Buying and Selling Transportation/Logistics Companies with Peter Stefanovich

The Logistics of Logistics

Podcast Summary: Today’s guest is Peter Stefanovich, co-founder of Left Lane Associates , a business brokerage specializing in the transportation and logistics business. Peter shares his insight that he has gained from working with both buyers and sellers in the logistics industry.

Transportation-industry economist launches website

DC Velocity's chief economist, Noël Perry, says Transport Futures site will offer insight and data for transport decision makers. Strategy

Geopolitics, technological innovation top global transport industry concerns

DC Velocity

TransportationMajority of companies surveyed say autonomous trucks will be a "viable option" within the next 10 years, IRU study shows.

Increasing Transportation and Logistics Sales Using CRM with Troy Goode

The Logistics of Logistics

Podcast Summary: In this podcast, Joe interviews Troy Goode, Co-Founder and CTO of Lanetix, about increasing transportation and logistics sales for companies using customer relationship management (CRM). Lanetix catering only to the transportation and logistics industry.

Students predict future of transportation industry

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MercuryGate names winners of essay contest. Technology

How Will New Government Policies Impact the Transportation Industry?


Changes to regulations or policy that may impact the transportation industry take time to flush out from each newly elected official or congressional session to the next. In addition, history teaches trucking industry entities that promises of change do not always translate into actual changes. President Trump on the State of the Transportation Industry. This is probably one of the more important campaign promises that may impact the transportation industry.

Trump Policies Expected to Benefit the Transportation Industry


A Trump presidency and a Republican-controlled Congress will bring some changes to the transportation industry. Trump was heavily backed by the trucking industry and they are looking for a return on their investment. Transportation News Logistics Business Logistics News Industry TrendsHere are some areas where a Trump administration could have an impact, based on the president’s campaign promises.

6 Future Transportation Technologies That Will Change Transportation (and the Trucking Industry) Forever


Modern transportation is currently experiencing major changes thanks to transformative transportation technologies. Although we’ve become accustomed to long international flights, jam-packed public transportation and diesel trucks that only get 20 mpg, the future of transportation promises to change all of that and much more — and it’s closer than many people realize. The Freight & Transportation Management Trends to Know in 2018.

How Can Transport Management Systems Help The Freight Industry?


Well, Transport Management Systems are exactly what the name suggests! TMS helps companies manage the transportation operations of their business, and so it’s no wonder that these systems are making their way into the Freight industry.

How Transportation Management Technology & Regulations Impacted the Logistics Industry


Transportation management technology evolved throughout 2016. The IoT Became a Core Concept in Transportation Management Technology. Increasing urban mobility and accessibility of shipment routes are driving forces of IoT use in transportation management technology.

Transportation Industry Braces for a Looming Transportation Capacity Crunch Crisis in 2017


Expected Transportation Capacity Issues. The concern and dialog about the transportation capacity issues for our country have bridged the past two decades and beyond. 4 Drivers of the Looming Transportation Capacity Crisis of 2017.

Transportation Management Systems in the Food Industry: What’s Driving Demand?

Talking Logistics

Transportation Management Systems (TMS) bring a lot of value to companies across all industries, but the value proposition is particularly strong in the food industry when you consider the cost of transportation as a percent of revenue and the service challenges involved. What factors are driving demand today for TMS in the food industry? TMS in the Food Industry: Time and Resources Now Available. “In

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What Is the Impact of Big Data in the Transportation & Supply Chain Industries?


This graphic shows the true scope of impact of big data in the Transportation, SupplyChain & Logistics industries. . In other words, selecting the best way to consolidate, mix and transport products can help attain a goal of $0 shipping in the eyes of consumers. .

Data 132

[e-Book] Big Data In The Supply Chain & Transportation Industry


We invite you to download the all new Cerasis e-book "Big Data In The Supply Chain & Transportation Industry." How do supply chain & transportation leaders get started in collecting & using Big Data? What is the impact of Big Data on the Supply Chain & Transportation Industries? Supply chain & transportation industry leaders have access to more information today than ever before in history.

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Employee Misclassification in The Trucking Industry

Mazars Ledger Manufacturing and Distribution

Articles Articles 2018 INDUSTRY M&D Watch M&D Watch September 2018 Manufacturing and Distribution The Ledger The Ledger 2018 September/October Transportation Year 2018 employee classification Transportation and Logistics trucking worker classifications

Trending Transportation Updates: September 2018

PLS Logistics

There were many new and exciting developments throughout the transportation and shipping industry during this month. transportation news Trending transportation topics

Industry maintains strong economic outlook

DC Velocity

Logistics and transportation professionals optimistic about the U.S. economy, revenues and profitability, company survey shows. Strategy

What is the Importance of Customer Service in the Transportation Industry?


Customer service, more often than not, is the backbone of any industry. We’ve collected together a few reasons as to why customer service is important in the logistics industry. Good customer service in the transportation industry is going to make your brand look good.

The FAST Act: America’s Infrastructure Promoting the Transportation Industry


Behrer of Real Truth magazine , impacting everyday drivers and the logistics industry. The goal is simple: applications must exhibit a specific means of improving safety or demonstrate other ways to fund surface transportation and sustain the funds within the Highway Trust Fund.

How Self-Driving Vehicles will Shape the Future of Transportation


700 billion – that’s the value of the trucking transportation industry. The impressive figure shouldn’t be all that surprising, though, given that the transport of goods reaches nearly every corner of the economic landscape in the United States. Transportation

Trending Transportation Updates: July 2018

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July was full of many newsworthy transportation, shipping and logistic developments. Here are some of July's top trending transportation updates: Supply Chain News transportation news Drivers Uber Industry truck Trucking 2018 Transporation Trucker Trending transportation topics NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement Politics Truck Drivers Truckers supply chain management truck driver DHL Boeing Recall

Senate confirms two commissioners to Surface Transportation Board

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Rail industry regulation agency now has three of five seats filled, but remains closed in government shutdown. Transportation

Solutions for Managing Transportation Spend

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Successfully managing their transportation spend is a key challenge for transportation executives across all industries today. Transportation professionals are so consumed with managing immediate needs that it’s often difficult for them to step back and consider longer term strategic objectives. We try to shift their focus to start at the top considering corporate objectives and using that to design their transportation network.

The Benefits of Intermodal Transport

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Intermodal transport has recently become a popular topic throughout the transportation industry. Intermodal Freight Intermodal Transportation intermodalMany companies have started utilizing intermodal to save them time and money on their shipments.

Transportation at Digital Speed


The findings from the “ 26th Annual Study of Logistics and Transportation Trends ” suggest that more companies are realizing that competitors and new business models are shifting customer requirements. Supply Chain Management Transportation News Logistics Business Industry TrendsToday's marketplace has generated a paradigm shift in customer demand and expectations.

Reduced transport capacity – the shortage of drivers and its impact on industry and trade


Shippers are feeling the effects of scarce transport capacities in the market. The driver shortage is affecting available transport capacities. Regularly since Q3 2017, many shipping companies have been confronted by transport scarcity – a problem they’ve never known before. From one day to the next and despite long-term contracts and fixed transport rates, shippers are seeing transport orders refused even by carriers that have reliably transported their freight for years.

ELD Mandate for Trucking Industry by FMCSA


US Department of Transport is mandating that drivers be on duty for a fixed set of hours (60 hours in 7 days, or 70 hours in 8 days; based on the breaks taken in between). The Phase 2 (Mandatory Implementation) of ELDs began on the 18th of Dec 2017.

A Sustained Market Shake-up: What M&A Activity Means for the Transportation and Logistics Industry

Talking Logistics

Frank McGuigan, President and Chief Operating Officer at Transplace , addresses the following questions and more in this timely and informative episode: What have been the main drivers of all the M&A activity in transportation and logistics in recent years?

The Digital Transformation Journey: The Alignment of Industry, Company, and Technology

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Process industry businesses that embark on digital transformation journeys are becoming disruptors in the industry. The process industry has been burdened by effects from global economic strength, tariffs and trade balances, and infrastructure bottlenecks.

A digital supply chain for the chemical industry


The digital supply chain is predicted to have an especially significant impact on many areas of the chemical industry, leading to optimized business processes, faster decision-making and continuous performance improvements.

2019 Outlook: Predictions for Transportation and Logistics


Few industries have changed more in the past few years than the world of transportation and logistics. Amazon and the growing popularity of eCommerce have transformed the industry, changing how retailers and couriers alike must operate in order to keep customers satisfied.

What is Industry 4.0?: Digitizing Logistics and Supply Chains

Morai Logistics

Industry 4.0, also referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, has initiated a lucrative transition for transportation supply chains. Research on future trends of supply chain management found that over the next five years about 80% believe ‘ digital supply chain ’ will be the leading industry model and 72% of global companies will invest over US$900 billion each year on digitization. The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Supply Chain and Logistics.

Transportation Management Systems (TMS) in the Food Supply Chain

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If I’m a transportation or logistics executive at a food company and I have five minutes with the CEO and CFO of my company to make a case for implementing a TMS, what should I emphasize?

What does Trump’s “Buy American” executive order mean for the transportation industry?


The president campaigned heavily on a promise to revive American industries, and create American jobs. So what’s included in the Buy American executive order, and what effects could it have on American transportation? The Buy American order includes two main objectives: to stimulate USA manufacturing by tightening requirements that industries use American-made goods, and to review the USA’s visa policy for skilled immigrant workers. Transportation Training for Americans.

Editor’s Pick: How the Best Transportation Operations Build Loyal and Happy Customers

Talking Logistics

This post from project44’s blog shares insights from Joe Delussey, Target’s Director of Logistics, on how transportation operations can build loyal and happy customers. Organizations are searching for the best internal strategies as transportation shifts from a cost center into a viable area to drive customer experience. The post Editor’s Pick: How the Best Transportation Operations Build Loyal and Happy Customers appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.