Labor Shortage Hurts Logistics Industry

Material Handling and Logistics

Warehouse growth driven by e-commerce is running smack into the reality of nearly full employment

Surmount Supply Chain Challenges in the Construction Industry with Technology


Between companies regularly distributing, manufacturing or using construction products, the construction industry experiences a steady flow of business. There are a number of barriers between smooth logistics operations and successful project completion for the construction […].

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Update on the Automotive Industry

Logistics Trends and Insights

The automotive industry has undergone quite the transformation from the days of Henry Ford and the Model T. There are five factors driving these changes in the industry, according to a PwC study which uses the acronym “easy” to explain what it calls “mobility of the future.”

Digital Advancements in the Logistics Industry

MTS Logistics

As the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to put downward pressure on the shipping industry, organizations have an obligation to operate more efficiently and profitably. The steady growth of exports and imports presents major logistical and technical problems worldwide.

Top Quarterly Blogs: Food Industry

Trinity Logistics

Our quarterly industry focus was on the food industry. We researched your current challenges in logistics and found solutions. Ever wonder what goes into the logistics of frozen food shipping? Out of all the blogs posted, these three were our most read.

Blog 97

Integrated Logistics Practices for the Food Industry

SIPMM Professional Publications

Integrated logistics is the one-stop solution to the shipping and logistic requirements of the company. The proper planning and arrangement of integrated logistics […]. The post Integrated Logistics Practices for the Food Industry appeared first on SIPMM INSTITUTE.

Coronavirus is Disrupting Indian Industry

Logistics Viewpoints

While the impact of coronavirus on Indian industry has so far been moderate, India’s extremely high import dependence on China means there are significant ramifications for Indian industry. The post Coronavirus is Disrupting Indian Industry appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints.

3 Tech Trends Reshaping the Logistics Industry

Now, That's Logistics

By optimizing workflows and order picking/packing accuracy; improving inventory management; and better utilizing human labor, technology is literally reshaping the logistics industry. In 2016, the logistics robotic market had a global market revenue of $1.9

Trends 110

The Impact of 5G on the Logistics Industry


5G will be a game changer because it’s 100 times faster and will support 100 times more devices than current 4G networks,” according to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association. This week we take a look at the specific impact on the Logistics industry.

The Food Industry Needs Visibility In The Supply Chain

Trinity Logistics

Of all industries, the food industry needs data and visibility in the supply chain readily available when it comes to their shipping. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the rise of recalls adds in extra pressure for the food industry to have visibility.

Logistics Industry Sees Good Times Ahead

Material Handling and Logistics

Over the next three months, 70% of the logistics and transportation managers, surveyed in July by TCompanies, said the U.S. economy will continue to thrive. And because of that, revenue and profitability are expected to increase as well. “The The surve

Survey 132

Inventory Management in Service Logistics Industry

Talking Logistics

For Logistics the focus is on high inventory turns. Not really because each industry is different, and so are organizations within the same industry and even different divisions within the same organization have their own unique drivers and constraints.

Anything but Frosty: Cold Chain Logistics Industry Sees Growth

Food Logistics

Here’s how technological capabilities, government regulations and ever-changing consumer demands transform the growth in 3PLs. 3PL/4PL

Three Ways to Boost Cybersecurity in the Logistics Industry

MTS Logistics

Cyber attacks continue to evolve and create significant risks for business owners in today’s digital work environment – and the logistics industry is no exception. Understanding the severity of these cyber threats is essential in keeping the logistics industry well-prepared.

Logistics in the Manufacturing Industry: How Smaller Plants Can Benefit

Kanban Logistics

Walk into the manufacturing sites of many large companies and you’ll observe a finely tuned inbound logistics operation, with parts and raw materials arriving at the factory for that day’s production requirements. Turn to a 3PL for manufacturing logistics support.

Clinical Trial Supply and Logistics Industry Market Structure, Industry Inspection, and Forecast 2025

247 Customs Broker

Uncategorized customs broker customs clearance freight imports logistics shipping

Making A Difference: Capital Logistics, Echo Global Logistics, & Descartes

Talking Logistics

This episode features Greg Ackner, VP at Capital Logistics, Jay Gustafson, SVP of Marketplace Solutions at Echo Global Logistics, Read more Making A Difference: Capital Logistics, Echo Global Logistics, & Descartes.

The Logistics Industry Never Shuts Down

Airfreight Logistics

While the effect of and the response to the infection on supply chains and logistics gives off an impression that the world has come to a halt, rest assured that there are many people working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the world ticking over. Features Covid Heroes Logistics Industr

Industry maintains strong economic outlook

DC Velocity

Logistics and transportation professionals optimistic about the U.S. economy, revenues and profitability, company survey shows. Strategy

Industry Trend on the Rise for Supply Chain and Logistics: Automation


Industry players have already begun experimenting with technologies like robotics and artificial intelligence. While automation in the supply chain is still in an early-adoption phase, the impact that it could have on the industry is significant. Industry Supply Chain

Will the Freight Industry Move to a Discounted Pricing Model Like the Stock Brokerage Industry?

The Logistics of Logistics

To answer that question, let’s examine some of the similarities between the two industries. Back in the 70’s and 80’s full-service stock brokerages dominated the industry. The industry leaders, like Merrill Lynch, E.F appeared first on The Logistics of Logistics

How AI Tackles Logistics Industry Challenges?

247 Customs Broker

AI improves logistics processes, reduces costs, and automates routine tasks to improve speed and accuracy in numerous back-office applications FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence has impacted… The post How AI Tackles Logistics Industry Challenges?

Logistics Consolidation: Trends Arising From Consolidation of the Logistics Industry


Logistics consolidation will have a resounding effect on the industry in 2019. Logistics consolidation is a fancy way of describing the transition of shipping modes to accommodate available capacity. As a result of logistics consolidation.

What 5G Means for the Transportation and Logistics Industry

Logistics Viewpoints

Private Blockchains Could Hurt the Shipping and Logistics Industry


Some companies are even hopping on the “blockchain bandwagon” without considering whether it’s actually useful in their industry. In the shipping and logistics industry, enterprises are already beginning to realize that private blockchains are simply not the solution they’ve been sold.

Nodes 62

5G technology will change the logistics industry

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

But what changes will 5G cause to the logistics industry? It enables “vehicle to all” (V2X) applications, which will enable continuous monitoring, tracking and theft detection of the logistics and supply chain industries. ” Uncategorized 5G logistics V2

Digitalisation of Logistics Industry and its Impact

20Cube Logistics

With rapid growth in technology, the logistics industry across the globe is experiencing a paradigm shift with fast track development driven by unique innovation and sturdy growth in the evolution of technology.

INTTRA urges industry-led standards for containers and logistics

Supply Chain and Logistics

The desires of maritime operators to work as local optimizers has hurt … Continue reading → Logistics Production Operations Shipping Supply Chains standards technologyLee Hong Liang has written an interesting article about the call for standards in maritime documentation. To my view, it’s no doubt needed badly, and has been for years.

Sustainability In The Maritime Industry

Mazars Ledger Manufacturing and Distribution

The post Sustainability In The Maritime Industry appeared first on The Ledger - Mazars USA. Sustainability concerns are increasing, both in the United States and internationally, gradually rewriting the rules for business. In the past, […].

Sustainability In The Maritime Industry

Mazars Ledger Manufacturing and Distribution

The post Sustainability In The Maritime Industry appeared first on The Ledger - Mazars USA. Sustainability concerns are increasing, both in the United States and internationally, gradually rewriting the rules for business. In the past, […].

[PODCAST] Logistics Industry Investments: A Conversation with an Investor & Tech Founder


Listen to “Logistics Industry Investments: A Conversation with an Investment Firm” on Spreaker. Logistics Technology Resources An Introduction to Blockchain and Its Potential Benefits and Drawbacks in Supply Chain Management Download White Paper Revenue Growth At The Hand Of Improved Digital Supply Chains Download White Paper The Digital Supply Chain: The Landscape, Trends, Types, More.

Trinity Logistics Becomes Member of NACD

Trinity Logistics

Trinity Logistics is always looking to grow our company, our brand presence, and most importantly, our knowledge within our focus industries; chemical being one of them. It is made up of chemical distributors and their supply-chain partners, like Trinity Logistics.

Industry Experts Discuss Food and Beverage Supply Chain Threats in Upcoming SCN Summit

Food Logistics

SCN Summit is a premier virtual event educating logistics professionals on critical issues impacting the supply chain industry. Risk/Compliance

Events 107

[Video] The Value of Supply Chain Quality Management in the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Talking Logistics

Bill Alrich, Customer Solutions Representative at Elemica, discusses the value of supply chain quality management in Aerospace & Defense industry. Podcast version (click to play): Industry Trends Past Episode Past Episode - Elemica Aerospace & Defense Elemica supply chain quality

Video 102

Dynamic Pricing is Transforming Logistics with Zeke Ziliak

The Logistics of Logistics

Dynamic Pricing is Transforming Logistics with Zeke Ziliak . Zeke Ziliak and Joe Lynch discuss how dynamic pricing is transforming logistics. Zeke Ziliak is the Global Vice President, Transportation & Logistics Industries at PROS. The Logistics of Logistics Podcast.

Video 278

Specialized logistics in the trucking industry

Fleet Owner

The propane delivery operation at Ferrellgas is using its fleet resources more effectively

The Logistics Industry Never Shuts Down – Airfreight Logistics

247 Customs Broker

While the effect of and the response to the… The post The Logistics Industry Never Shuts Down – Airfreight Logistics appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News. 3PL COVID Features Heroes Logistics Industry Magazine Archive customs broker customs clearance freight imports logistics shippingThe worldwide spotlight on COVID-19 has moved the needs for all organizations and people all around.