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Examples of How Supplier Quality Management System Implementations Pay Off


We conclude our series on supplier quality management (SQM) today with a look at some case studies and examples of benefits derived from the application of a supplier quality management system. Examples and Case Studies from the Implementation of a Supplier Quality Management System.

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Use of Blockchain in Supply Chain & Logistics: Looking to Examples Across Industries for Better Understanding


Even JP Morgan, Microsoft, and Google, reports Jonathan Chester of Forbes , are working to increase blockchain development and innovation, and supply chain leaders need to understand how the use of blockchain in supply chain and logistics will bring about lasting change and improvements in efficiency. Blockchain is entering a phase of development that will affect every aspect of supply chain and logistics management, ranging from procurement to forward logistics and beyond.

Marc Althen at Penske Logistics - Leading by Example and Empowerment


A great article about a great leader titled " Leading by Example and Empowerment ". Congratulations to Marc Althen.well deserved. Leadership penske

3 Things Good, Lean Visuals Have In Common & Mieruka: The Four Different Types of Visuals with Examples


To find out more information about the examples in this post, please visit Magnatag Visible Systems website. Mieruka : The Four Different Types of Lean Visuals with Examples. Each section will soon provide links to more examples used within Toyota.

Covid-19 radar: Do it, DSV – time to lead by example

The LoadStar

The post Covid-19 radar: Do it, DSV – time to lead by example appeared first on The Loadstar. Air Comment Land Loadstar posts Market Insight Sea Supply chain Bollore Logistics C-19 radar DSV DSV Panalpina Flexport The macro view Viking Ironclad Age5 minute read. Covid-19 has had immediate industrial consequences likely carrying long-term effects on our capitalistic society – which may, or may not, have changed forever when we eventually get out of the pandemic.

Uberization of Logistics Has Arrived

The Logistics of Logistics

For an industry that is forever on the move, the world of logistics is in a perennial state of change, facing numerous challenges and vague demands. For a logistics player, this is a do-or-die moment. How can an app entirely replace a logistics operator?

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Key Success Factors for Effective Logistics Practices

SIPMM Professional Publications

There are various factors involved in effective logistics management. For example, automation and perfect coordination are always a scope for improvising the process. When your business witnesses growth, you must find ways to streamline logistics planning processes for improving output. The post Key Success Factors for Effective Logistics Practices appeared first on SIPMM ACADEMY. Publication Logistics


Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

On the logistics side, I decided to look at one of the brands that I have been watching in Russia, Zara. Let’s look at their approach to logistics. In logistics, Zara uses Toyota’s “just-in-time” (JIT) principles.

Logistics and autonomous systems – the promise of transformed logistics

Logistics in War

Logistics can be filled with a myriad of routine tasks, but the last twenty years of war in the Middle-east have proven that the life of a logistician can be as perilous as any other. The collective imagination has run wild with all sorts of autonomic systems that can complement the logistics capabilities we have, filling deficiencies in force structure or providing greater capacity. It’s a fallacy to think military logistics is only now advancing on an automation.

The Retail-Logistics Revolution

Now, That's Logistics

How supply chain and logistics are providing competitive differentiation points for retailers as they look for new ways to stand out in the marketplace. Shipping & Logistics Featured

Logistics Technology Market Forecasting Under Uncertainty

Logistics Viewpoints

The current coronavirus outbreak is an example of an economic shock that elevates uncertainty and complicates forecasting. The post Logistics Technology Market Forecasting Under Uncertainty appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints.

Why Logistics Companies are Upgrading to Mobile Payments with Robin Gregg

The Logistics of Logistics

Our goal is to make payments faster and simpler for the logistics industry. It’s a slower workflow because, for example, you might have to hand write things. The technology products in the logistics industry have gotten a lot better over the last few years.

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The True Definition of Cargo Logistics

Trans Global Auto Logistics

Understanding Cargo & Logistics Management. Cargo logistics apply to the process of handling your cargo, inspecting it, and following it along on its journey from point A to its final destination. The Basics of Logistics for Your Cargo. A Look at Logistics Management.

Types of Logistics Providers Explained in Plain English


There is an increasing level of sophistication that customers expect from logistics. Nevertheless, there is some level of ignorance about the role that outsourced logistics play. Although, third-party logistics remain a prominent and critical service to many businesses.

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Servitization: Logistics at your Service

Material Handling and Logistics

For example, a public warehouse forklift user could be charged a fee of $3.75/ton for movements from storage to staging and loading of a vehicle; the fee would be directly aligned with their handling charge of $4.50/ton for the same movements to its customers.


Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

The other day I was looking for tickets for Formula 1 in México, and I was thinking about all the logistics behind. In this motorsport, logistics is a crucial element for success. In order to make it work logistics people work months before to plan the transportation.

Inventory Management in Service Logistics Industry

Talking Logistics

For Logistics the focus is on high inventory turns. Example A: Fashion Retailer – Business Strategy is short life cycle products. Example B: Supermarket Retailer – Business strategy is to have low cost to compete effectively. What is Inventory Management?

5 Things to Know About U.S.-Mexico Logistics

Talking Logistics

Assuming current trends hold, and NAFTA remains largely intact, here are five things to consider when managing cross-border logistics between the United States and Mexico: 1. For example, a U.S. Mexico Logistics appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

How 5G Will Affect Supply Chains and Logistics

MTS Logistics

The internet could be the best example for this. A faster connection is not the only benefit of 5G – greater connected devices are, too, which will be revolutionary for the supply chain and logistics.

Urban Logistics is Growing

Blue Grace Logistics

We are witnessing one of the most interesting times in the development of logistics. Online and legacy retailers both are encouraged to work with their logistics partners to not only overcome the upcoming challenges but to find bold new approaches to compete as well as survive.

Off to a Healthy Start, Logistics M&A Activity Could be on Hold

Logistics Trends and Insights

Logistics mergers and acquisitions (M&A) were off to a good start in Q1 of 2020, following increased activity to wrap up 2019. billion of industrial property in Central and Eastern Europe to Singapore-based logistics provider GLP. Logistics Mergers & Acquisitions Supply Chai

Difference between Maritime, Shipping, Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain

Shipping and Freight Resource

To the uninitiated (which included me at one stage), these industries are same or similar and it might come across that there is no difference between Maritime, Shipping, Freight, Logistics, Supply Chain and Trade. Logistics.

How complicated is Olympic logistics?

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

What is Olympic logistics? How complex and difficult is the demand for Olympic logistics? As the world’s largest sports event, the Olympic Games has more athletes and spectators than any other sports event, which has caused huge logistics demand.

Innovating Spare Parts Logistics

Logistics Trends and Insights

Meanwhile, in 2016, UPS announced a distributed, on-demand manufacturing network that links its global logistics network with 3D printers at more than 60 UPS Stores across the U.S By Ian Kerr, The Postal Podcas t and Cathy Morrow Roberson.

Before You Hire a Logistics Data Scientist

Talking Logistics

Robinson in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. “So, As one example, Lindbloom highlighted the rise of GPS-enabled mobile devices, which has made shipment tracking more affordable and widespread, and he also highlighted cloud computing and the growing use of APIs for integration.

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Urban Logistics: How to Master the Megacity Challenge


In my last article of 2018, “ Which Trends Will Change the Rules of Logistics in 2019? ”, I talked briefly about urban logistics and megacities. And who are the major players that need to master urbanization logistics issues? Developing urban logistics solutions.

Energy Efficiency Is Key to Better Logistics

Material Handling and Logistics

Logistics providers have discovered that sustainability in the supply chain delivers a good ROI. This is where it gets tricky, according to Yossi Sheffi, director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. This solution has not been overlooked by logistics companies.

Gender Equality in Logistics: From Operations Into the Board Room


As a logistics leader, I believe that correcting gender disparities in ‘profit and loss’ (P&L) and operational roles is a key strategy to fill the executive pipeline with more female talent. Here’s the why and how: Diversity in Logistics = More Women in Operations.

Hospital Logistics

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

Hospitals, like any institutions, use marketing, finance, human resources and logistics to deliver a reliable service which helps the patients while making profit. Through this post, we are going to see how a hospital uses logistics.


Why Collaboration in Logistics Is the Future


How often do you think about collaboration in logistics? To that end, shippers, freight brokers, logistics service providers (LSPs), third-party logistics providers (3PLs), and carriers need to know why collaboration in logistics is the future of all successful supply chain strategies.

Three Ways to Boost Cybersecurity in the Logistics Industry

MTS Logistics

Cyber attacks continue to evolve and create significant risks for business owners in today’s digital work environment – and the logistics industry is no exception. Understanding the severity of these cyber threats is essential in keeping the logistics industry well-prepared.

Big Data in Logistics

Talking Logistics

There are many buzzwords in the supply chain and logistics industry today, and perhaps there’s none bigger than “Big Data.” Those are some of the questions I discussed with Bob Daymon, Senior VP of Operations at Transplace , in a recent Talking Logistics episode. The post Big Data in Logistics appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. Episode Highlights Supply Chain Technology Trends Big Data logistics Transplace

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Managing Logistics for The World’s Largest Company with Gary Sostack

The Logistics of Logistics

While putting myself through school, I got a part-time job at JFK airport which opened my eyes to logistics. Right out of college, I worked at a logistics company in Atlanta. For example, all the hospitals that got supported with tens of thousands of purchase orders that Aramco was handling. Once we decided that we were going to go out to bid, the logistics team no longer contacted the 3PLs. [00:38] Please introduce yourself and your company.

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3 Tech Trends Reshaping the Logistics Industry

Now, That's Logistics

By optimizing workflows and order picking/packing accuracy; improving inventory management; and better utilizing human labor, technology is literally reshaping the logistics industry. In 2016, the logistics robotic market had a global market revenue of $1.9

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This Week in Logistics News (August 10 – 16)

Logistics Viewpoints

These pods are one of the best (or worst) examples of unnecessary single-use plastics that are polluting our planet. The post This Week in Logistics News (August 10 – 16) appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Supply Chain News This Week in News logistics supply chainSustainability is an initiative that thankfully more companies are taking on. One area of concern for a lot of people is around single-use coffee pods.

Solving Final Mile Logistics and Earning Customer Loyalty

Talking Logistics

All who think about logistics understand there is no such thing as free delivery but the customer-facing message is there will be no charge for delivery if they meet certain criteria such as: amount of purchase; type of delivery (e.g.