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How To Become a Successful Freight Agent


Becoming a successful freight agent takes dedication, a strong work ethic, organizational skills and creative problem solving — just to name a few skills.

Is Your TMS Enough with Derek Doddridge

The Logistics of Logistics

Derek Doddridge and Joe Lynch discuss is your TMS enough. Derek is the Vice President of Enterprise Sales for Emerge , one of the fastest-growing startups in the U.S. and is transforming the $800 billion transportation and logistics industry with its digital freight marketplace platform.


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Why Supply Chain Convergence is Critical to Greater Agility and Resilience

Logistics Viewpoints

Having an effective supply chain practice has always been a difficult balancing act, even in relatively stable times. Many factors need to align for an organization to be able to source materials, produce a product and put it in the hands of customers.

Developments in On-Demand Delivery

Logistics Matter

The Does LogisticsMatter? Podcast is all about trends and innovations in supply chain and logistics. This episode features Gijsbregt Brouwer, Food Retail Expert and Trend Watcher at Bright Guys.

Trends 244

2022 Peak Season Shipping Checklist

Guarantee success with this free Peak Season Checklist—a guide for parcel shippers to navigate the chaos of Q4. This checklist will help you efficiently manage your supply chain to prepare for holiday spikes in volume and demand.

Case Study: Scaling Fulfillment to Support Hyper-Growth

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

Scaling order fulfillment operations is tough enough. But when your multi-channel brand is experiencing 4X growth, it's essential to have a buttoned-up back-end operation so you don’t disappoint customers. Multi Channel Fulfillment Fulfillment Services Direct response fulfillment

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Visibility, Driver Shortage Are Key Words for Today’s 3PLs

Food Logistics

Driver solutions are an important part of the 3PL industry today, as the driver shortage and demand for the cold chain grow at the same time. Is visibility the key to this industry? Transportation / 3PL/4PL

3PL 144

Innovations & Start-ups: Space Freight, Drones, On-Demand Delivery, and More…

Logistics Matter

Trends and innovations in supply chain and logistics: that is what this blog is all bout. Therefore I periodically bring you an overview of the news on logistics start-ups and innovations below. Follow @LogisticsMatter on Twitter to stay updated with the latest news and the best background stories.

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How to Achieve 2-day Fulfillment for eCommerce Orders

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

With the post-Covid rise in online shopping, e-retailers are battling for the minds and wallets of a larger-than-ever market. Chief among the weapons these combatants are using are claims of fast shipping, typically 2-day fulfillment or less from order to delivery.

The Competitive Advantage with David Bell and Peter Rentschler

The Logistics of Logistics

In this episode, Joe Lynch interviews David Bell and Peter Rentschler about the new partnership between their companies along with building a competitive advantage in the transportation and logistics space. About David Bell .

6 Ways Video Telematics Improves Driver Safety

An in-cab dash cam video system can help fleet operators significantly reduce risky driving, costly legal judgments, and insurance costs. Download the eBook and learn 6 ways to improve driver safety by using dash cams on your trucks.

Logistics Software: How to Make Handling Peak Times Easy

Logistics Viewpoints

Transparent data prepared especially for your logistics operation will get you easily through your peaks. Peaks are all so different. During the summer months, in one sector the demand for sun cream explodes while in another, it’s the demand for mineral water.

Sustainability is the Challenge of Our Time for Global Commerce

Logistics Matter

The increase in global commerce over the last century is undoubtedly a positive development, however, it has also brought its own challenges.

RouteSmart INTERSECT 2022: Intelligent Planning for Efficient Operations

Talking Logistics

RouteSmart Technologies, a provider of route optimization solutions for newspaper, postal/parcel, public works and utilities clients (and a Talking Logistics sponsor), introduced a new tagline recently: “Intelligent Planning for Efficient Operations.”

Hyzon fuel cell truck power impresses

Commercial Carrier Journal

The low maintenance, instant torque, quiet operation and zero emissions of Hyzon's Class 8 fuel cell truck has impressed a Southern California fleet that's been operating the truck since last summer. Alternative power / Hydrogen fuel cell

Best Practices to Model Carbon Costs in Supply Chain Network Design

How to model carbon costs in your supply chain design? Make conscious choices by comparing scenarios indicating at which points in the supply chain carbon emissions occur and achieve the right balance between sustainability and cost.

Cutting Emissions Through Better Transportation Planning

Logistics Viewpoints

Oracle Fursion Cloud Transportation Management offers a solution that allows transportation planners to see estimated emissions – carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, and particulate matter – before a trip is executed. Transportation is, of course, a major source of green house emissions.

CVSA's Brake Safety Week will gather truck equipment data this summer

Fleet Owner

Get 'brake checked' by CVSA this summer. The alliance will spend the week inspecting vehicles as part of its annual safety and education initiative. Safety

Data 101

Above the Fold: Supply Chain Logistics News (June 10, 2022)

Talking Logistics

Andy Fletcher, a founding member of Depeche Mode, died in late May at age 60. First came the shock that he died, then came the shock that he was only 60 years old. How could he have been only 9 years older than me? I’ve been listening to Depeche Mode since 8th grade, surely Andy.

FMCSA revising guidance on freight brokers and agents

Supply Chain and Logistics

The list of questions to be asked to test whether freight broker functions are being satisfied is interesting. An important controversy is whether load boards are performing broker services. Usually these boards provide load choices for truckers for a membership … Continue reading → Logistics Supply Chains Trucking brokerage FMCSA freight matching load boards regulations terch trucking

Easily Build an Optimization App and Empower Your Data

Speaker: Gertjan de Lange

Solving complex business problems requires optimization modeling techniques and data to compare scenarios and make the best decisions. With AIMMS you can rapidly build an optimization app on top of your data and deploy it to the end-user in just a few clicks.

Demand Forecasting in an Inflationary, Supply-Constrained, Semi-Post-Pandemic Environment

Logistics Viewpoints

Ratios, Comparables, Substitutes, Voodoo, and a Touch of Luck. When Recent History Isn’t Much Help (change in US total capital expenditures. For illustrative purposes only).

FMCSA awards more than $463M in grants for CMV safety

Fleet Owner

Grants include funding to state and local law enforcement for safety inspections of trucks and buses, investigations of motor carriers in response to safety concerns, and audits of new trucking and bus companies. Safety

A Good Diet for Truck Drivers

Trinity Logistics

How do truck drivers eat healthy while over the road? Truck drivers can have jam-packed schedules with little time to think about their food choices. While truck stops and fast food joints are often full of food loaded with sugar, sodium, or to-go greasy food.

How effective was aid to business during COVID-19?

Supply Chain and Logistics

This podcast moderated by David Wessel of Brookings is very informative. It’s an assessment of the success and failure of several programs of aid to businesses the US government put forth when COVID-19 started to dampen US business activity. The … Continue reading → Labor Economics Logistics Macroeconomics covid disruption economics government labor economics pandemic

New Research: The State of Supply Chain Network Design in 2022

This report explores how the state of supply chain network design has changed – including how the tools, maturity models, and market demands are transforming the network design practice.

This Week in Logistics News (June 4 – 10)

Logistics Viewpoints

Supply chain shortages have caused prices to rise globally on just about every consumer good imaginable. And mangoes are no exception.

ATRI seeks input on Midwest truck parking management system

Fleet Owner

The research institute is surveying users of a Midwest coalition's technology solution for parking management. The data is being collected amid a longtime nationwide parking shortage. For the Driver

Survey 101

Editor’s Pick: How to Start Executing on Your Supply Chain Sustainability Goals

Talking Logistics

Note: Today’s post is part of our “Editor’s Pick” series where we highlight recent posts published by our sponsors that provide practical knowledge and advice on timely and important supply chain and logistics topics.

CPO at Bayer encourages Procurement Managers to Fight Hard for Sustainability

Supply Chain and Logistics

Lots of times we get in situations where management doesn’t ‘get it’ It’s particularly true of sustainability issues in purchasing and supply management. In my business career, as an IT executive, I found myself in such positions quite a few … Continue reading → Labor Economics Leadership Logistics Jobs labor relations purchasing supplier relations sustainability

The Essential Supply Chain Network Design Tooling Checklist

Dedicated supply chain network design software is fuelled by intuitive scenario analysis capabilities and powerful mathematical optimization. Answer 10 relevant questions to see if advanced network design & scenario modeling technology can help you.

Warehouse Design – Rules of Thumb… And a Checklist

Logistics Bureau

It’s not uncommon for delegates at our workshops and seminars to ask us to can share our ‘rules of thumb’ on warehouse design. Therefore, we thought we’d put them here in an article, so anyone can refer to them when necessary.

Working together to ensure EV servicing safety

Fleet Owner

Slowly but surely, there will be more electric trucks on the road. To service EVs safely, fleets must train technicians in repair and safety standards before they are commonplace. Perspectives / IdeaXchange

4 Levers Shippers Can Pull to Master a Deflationary Market

Talking Logistics

In the freight industry, we often contextualize fluctuations in market trends in terms of contract rates versus spot rates. When spot rates are beneath contract rates and trending down, or are significantly below contract rates regardless of trend, we consider that environment a deflationary market.