6 Ways Video Telematics Improves Driver Safety

6 Ways Video Telematics Improves Driver Safety

An in-cab dash cam video system can help fleet operators significantly reduce risky driving, costly legal judgments, and insurance costs. Download the eBook and learn 6 ways to improve driver safety by using dash cams on your trucks, along with additional benefits:

Save Costs Through Safer & Better Driving

  • Automated driver coaching with real-time alerts help drivers to reduce risky behaviors by 50%.
  • Lower fuel costs 15-30% by reducing idle times.

Ensure Efficiency & Grow Your Bottom Line

  • Lower maintenance costs by reducing hard braking, turns and accelerations.
  • Grow your business with a customizable software solution.

Access The Video Proof You Need

  • Fraudulent claims with video evidence.

Prevent Accident & Theft

  • Dash cams help fleet drivers reduce their collision rate by up to 50%, reducing accident costs over 68% in the process.

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