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6 Supply Chain Trends from 2017 and their Ongoing Progress

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Call it a cop-out if you like, but predicting which logistics and supply chain trends will make a difference to businesses in any given year has become notoriously difficult, given the speed at which technology in particular, can suddenly disrupt the way things are done.

Buy Online, Deliver From Store: Turning Stores Into Agile Distribution Centers


Speed, flexibility and convenience are today’s currency, now that one of the key decision points for shoppers is whether the retailer is able to deliver exactly where and when they want their package.

Blockchain And Smart Contracts Are Redefining Commerce And The Supply Chain


At its core, blockchain is attractive for global trade professionals because it can be used to create a completely secure record of every step in a given business process.

Ensure Profitability with Real-time Control of Your Performance

Talking Logistics

The construction industry seems to be flourishing. According to the latest year-to-date figures released by the U.S. Commerce Department and reported by The Associated General Contractors of America on August 1, “ public construction spending climbed 4.7 percent, private residential spending grew 8.3

What are your peers saying about Supply Chain Network Design?

Companies want to maximize service levels, but they also want to cut costs. How do you find the optimum balance? That's what Supply Chain Network Design is all about. This report delves into the benefits of SCND as a process and what companies are looking for and struggling with when it comes to supportive technologies.

A Period of Reflection and Learning

The Lean Thinker

Some of you have commented in back-channels that I have been pretty quiet for a while – both here as well as in regular correspondence. I’ve been in pretty heavy reflective mode for quite a while. I described it to someone as “I am learning faster than I can write it down right now – by the time I write something, I understand it in a different way and start over.”.

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Ability awareness: interview with Tom Minich

DC Velocity

While many would consider disabilities a liability, Peckham Inc. embraces employees with disabilities as the key to its success as an organization. Strategy

Has Blockchain Reached its RFID Moment?

Supply Chain and Logistics

A good summary by Alexis Bateman and Chris Cottrill of MIT comparing Walmart’s intro of blockchain for leafy greens to their introduction of RFID. As before, they are compelling suppliers to participate. That gets it done, but does not … Continue reading →

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Understanding E-Commerce Logistics Costs Allows for a Healthy Bottom Line


E-commerce has transformed how consumers shop and purchase their favorite products, as well as try new products and services. As explained by eCornerAssist , the web influences more than 80 percent of all sales in today’s age.

Integrating Blockchain With Other Supply Chain Systems


In modern supply chains, communication and collaboration are everything. Systems that work together can ensure that all parties in the supply chain have access to the information and resources necessary to fulfill more orders and please customers.

XPO to deploy 5,000 GreyOrange robots for e-commerce fulfillment

DC Velocity

Corporate giant also becomes exclusive provider of GreyOrange bots for logistics applications in North America and nine European countries. Robotics

Automotive Manufacturing: Cost Management & International Shipping

Carter Logistics

Blog Topics. The Shared Milkrun Mexico & Border Logistics. Automotive Manufacturing: Cost Management & International Shipping. Automotive shipping holds unique challenges, especially in terms of dealing with inventory management and supply chain cost reduction.

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Omnichannel Retail Strategy: Not just a Buzzword, But a Business Model


An omnichannel retail strategy is the new norm in today’s supply chains. The days of managing channels on an individual basis are over, and consumers are using multiple devices and e-commerce platforms for nearly all purchases. In fact, 78% of U.S.

Truck Platooning: A Driving Force to Efficiency

Morai Logistics

Experts on transportation supply chain and logistics say that truck platooning may help drive efficiency in today’s demanding market. In a special feature this month, Forbes revealed 4 Forces Transforming Logistics, Supply Chain And Transportation Today. Aside from political and economic shifts, and the recently discussed peak in consumer demand, ‘frontline technology’ also made this list. The industry is looking for ways to address efficiency, in a time where driver shortages continue to fall.

Nike, Amazon, and IBM place the customer at the center of the supply chain

DC Velocity

In the opening session of the Council of Supply Chain Management's EDGE Conference, top executives emphasize how they are designing their supply chains to be "customer obsessed.". Strategy

Is Zero Tolerance the Best Way to Stop Sexual Harassment?

Material Handling and Logistics

It also may be counterproductive in enforcing other workplace policies as well


Tips for Effectively Managing E-Commerce Logistics


E-commerce is in the middle of a boom. The economy is strong, and trucking capacity is tight. Yet, as few as 33 percent of shippers have taken advantage of a transportation management system (TMS), reports Michael of Levans of Logistics Management.

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Healthcare logistics: preventing stock shortages in European healthcare supply chains

Insight Into Action

Drug shortages are recognised as a global issue by the World Health Organisation (WHO) with research indicating that the problem has been increasingly affecting European countries.

Study: operational costs of trucking climbed 6 percent in 2017

DC Velocity

Increase caused by rise in fuel prices, maintenance on more complex vehicles, higher driver wages, ATRI says. Transportation

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Ship Smarter: Building a Competitive Advantage with a Connected Tech Ecosystem

Material Handling and Logistics

A network of smart, connected devices can constantly generate vital data on all activity within your supply chain

[INFOGRAPHIC] A Decade of the World’s Supply Chain Champions


The continuous development of technology means that the supply chain is constantly evolving as companies attempt to make their processes better.

This Week in Logistics News (October 1-5, 2018)

Talking Logistics

7 years ago yesterday, my oldest daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 11. It’s not an anniversary that we celebrate, but one that reminds of us of the sharp turns and potholes we sometimes encounter on the road of life, usually when we least expect them.

E2open acquires TMS vendor Cloud Logistics

DC Velocity

Move builds unified supply chain platform for visibility and collaboration, E2open says. Technology

The Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

Logistics Viewpoints

As I mentioned in my news round-up last week, Hurricane Florence has brought an estimated $40+ billion in damages to North Carolina. So far, I have written about the 60 percent drop in freight activity coming out of the state, as well as the closures and slow re-openings of both ports and I-95. Some truck routes in and out of the state are still unreliable. Most reports indicate it could still take several weeks for […].

[WHITE PAPER] Multichannel Fulfillment and Shipping: How to Streamline Your E-Commerce Logistics Implementation Process


Cerasis is excited to announce the release of an all new, exclusive, & educational resource “The Trends that Will Forever Shape Manufacturing in 2018 & Beyond” white paper!

Trending Transportation Updates: September 2018

PLS Logistics

There were many new and exciting developments throughout the transportation and shipping industry during this month. Check out some of the top stories that made headlines during September! transportation news Trending transportation topics

Amazon opens pop-up parcel delivery site in flooded Wilmington, N.C.

DC Velocity

Retailer aids in Hurricane Florence recovery by handling packages in a van parked at a local Whole Foods Market location, Amazon says. Strategy

Just Released: Understanding Hazmat Transportation Management

Logistics Management

The rules and regulations governing the transportation of hazardous materials (hazmat) are complex

Buy Online, Deliver From Store: Turning Stores Into Agile Distribution Centers


Speed, flexibility and convenience are today’s currency, now that one of the key decision points for shoppers is whether the retailer is able to deliver exactly where and when they want their package.

How AI Is Transforming the Apparel Supply Chain

Apparel Logistics

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is no longer the stuff of science fiction. While traditional production levers like capital investment and labor have a reduced impact on modern economic growth, AI could potentially double annual economic growth in developed economies by 2035.

Takeoff Technologies partners with U.S.-based Hispanic grocer to launch robotic supermarket

DC Velocity

Sedano's Supermakets will soon be able to fulfill orders with AI robots. Robotics

Can Your Supply Chain Weather The Storm?

Blue Grace Logistics

With two months left to go of this hurricane season, the eastern seaboard has been hammered by Hurricane Florence. While the storm has died out, the overall damage reports are still rolling in. As of now, over 500,000 businesses and homes are without power, mostly in North Carolina.

Retailers Expect Strong Holiday Sales

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Full employment, tariffs could create challenges for stores and their supply chain partners. The National Retail Federation announced that it expects holiday retail sales in November and December—excluding automobiles, gasoline and restaurants—to increase between 4.3% and 4.8%

The future of logistics?

Automotive Logistics

A manufacturing plant in Pittsburgh with an urgent requirement to send a pallet of freight to Chicago has few attractive options, as there is currently no direct highway route between the two. But if the visionaries at Virgin Hyperloop One have their way, that will soon change.