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Logistics in War

Strategic competitors adjust force posture and preparedness, deciding whether to position forces proximate to potential adversaries, or invest in strategic transportation to improve expeditionary mobility. We are, without a doubt, in a period where technology can meet our ambitions. By David Beaumont. Thankyou, once again, for supporting Logistics In War.

The Digital Supply Chain Meets The Digital WMS


Transportation could be planned for full pallets and truckloads, distribution centers could process work at a predictable pace to meet brick and mortar replenishment needs, and DC facility automation was less intensive and less prone to bottlenecks.

How Retailers Plan to Meet Increasing Delivery Demands of Consumers


Just last week Amazon announce it would form its own fleet of delivery vans, in addition to their existing fleet of trucks and planes, that would be operated by independent contractors to compliment, and eventually replace, current transportation providers. There seems to be no end to the demand for nearly instant delivery gratification of today's consumer. Interestingly, price doesn't seem to water down their desire to have what they ordered on their doorstep as soon as possible.

Meeting the Needs of Shippers’ Global Supply Chains

CH Robinson Logistics

Meeting the Needs of Shippers’ Global Supply Chains | Transportfolio. Meeting the Needs of Shippers’ Global Supply Chains | Transportfolio. Robinson #1 for Global Competitiveness in the Transportation category of The World’s Most Admired Companies list.

Volga-Dnepr Group launches AOG to Meet Aerospace Demand

Airfreight Logistics

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How to Expand Your Global Shipping to Meet Growing Indian Markets

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Finally, global shipping technology, such as a transportation management system (TMS), can help shippers gather, analyze, and make use of global shipping data— such as standard industry practices, popular routes, and spend trends— to create a data-driven shipping strategy for India.

Meet the Team Mondays: Brad Gerber, Account Executive

Radius Logistics

Looking for our team to handle your shipping and transportation needs? The post Meet the Team Mondays: Brad Gerber, Account Executive appeared first on Radius Logistics. My personal motto is: I’ve worked at Radius since 2015.

Solutions for Managing Transportation Spend [Video]

Talking Logistics

What advice or recommendations would you give to transportation and logistics executives to help them better manage and control their transportation spend in today’s environment?

Video 78

Meet The Team Mondays: Shawn Wilson, IT Services Manager

Radius Logistics

Technology is a hot topic in the transportation industry today – what ideas/programs are you most excited about & how do you think it will help the future of transportation? Looking for our team to handle your shipping and transportation needs? Tell us about yourself….

[PODCAST] What are the Freight & Transportation Trends in 2019 for Shippers to Know?


On today’s episode we welcome back Cerasis National Sales Manager, Roger Jones to give his take on what he sees in the marketplace for freight and transportation trends for this new year, 2019. What are the Freight and Transportation Trends for 2019? What is driving the request for adding a final mile/white glove capability in today’s Transportation Management Systems , like our Cerasis Rater. Freight and Transportation Trends Resources.

Why OmniChannel Solutions are Needed in Shipping & Logistics to Meet Consumer Demand


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3PL Logistics Companies Up Services to Continue to Meet the Needs of Shippers


Although 3PL Logistics Companies or 3PLs were around before the recession, companies realized the short-term savings of outsourcing logistics, transportation, and freight management to 3PLs quickly, and the age of the rise of the logistics provider was born.

4 Ways to Create an Efficient Transportation Budget in 2019

Carter Logistics

4 Ways to Create an Efficient Transportation Budget in 2019. This is just one factor that presents a challenge when planning future transportation budgets. The complex factors impacting your transportation budget may fluctuate unexpectedly, at times even from day to day.

Meet the Team Mondays: Jay Batth, Special Commodities Division

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Meet Jay! This entails overseeing the day to day operations and providing expert solutions, support and direction to our clients by coordinating projects, meeting, deadlines and staying competitive in pricing.

WWL restructures to meet changes in car market

Automotive Logistics

The new branding reflects the new business strategy where ocean transportation and land-based logistics will operate side-by-side as distinct, yet connected entities,” the company said. The post WWL restructures to meet changes in car market appeared first on Automotive Logistics.

Ford invests to meet surging demand for SUVs

Automotive Logistics

Ford has invested a further $25m to increase line speed at its plant in Louisville, Kentucky, following a 25% increase in output of the Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition SUV models to meet surging demand in the US.

Meet NEO Your Real-Time Supply Chain Intelligent Assistant

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He analyzes and tunes a whole range of processes such as Demand Planning, Replenishment, and Transportation Optimization, to continually match supply to demand as efficiently as possible. Transportation optimization ?. 15-25% lower transportation costs. Complex Ecosystems.

Visibility-Driven Workflow for Transportation Execution

Talking Logistics

How can we convert greater visibility into sustainable business value, especially in light of today’s increasing transportation costs and more demanding customer expectations? I have to know where the order is in the order management process; where it is in the warehousing process; where it is in the physical transport process. Perhaps it requires multiple carriers and modes of transportation. You need to meet the data where it’s at.

Achieving Transportation Excellence by Focusing on Daily Improvement

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Whether it’s to reduce transportation costs, centralize their transportation management, or deliver better service to customers, both parties identify a desired outcome and work collaboratively to deliver on those promises.

Navigating Ongoing International Transportation Capacity Challenges

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International transportation is dealing with ongoing challenges of tighter capacity. From import space and export space tightening up and a hot drayage market causing capacity constraints to volatile air freight rates – international transportation has had its share of challenges the last 10-12 months. Examining and sharing inventory forecast data with supply chain partners can help you be proactive with your international transportation partners in order to get the space you need.

Interroll to Build New Factory at Karlsruhe to Meet Growing Demand

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It offers excellent links to the transport network and to international airports and is located close to both the existing Interroll factory in Kronau and the Sinsheim site, which will only have positive effects on the established delivery chains.

Meet This Year’s CSCMP State of Logistics Report Panelists; Event Takes Place June 19

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Logistics Penske News 3PL corning incorporated council of supply chain management professionals cscmp state of logistics report johnson & johnson kansas city southern logistics port of virginia State of Logistics Report supply chain third-party logistics transportationOn June 19, this year’s edition of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP ) State of Logistics Report will be made public at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Meet The Team Mondays: Brayden Clark, Warehouse Manager

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Hi, my name is Brayden Clark and I have been in the transportation industry for over 10 years. If you could travel one place by air freight, ocean freight or ground freight, where would it be and which method of transportation would you choose? Tell us about yourself….

A look inside the 97th annual TRB meeting

Fleet Owner

From products to policies, the Transportation Research Board (TRB) covered it all

Transport Drones & Autonomous Vehicles: The Transportation Mode Dance Card is Getting Full


A little more than a year ago, Audi created a parody of transport drones in the sUVA commercial, but the ideas behind these “Terminator-like” actions actually represent very real possibilities for how extensive the network of drones will grow in 2016. Transportation Modes Will Expand.

Why Are LTL Transportation Networks Evolving in Light of New Technology?


Rising costs of LTL transportation networks is nothing new. Dimensional pricing is becoming the standard, and shippers need to understand how LTL transportation network must evolve to keep up with demand. What’s Driving Demand on LTL Transportation Networks? LTL Transportation

Carrier insights from the Transporeon Group 2018 North American Over-the-Road Transportation Survey


For the past few years, Transporeon Group has queried its extensive network of North American carriers on the state of the industry in order to gather insights on the issues that carriers are facing and how they see the transportation market evolving.

Reducing Parcel Transportation Costs Thru Parcel Audits


Parcel auditing is an excellent means of recapturing revenue by reducing parcel transportation costs for shippers around the globe. Therefore, isolating and correcting these errors and preventing their financial impacts could result in savings in transportation costs. Shippers looking for ways to improve profitability need to under parcel audits and their impact on total transportation costs. Integrability with certain transportation management systems.

How AI and the IoT Can Change Transportation Management


The percentage increase describes consumer applications, but the idea of connected vehicles should garner interest from other sectors such as shipping, logistics, and transportation. As applied to transportation management, that automated decision-making ability is critical.

Meeting Rising Supply Chain Visibility & Delivery Expectations in the Amazon Age

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Visibility into Deliveries and Transportation Services. With the advent of Amazon , Uber , and similar services, consumer expectations for visibility into deliveries and transportation services are growing higher than ever before. October 24, 2018 ·. By Dagny Dukach.

Emirates freighter trio rally to meet roses demand

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While the carrier transports fresh flowers around the world daily, demand spikes around Valentine’s Day and it operates extra flights every year. The post Emirates freighter trio rally to meet roses demand appeared first on 247 Customs Broker.

Is Powerloop Good for the Freight Business with Andrew Kelley

The Logistics of Logistics

I’ve also driven for the North Carolina Department of Transportation. [2:17] It’s crazy that some drivers can do 2500 miles a week and struggle to make ends meet. Logistics Management Podcast Transportationdownload the audio file. [0:43]

The Transportation Supply Chain: Transportation’s Role in Supply Chain Management to Lower Total Costs


One of the often missing links, however, in supply chain visibility, is transportation management. We call this the transportation supply chain. What is the Transportation Supply Chain? Transportation refers to the movement of product from one location to another as it makes its way from the beginning of a supply chain to the customer’s handle. Any supply chain’s success is closely linked to the appropriate use of transportation.

Peak Holiday Season is Here: What’s the Transportation Outlook?

Now, That's Logistics

With fourth quarter upon us, it’s time to look at the key transportation trends that have unfolded in 2018 and take a peek into our crystal ball to figure out what lies ahead in 2019. Resting somewhere between those two points is the 2018-19 holiday season—a time when any capacity crunches, driver shortages, and regulatory issues that impacted transportation throughout the year can suddenly turn into monumental challenges for shippers.

What Is Last Mile Logistics & Why Are More Shippers Looking at This Transportation Function?


Last mile logistics is among the most misunderstood parts of transportation networks. Shippers must find ways to overcome these challenges and meet the new challenges in last mile delivery to remain competitive. . appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.