook & Strategies to be Successful


Letter from the CEO: 2019 Outlook & Strategies to be Successful. In 2018, the demand for truck capacity far exceeded the supply, causing spot market transportation rates to skyrocket. The post Letter from the CEO: 2019 Outlook & Strategies to be Successful appeared first on.

4 Pillars to a Successful Transportation Experience

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Robinson discusses the following questions and more in this timely and informative episode: One of the 4 Pillars to a Successful Transportation Experience is Portfolio Strategy. The second pillar is Transportation Strategies. The second pillar is Transportation Strategies.

E-Commerce Shipping Strategy Challenges to Consider for Perfect Implementation


The path to perfect implementation of a new e-commerce shipping strategy is not always clear, and it comes with several challenges that can undermine the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of e-commerce.

The Role of TMS in a Logistics Partner’s Strategy and Value Proposition

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What capabilities are most important, especially from a transportation management system? The post The Role of TMS in a Logistics Partner’s Strategy and Value Proposition appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. 3PL Case Study Episode Highlights Transportation Management Systems 3Gtms HNRY Logistics TMS transportationWhat do shipper’s look for in a logistics partner? Operational excellence, of course.

DHL Study Helps Develop New Strategies For the Last Mile

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Mobile Technology Adoption – The Weakest Link in Your Delivery Strategy?

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The post Mobile Technology Adoption – The Weakest Link in Your Delivery Strategy? Guest Commentary Transportation direct store delivery mobile applications mobile resource managementIf there was a subject that I should not be writing about now, it’s this one. Mobile applications and technology have advanced considerably.

The 9 Key Considerations of an Effective Last Mile Logistics Strategy


Shippers need to reevaluate their existing last mile logistics processes and devise an effective last mile logistics strategy that aligns consumer and business expectation. In fact, an effective last mile logistics strategy must consider these nine key points. Planning Is Essential To Have an Effective Last Mile Logistics Strategy. Any effective strategy must begin with effective planning. Leverage the Right Technology as Part of Your Strategy.

Developing an LTL and E-Commerce Focused Shipping Strategy


This will require an LTL and e-commerce focused shipping strategy. Shippers need to know the benefits of combined strategy and a few best practices to develop a winning LTL and e-commerce plan. Expand LTL transportation networks. Omnichannel is “in.” Siloed channels are out.

4 Essential Luxury Brand Shipping Strategies

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This puts added pressure on companies that need to select the best possible supply chain strategies and logistics providers for their high-end goods. For luxury brands, it’s all about image and client experience,” says Donna Lambert, Global Account Director for DB Schenker’s Retail Fashion Division, “so when it comes to transporting their products, these firms have a unique set of challenges to contend with.”. Four Strategies That Work. Additional languages available.

Transportation-industry economist launches website

DC Velocity's chief economist, Noël Perry, says Transport Futures site will offer insight and data for transport decision makers. Strategy

Protect Your Bottom Line With a Smart Supply Chain Design Strategy

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Here is how these companies are using transportation optimization, inventory optimization and demand modeling as part of their supply chain design strategy to tackle the price factor head-on. Use Transportation Optimization to Get a Handle on Transportation Costs.

4 Important Benefits of a Sustainable Reverse Logistics Strategy


However, one of the most important aspects of supply chain strategies is often overlooked: the reverse supply chain (also referred to as reverse logistics ). A reverse logistics strategy provides a path for removing the existing equipment to make way for the next era of equipment in the case of end of life products or new upgrdes. In a sense, reverse logistics could be considered the “greenest” part of any business logistics strategy.

How to Create a Truckload Strategy That Works in Any Market

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Develop a comprehensive truckload strategy so you’re prepared to handle just about anything. Building the right truckload strategy for your business. The key to a great truckload strategy is aligning capacity communities with attribute segments of your freight portfolio.

New Paper in American Journal of Transportation and Logistics

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My colleague and I and a student recently published a new paper in the American Journal of Transportation and Logistics. The paper is based on a presentation made at the International Association of Maritime Economists’ … Continue reading → Logistics My Research Strategy Supply Chains 3PL forwarding intermediaries ocean shipping research supply chains

Coming up with a strategy for transformation

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Transformation strategy. To do that CHEP launched its ‘Be a Transformer’ strategy in June 2018 and Gilder says the company has made significant progress. “As We knew we had to change the culture first before we could implement any kind of strategy,” says Gilder. “We

Transportation Spot Market Inversion

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The great transportation spot market inversion has occurred. Then in January, for the first time since I’ve been in the transportation business, those rates actually inverted. The Great Transportation Spot Market Inversion of 2018 (Source: DAT, Kenco Group).

5 Engagement Strategies in Managing a Relationship With a Transportation Management 3PL


This is our 9th post in our strategic transportation management and logistics series. When selecting a transportation mangement 3PL to aid you in a robust and effective transportation management strategy , defining the rules of engagement is critical to success. When you do engage and hire a 3PL for effective transportation management, it is vital that you look at this relationship as a partnership and not a commodity.

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Omnichannel Retail Strategy: Not just a Buzzword, But a Business Model


An omnichannel retail strategy is the new norm in today’s supply chains. Therefore, an omnichannel retail strategy must become the new standard business model for companies wanting to remain competitive. Use technology to manage warehousing and transportation.

5 Ways an Omnichannel Supply Chain Strategy Can Improve Customer Experience


The importance of an omnichannel supply chain strategy cannot be overstated. What’s Wrong With Omnichannel Supply Chain Strategy and Customer Service? This is the core of an effective omnichannel supply chain strategy; variety and options define customer experiences.

Survey: logistics and transportation providers optimistic about fourth quarter economics

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StrategyRevenue and profitability expected to rise, but concerns linger about workforce shortages, regulatory issues, and trade tariffs, TCompanies finds.

Editor’s Pick: TMS Best Practices – Your Strategy For Modern Technology

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In this post, the project44 team highlights the importance of network connectivity, real-time information, and business intelligence and analytics in maximizing the value delivered by transportation management systems (TMS). This all leads to added complexity that must be addressed with automation and modern data connectivity, especially from a transportation management system (TMS) standpoint.

Why Companies Need a Supplier Relationship Management Strategy


A vigorous supplier relationship management (SRM) strategy can assist organizations in maximizing partnership value, minimize risk, and manage costs through the entire supplier relationship lifecycle.

How Self-Driving Vehicles will Shape the Future of Transportation


700 billion – that’s the value of the trucking transportation industry. The impressive figure shouldn’t be all that surprising, though, given that the transport of goods reaches nearly every corner of the economic landscape in the United States. Transportation

The Elements of a Successful Transportation Management Competency Center

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Too many larger transportation projects fail to deliver value over time or end up being scrapped because there was inadequate investment in a long-term post-go-live support and growth strategy. The most successful enterprise-wide transportation management programs don’t stop with the successful rollout of the system. To sustain and grow their transportation management success, companies need to implement a competency center.

Budapest Airport plans new China growth strategy

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Budapest Airport is to launch a new growth strategy for Asia in 2019 which includes additional direct freighter and belly cargo routes to China, as well as enhanced e-commerce capabilities. The post Budapest Airport plans new China growth strategy appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News

Solutions for Managing Transportation Spend

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Successfully managing their transportation spend is a key challenge for transportation executives across all industries today. Transportation professionals are so consumed with managing immediate needs that it’s often difficult for them to step back and consider longer term strategic objectives. We try to shift their focus to start at the top considering corporate objectives and using that to design their transportation network.