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Cass March Freight Index - Surge in Freight; Not So Much Rates


The March Cass Freight Index is out and while freight showed a marked increase in march ( 5.8% Feb to Mar and 4.2% YoY) the expenditure increase can almost totally be attributed to the increase in freight - meaning rates are staying fairly steady.

3D Printing Fashion: A Looming Revolution in the Apparel Industry

Apparel Logistics

Time and time again throughout history, thriving, well-established, finely tuned industries have faced waves of technological disruption that thoroughly upended the status quo

Jean's Blog: What Unemployment Numbers Mean to Me

Women and Logistics

Every week in the news, we are bombarded with more economic statistics. One week, the unemployment percentage looks favorable. The following week, more people are filing for unemployment claims than was anticipated.

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What are your peers saying about Supply Chain Network Design?

Companies want to maximize service levels, but they also want to cut costs. How do you find the optimum balance? That's what Supply Chain Network Design is all about. This report delves into the benefits of SCND as a process and what companies are looking for and struggling with when it comes to supportive technologies.

Safety in Work and Asset Management- Part II - Infosys Blogs

Infosys Supply Chain Management

The Risk Assessment. For the safety department, the prime responsibility is to ensure an environment which is safe for both the personnel working in the work site as well as the other impacted stakeholders. They get started

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Global Airfreight Volumes Up Slightly

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I have been so focused on the international ocean market lately that it has been quite sometime since I posted anything airfreight related. I recently read a press release from IATA.org that showed a modest increase in global airfreight volumes. Data release by IATA showed a 1.2 percent increase in global airfreight volumes in June compared to the same time period last year. Although the growth is weak, it marks an improvement over the 0.9 percent growth shown in May and the 0.1

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2013 Peak Season Fast Approaching

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It’s that time of year again; the Peak Season shipping season is nearly here. The topic of PSS during my contract negotiations this past April was an interesting one in that many of my carriers were willing to add a no PSS clause into our contracts. Prior year’s contract negotiations were much more difficult with many carriers, at a minimum, insisting on a mutual PSS clause in our contract language as many of the carriers were looking to recuperate previous losses.

APL, ANL, Hanjin Shipping to Launch Joint Intra-Asia Service

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APL, ANL and Hanjin Shipping recently joined forces to offer a new weekly service covering Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The new service, with an expected launch date of September 1, 2013, will be called the New Zealand – Asia Express (NAX) service and will operate via a vessel sharing agreement between the three companies. Each of the three partners will contribute two container ships and offer a 2,200 TEU capacity each week.

Retailers Unite to Form Bangladesh Worker Safety Initiative

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An alliance of 17 North American retailers has been formed to improve factory safety conditions for workers in Bangladesh.

Is The "Final 3 Feet" The Most Important Logistics Leg?


I have talked a lot about " Final Mile " logistics especially since so many are trying to compete in this area.

In Memory of A True Visionary - John "Jock" Menzies


Last year at the CSCMP Annual Global Conference I had the pleasure of randomly sitting down with a person I had never met before and his name was Jock Menzies. I was immediately fascinated as he told me of his organization, American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN).

Macroeconomic Monday® - The Demographic Shift to Multi Family, City Dwelling is Real


For those reading this today, Saturday, I normally write this on Saturday then post on Monday. But, I figured if you want to read on Saturday why not? However, the name remains the same. So, last week was an incredible week for economic news and the stock market.

Will Monday Morning, July 1, be Y2K All Over Again?


The fear mongering that has gone on about the hours of service (HOS) changes taking effect on Monday remind me a lot of the Y2K fear. For those who were around then remember the TV networks showing every major city in the world as Y2K hit?

Macroeconomic Monday® - A tale of Two Economies


There are two economies developing and it is very important you do not confuse the two. The first economy is the financial economy. This is Wall Street, investing, arbitrage and commodities. When bundled together this economy is on a tear.

More Signs of a Financial Economy; Not a Production Economy


On June 3 the Institute for Supply Management issued their May ISM index and it came in at 49. Unfortunately, this means the manufacturing component of our economy actually contracted in May (despite all the talk of a manufacturing renaissance).

Amazon Fresh - Amazon Groceries to a Door Near You


A fascinating discovery occurred the other day on my way to Chicago from Michigan. As I was driving down I-94 I saw a delivery truck coming the other direction. It looked a lot like the size / model of a UPS truck except it was somewhat lime green.

Sustainability is Good Business - Global Companies Sign on To A Climate Declaration


Be careful if you think demanding action for climate change is just the purview of the crazies; many Fortune 100 companies are taking this very seriously.


The Jobs Report Relative to Logistics: Families Enjoy Life More With Less?


The major economic news yesterday which, for a short period of time shattered the markets, was the jobs report. Some key statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) press release : Employment up 88K (Far below estimates) Long Term unemployed remained constant at about 4.6M

The Sick State of Ocean Freight


I do not spend a lot of time on ocean freight and I probably should spend more. Suffice it to say I know it is in a dramatic over capacity situation and has been for a few years.

Supply Chain and Sustainability


Greenbiz and Supply Chain Insights conduct a survey on the different thoughts of supply chain organizations and sustainability organizations in a company. This is very telling since I truly believe sustainability should be embedded in the operations of Supply Chain.

Total Business Inventory to Sales Ratios


Somehow last week got away from me, perhaps too much sun in Florida the week prior, so I did not post this on Thursday as I would have liked. On March 13, 2013 the census bureau released the numbers showing the total business inventories to sales ratio for January.

The Week That Was - Wow!! But Will It Translate into Physical Goods?


Well, this was the week we have all been waiting for if you are one of those who did not abandon the market after the last downturn, stayed the course (Borrowed from Vanguard®), and rode the wave to new heights. If you are one who did abandon the market, well, I guess this was not such a good week.

February Cass Freight Index Supports 10xLE® Predictions


The February Cass Freight Index has been released and it continues to support and is right in line with what we have been predicting here at 10x Logistics Experts. The market is soft and continues to bounce around the bottom which is holding rates flat for the data bases procurement experts.

Inventory to Sales Ratio - Will March Change the Curve?


One of my favorite measurements of business activity which actually relates to transportation volume is the Inventory to Sales Ratio. As I get ready for January's numbers to be released I remembered I did not comment on December's numbers.

The Logistics of Defending Against Asteroids


A respite from working on how to get a package from point A to point B is to think about the meteor which hit Russia a few weeks ago. Then think whether it was just pure dumb luck that it did not hit Chicago or are we really safe from this? Unfortunately, it turns out, it is just pure dumb luck.

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The Fear Trade Picks Up Steam - Don't Be Fooled


One of my favorite songs from childhood is "Won't Be Fooled Again" by The Who and this is my theme for what I have called the "fear trade" in transportation.

Truckload Strong; Intermodal Weak


I have not reviewed the CASS information for a while but have used other sources which have all told the same story. Intermodal freight is soft relative to capacity which is putting pressure on rates.

From Factory to Floor: How New Technologies are Reshaping Fashion Logistics

Apparel Logistics

These days, we've become used to commerce happening at lightening speed over the Internet. To take an obvious example, look at buying music: To listen to a new album, the album would have to be physically shipped to a store, and you'd have to drive to and from the store.

Stylinity: Cool Technology, New Fashion Logistics Challenges and Benefits

Apparel Logistics

Here's a nifty new aspect of the shopping experience you might find waiting for you the next time you head out to the stores: Stylinity, an idea launched in October in New York City, makes it easy to get instant feedback online while trying on outfits

A New Apparel E-Commerce Driver - The Hunt

Apparel Logistics

Let's say you finally found that perfect dress — the sort that could make you shine, that you had vaguely conceived in mind already that wouldn't quite come into focus (and that you wouldn't know where to buy even if it did).

Bridging the Gap: Apparel 3PL Can Help Make Up for Poor Infrastructure

Apparel Logistics

There's been a mild resurgence of manufacturing activity taking place, of all places, in California over the past few years.

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Fast Fashion, Furious Fashion Logistics

Apparel Logistics

One of the biggest trends we've seen over the past few years — with 2012 being no exception — has been the emergence of "fast fashion."

Apparel Logistics and Fashion Fickleness - Goodbye Casual Fridays?

Apparel Logistics

The trickiest aspects of the apparel business, of course, are the ever-changing whims of consumers.