Logistics Events: How to prepare to make business there!


Every year, logistics events happen all over the world. Don’t matter the size or type, all of them have the same point: to connect companies and introduce them to the market. Because of that, it is essential to be prepared and have a good […].

Flash sale events! How to win the last mile on days like Valentines or Thanksgiving


Well if haven’t forgotten important dates such as Valentines’ or any other such day, you won’t much appreciate the urgency of fast deliveries to save face. All’s well that end’s well, and that’s why the right logistics technology, especially last mile, is critical for flash events.

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Become a Freight Broker: Your Ultimate Guide


It’s a great time to be in the freight brokering business, and there are plenty of reasons to consider starting your own brokerage now. You can read our step-by-step guide below or jump straight to the infographic. What you need to know before you become a freight broker.

How to Mitigate Additional Costs in Transportation

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It’s safe to say that in 2019 shippers will likely be more vigilant and more proactive in looking for opportunities to better manage and control their transportation costs. How can shippers realize them? Mitigating additional costs was the focus, as well as idea velocity — how do we save money now! This has caused conversations across organizational functions to address these issues.”.

Flash sale events! How to win the last mile on days like Valentines or Thanksgiving

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Well if haven’t forgotten important dates such as Valentines’ or any other such day, you won’t much appreciate the urgency of fast deliveries to save face. But moving on to more serious things, quick deliveries related to flash events, especially for retail and e-commerce, must run on […]. The post Flash sale events! How to win the last mile on days like Valentines or Thanksgiving appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

S&OP in Agribusiness: How to Harvest the Benefits with Advanced Analytics


It’s not limited to managing crops and livestock, but encompasses all equipment, services, and product processing as well as commercialization. A well-executed S&OP process can go a long way to help organizations rein in some of this complexity.

How to Improve Manufacturing Floor Data Collection


To log, track and trace everything’, your vision of a better manufacturing floor. Here’s how you can improve manufacturing floor data collection, long-term. However, are you starting to outgrow your manufacturing floor data collection system ?

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How to Secure Your First Supply Chain or Logistics Job

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If you’re preparing to launch a new career in supply chain or logistics , it will help a lot to know how and where to look for a first job, which appointments can get you off the best start, and what qualifications will be most helpful in getting you into the profession.

How to Kickstart a Successful Facebook and Instagram Advertising Strategy For Your Local Service Business


Time To Read: 12 minutes. It can be difficult to anticipate if your content is reaching your actual target market, and engagement rarely correlates with real business goals, such as brand awareness, website traffic, and lead generation. Install the Facebook Pixel to your website.

How to Plan for Common Disruptors in Ocean Freight

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Which means that, as it does every year at this time, space is about to get very tight. That can make it difficult to meet your delivery times unless you take proactive steps now to minimize the risk in your supply chain. Keep your eye on events well before they occur.

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Depression in Truck Drivers: 5 Common Causes & How to Spot the Signs

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Today’s world is making great strides to reduce or eliminate the stigma that is associated with mental illness, including depression. According to the National Sleep Foundation, feeling sad every now and then is a fundamental part of the human experience, especially during difficult or trying times. Let’s look at the 5 common causes of depression that are specific to truck drivers, and what can be done to help reduce these causes and lead to better mental health.

LTL to Intermodal Shipping: How to Find and Eliminate Freight Spend Black Swans


Black swans in the supply chain refer to unexpected, unusual disruptions within the supply chain, reports Melanie Nuce of Inbound Logistics. More importantly, the ever-growing need for visibility will have a dramatic effect on preventing black swan events from occurring.

How to Sustain a Lean Culture in Manufacturing & Supply Chain


Today I will discuss how a company can sustain a lean culture once they have implemented lean practices in order to achieve continuous improvement. Your company has started the lean journey, but how do you sustain it? How do we monitor what our customers feel about us?

How to Prioritize and Select Logistics Technology

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Technology is the backbone of today’s logistics systems, and shippers want to make the right choices for mission-critical systems. One key question is when to outsource technology development vs. managing it with in-house resources. Compliance to U.S. November 13, 2018.

How to Handle Seasonal Demands in the Fashion Industry

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Summer sees consumers searching for bathing suits, tank tops, and shorts, while sweaters, scarves, and coats surge to the top of style wish lists in winter. As the seasons change so do the trends, with fashionistas demanding different looks from one year to the next.

How to Mitigate Risk in Demand Driven Supply Chains

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However, there are risks involved in the demand-driven approach and for many companies, their presence creates a reluctance to shift from conventional, but increasingly outmoded forecast-based planning. “In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” The risks attached to DDSC can be managed and minimized just like any other. “We do not use the forecast to drive our transactions.

Brand Identity: How to Incorporate Into Your Offline Material


Editor's Note : At Cerasis, if you have followed our blog, you know we like to give information around best practices in regards to transportation, logistics, and supply chain management. Talk to a printing expert or graphic designer if you are worried about getting the shade right.

How to Make Your Holiday Shipping Less Frightful

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Even Santa and his red-nosed reindeer friend are unable to save the day. With so much at stake this holiday shipping season, retail suppliers and 3PL partners must have a plan to deal with the inevitable disasters and near disasters. Compliance to U.S. November 13, 2018.

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How to Mitigate Risk of Full Truckload Shipping: Freight/Cargo Insurance!


There are exemptions to liability within the Carmack Amendment , and even when everything is correct on paper and goes smoothly at the place of origin, Mother Nature may have other plans. Shippers need a way to mitigate risk of full truckload shipping , regardless of what promises a driver makes in casual conversation. Therefore, shippers should review existing policy or contract liability and opt for additional cargo insurance to reduce risk, depending on freight fragility.

Procurement and Suppliers on the Same Page: How to Craft an Effective Terms & Conditions Sales Document


Editor's Note: Today's blog is the second part of Chuck Intrieri's series on how procurement and suppliers can avoid issues with their contracts. In part two, Chuck focuses on how to draft your terms and conditions. Consider your use of websites, how often have you read the terms of use? For a website operator that wants to be legally protected, however, terms of use on their website are vital. How to Begin Your Terms.

Penske Women’s Network and Girl Scouts Team up for Leadership Event

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Moments of introduction can have a lasting impact extending far beyond their delivery in long-forgotten social settings or business gatherings, so it is important to know how to make the most of them.

Industry View: How to Make your Business Brexit-Ready

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Investec’s Andrew Woodward (above) believes that while UK businesses need to be mindful of the bigger picture and take steps to protect themselves from risks such as FX and importing tariffs, leaders must continue to focus on the specifics of their particular businesses.

How to give logistic and environment a turn of the screw with Logicopalet

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with which thanks to this invention we will achieve a reduction of organic and plastic waste, and help the environment by avoiding the felling of trees. Great savings in logistics return ratio of 1 to 4. With this we could use the space left over from transport to transport other goods.

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The Impact of Hurricanes on Transportation and How to Build a Storm Resilient Supply Chain

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To better understand true cost and volume impacts, Zipline Logistics evaluated a sample of 33,000 shipments, comparing data prior to the 2017 Tropical Storm Harvey with data after the event. We leveraged our KanoPI shipper intelligence platform to dig deep into hurricane impacts.

How to secure and automate your network in the new era of big data – Shipping and Freight Resource

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HOW TO SECURE AND AUTOMATE YOUR NETWORK IN THE NEW BIG DATA ERA. is to be truly realised, then shipping must embrace a new approach to the traditional supply chain. So, what can digitalisation do to streamline and integrate shipping with the broader supply chain?

Shipper Symposium 2019 – Take Your Supply Chain to a New Dimension!


Shipper Symposium 2019 – Take Your Supply Chain to a New Dimension! Join us at this year’s signature event on May 6-8, 2019, at the Four Seasons Resort & Club Dallas at Las Colinas, Texas. Take a look below and let us know who you are most excited to see in the comments!

Eight Key Takeaways From FreighTech 2018:TLV


This week, Freightos hosted over forty logistics and innovation executives for FreighTech 2018, a symposium dedicated to discussing challenges and opportunities in the industry. After attending dozens of conferences, it was thrilling to put together our own little gathering.

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Europe’s most influential meeting point for the supply chain industry

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The 3PL & Supply Chain Summit: Europe is coming to Brussels (14-16 Oct, 2019). The Summit is the leading gathering for Europe’s senior supply chain and logistics pioneers to come together and strategise how to push supply chain intelligence to the limit. .

What’s Holding Back Customer-Centric Air Cargo?


Harnessing cloud-based software to automate freight pricing. Let’s face it, the concept of harnessing technology to streamline operations and become more customer focused is hardly new. I would attribute a lot of the demand that we’ve seen in the marketplace to e-commerce.

How to get more from an EAM Implementation - Infosys Blogs

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News & Events. |. « Asset Management and Dynamic Work Plan- Part II | Main | Oracle based Demand to Deliver Capabilities for High Tech Industries » How to get more from an EAM Implementation. Earlier I wrote on a very similar topic (Why my EAM implementation is not giving me as I expected ) and that included many reasons those were leading to suboptimal output from EAM implementations. a optimal interval and actions for cleansing has to be taken.

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Supply Chain Management:How to make Preventive Maintenance a.

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News & Events. |. » How to make Preventive Maintenance a way of life in SAP APO Support Projects - Part 2. Some of these errors can be generic and can occur in any APO solution whereas some may be specific to the implementation of APO solution for a customer. Periodic data check processes with data checker tools and templates can be built to capture possible data issues. Maintenance Practice- A standard to be followed or adapted? About Us.

Supply Chain Management:How to make Preventive Maintenance a.

Infosys Supply Chain Management

News & Events. |. « My own power Generation plant | Main | Confluence of IT and Business Strategy for a Transformation program » How to make Preventive Maintenance a way of life in SAP APO Support Projects - Part 1. After working in software industry and SAP APO, when I look back, I feel compelled to compare the way we execute our support projects with the way we executed preventive maintenance in typical manufacturing industry. About Us. Contact Us.

ELD, Driver Fatigue and Safety with Dean Croke

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Over the last 20 years, Dean has been focused on trucking analytics, especially related to driver fatigue, safety, sleep schedules and hours of service. Podcast Show Notes: 00:25 – Joe introduces Dean Croke to the show. Life-changing events that Dean experienced.

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5th Annual United Way Human Truck Pull

Carter Logistics

Carter Express & Logistics is excited to announce that Saturday, September the 8th at 10:00 am we will be the Presenting Sponsor and Event Sponsor this year at the 5th Annual United Way Human Truck Pull. All teams that are participating in the event will compete to pull a 33,000 lb.

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Can’t Cope With a Mass of Customer Complaints? A.I. to the Rescue

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The old days of the Quality movement seem quaint in retrospect: the banners, the slogans, the prizes and team-building events. Today, quality management is all about information – or, more to the point, how to keep from getting buried in it