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Straight Talk About Low-Cost Shipping for Parcel Deliveries

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

When it comes to outsourcing certain parts of your logistics and fulfillment, you have a lot to choose from. When it comes to others, it’s a different story. For instance, with parcel carriers your company is pretty well locked into working with UPS, FedEx, DHL or the USPS.

Streamlining the Aerospace Supply Chain…One Link at a Time

Now, That's Logistics

Currently in growth mode, the commercial aerospace market faces unique challenges on the customs front. Here are the major obstacles and how a reliable logistics provider can help aerospace manufacturers optimize and streamline their supply chains.

Fast Fashion: Why the Industry Requires a Vertical Integration Supply Chain Model

Morai Logistics

Businesses within the retail industry are rolling out vertical integration supply chain models to keep up with fast fashion. Research on the global fashion industry predicts an increase from ‘ $481.2 billion in 2018 to $712.9 billion by 2022 ’.

INTTRA urges industry-led standards for containers and logistics

Supply Chain and Logistics

Lee Hong Liang has written an interesting article about the call for standards in maritime documentation. To my view, it’s no doubt needed badly, and has been for years. The desires of maritime operators to work as local optimizers has hurt … Continue reading → Logistics Production Operations Shipping Supply Chains standards technology

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

Recruitment AI technology uncovers the most qualified candidates. This technology automates recruiting routines and facilitates natural conversations, resulting in higher productivity and a better candidate experience. Download the eBook to learn more!

The Indispensable Role of WMS in Reverse Logistics


Reverse logistics is filled with risk, and the rate of reverse logistics in e-commerce is higher than any other channel, reports Business2Community.

Talent shortage to hit manufacturing hard

DC Velocity

As many as 2.4 million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled over the next 10 years due to widening skills gap, study shows. Strategy

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CMA CGM and CEVA detail tie-up

Supply Chain and Logistics

Chris Dupin has an interesting article in the most recent American Shipper. CMA/CGM is trying to buy a majority interest in CEVA, the 3PL firm based in Switzerland. CEVA has been the target of another buyout effort by DSV, another … Continue reading → Leadership Logistics Shipping Strategy Supply Chains container shipping innovation mergers ocean shipping supply chains transportation

12 Tips to Choose the Right Regional LTL Carrier


The shipping and transportation industry is in the midst of an evolution. New technologies are bringing light to the furthest corners of supply chains, and shippers are struggling to find available capacity.

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DHL eCommerce opens $20 million sortation center to handle online shopping volume

DC Velocity

New Jersey facility serves as test bed for automation, could inspire similar approach in Los Angeles and Chicago. Material Handling

8 Years an Entrepreneur

Talking Logistics

Eight years ago yesterday I began my career as an entrepreneur. I spent the day (and the next three weeks) as a juror in a murder trial.

Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

Research shows that the hiring process is biased and unfair. While we have made progress to solve this, it’s potentially at risk due to advancements in AI technology. This eBook covers these issues & shows you how AI can ensure workplace diversity.

Does Your Supply Chain Need Blockchain?


The use of blockchain and supply chain management (SCM) platforms can reshape how shippers approach everyone from consumers to carriers.

LTL Capacity Best Practices in Times of Tight Freight Capacity


The capacity crunch has been a core concern of shippers for several years, but as 2018 draws closer to the holiday shopping season, it will become a bigger problem. LTL capacity has routinely been used as a source of added capacity when full truckload becomes unavailable.

2019 Trend Watch: Livin' in the future

DC Velocity

The race toward automation continues, as a rise in goods-to-person fulfillment, increased adoption of warehouse execution systems, and greater use of autonomous mobile robots top the list of material handling technology trends to watch in 2019. Material Handling

[Video] Major Influences on Supply Chains for 2019

Talking Logistics

Video 78

The Importance of Scalability in ECommerce Order Fulfillment

West Coast and California Logistics

Growing from 20 orders per month to 15,000 per month. For most companies, that’s a dream come true. But if you have the wrong solution in place for eCommerce order fulfillment, that’s a dream that may never materialize.

With LTL Fuel Surcharges on the Rise, What Are the Expectations and Projections of Higher Fuel Costs on LTL Shipping?


In early October 2018, the average retail price for diel rose 7.2 cents, reports Transport Topics, and oil costs are expected to continue to increase. This represents the seventh consecutive weekly spike in diesel costs, and global economies allude to a future of rising prices.

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AMRs and AGVs rev their engines

DC Velocity

The relentless drive for warehouse efficiency is sparking new interest in self-driving vehicles. For those wondering which type to buy, experts say forget the labels and focus on capabilities. Robotics

Log-hub as one of the best Warehousing Startups


As a part of their Logistics of the Future series, Transmetrics took a look at the world’s best-looking logistics startups today.

How Emerging Technologies Will Transform the Way We Do Business

Talking Logistics

There are so many exciting emerging technologies in supply chain and logistics today, but which ones will be the best fit for your company’s business strategy? Which technologies have the greatest potential to deliver the value you need, both in the near and long term? How do you prioritize investments in these technologies and roll them out successfully?

Carrier insights from the Transporeon Group 2018 North American Over-the-Road Transportation Survey


For the past few years, Transporeon Group has queried its extensive network of North American carriers on the state of the industry in order to gather insights on the issues that carriers are facing and how they see the transportation market evolving.

Graves to lead minority party in House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

DC Velocity

House Republican Conference elects Missouri Congressman to lead efforts to negotiate national infrastructure bill. Transportation

The realities of logistics and strategic leadership – ‘2018 edition’

Logistics in War

By David Beaumont. In late 2017 I published a post of anecdotes, observations and lessons given by senior officers contacted through the course of academic research. These insights were given by logisticians, but not always, and pointed at many of the issues transforming Defence logistics over a period of nearly thirty years.

Supply Chains Disruptions at Highest Rate in 3 Years

Material Handling and Logistics

Factory fires were the most frequent event type in the first half of 2018. Supply chain disruptions continue to grow at an alarming rate, according to a new study, 2018 EventWatch Supply Chain Disruption Report, by Resilinc.

Editor’s Pick: Be the Partner Your Customer is Looking For

Talking Logistics

Note: Today’s post is part of our “ Editor’s Pick ” series where we highlight recent posts published by our sponsors that provide practical knowledge and advice on timely and important supply chain and logistics topics. This post by Julio Soto from GEODIS’ blog discusses how to become the partner your customer is looking for. In the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” the main character is asked to sell a pen.

DHL to invest $300 million in emerging technologies

DC Velocity

Supply chain arm will deploy piece-picking robots, AI, self-driving vehicles in 350 of its 430 North American sites. Technology

Autonomous “Cobots” Are Now Proven Warehouse Technologies

Logistics Viewpoints

Collaborative autonomous robotics (cobots) in the warehouse have progressed considerably over the last few years. They have now proven their ability to significantly increase warehouse worker productivity by a factor of 2x-plus. The next hurdle is return on investment (ROI), which factors costs and time-to-value in with productivity improvements and other financial benefits.

Logistics Saves Lives: Support ALAN and Partners on Giving Tuesday, 2018

Kane is Able

#GivingTuesday is November 27 th. It’s a global giving movement and you’ll (hopefully) see a good deal of coverage from many different, worthy organizations. Logistics Innovation Logistics Industry News Logistics Leadership

Update: Automation in the Supply Chain


We have long anticipated the introduction of robotics into the supply chain. We have predicted the potential of such technology to help businesses keep pace with distribution challenges and consumer demand for convenience and variety.

Freight futures market to ease spot rate volatility, company says

DC Velocity

FreightWaves says forthcoming Freight Futures Exchange will help shippers and trucking companies mitigate risk, ease pricing volatility in trucking market. Transportation

This Week in Logistics News (November 24 – 30)

Logistics Viewpoints

After traveling through space for six months, the Mars InSight officially touched down on the red planet earlier this week. InSight is short for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport, and according to NASA, will give the planet its “first thorough check-up since it formed 4.5 billion years ago.” The mission is to study the interior structure of Mars, specifically its crust, mantle, and core. The research will look at the interior […].

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[WHITE PAPER] The Evolution of LTL Shipping Practices: Addressing Capacity Woes, Use of Last Mile & How to Choose the Right LTL Carrier


Cerasis is excited to announce the release of an all new, exclusive, & educational resource “The Evolution of LTL Shipping Practices: Addressing Capacity Woes, Use of Last Mile & How to Choose the Right LTL Carrier” white paper! This is a must read for shippers who are accustomed to shipping LTL freight or are starting to ship more LTL freight. Get a free copy of the white paper by filling out the form to the right.

5 Ways to Prepare for Successful Planned Outages

CH Robinson Logistics

Business continuity is core to an energy customer’s experience. When the lights are on, people don’t think about power generation. But when they go out, customers get angry, the media jumps on it, and regulators may even step in.

Penske invests in next generation of truck mechanics

DC Velocity

Collaboration with TechForce Foundation could help address shortage of vehicle maintenance technicians, firm says. Transportation

The Impact of Economic Nationalism on Global Supply Chains

Logistics Viewpoints

Last week, I read an interesting report from LLamasoft (a Logistics Viewpoints sponsor) that looked into the impact of economic nationalism on global manufacturers. The study found that more than half of global manufacturers would make changes to their supply chain due to economic nationalism. The study also looked at the impact of technology on the supply chains of global manufacturers. This week, I had the opportunity to speak with Razat Gaurav, CEO of LLamasoft, […].

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Festive Cheer and Cargo Theft Go Hand in Hand During the Holidays

Blue Grace Logistics

The holidays bring three main things for the shippers – festive cheer, increased business, and high risk of cargo theft.

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