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Inventory is a ‘high risk’ for retailers: Morgan Stanley

Supply Chain and Logistics

A study by Morgan Stanley consultants indicates that there is way too much inventory in retail outlets. They believe it’s an overshoot of almost 20%. That means that inventory needs to be liquidated by these firms, and also that they … Continue reading → Logistics Supply Chains inventory ocean shipping transportation trucking warehousing

Reverse Logistics Solutions by 3PL Links

3PL Links

Reverse Logistics Solutions | Image Source: Dealing with customer feedback is most businesses’ least favorite task. Today’s supply chain managers are primarily concerned with streamlining the movement of goods from suppliers to customers.


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What to Know About a Yard Management System

Logistics Viewpoints

The network effect is at the heart of supply chain transformation. Essentially, the network effect exists when all components of the supply chain technology ecosystem work together to improve the performance of the end-to-end supply chain.

Overcoming Supply Shortages to Optimize Production and Maximize Revenue

Supply Chain Brain

For brands and manufacturers to be responsive to near-term demand fluctuations, they must first achieve a greater level of connectivity and visibility from their end-to-end supply ecosystem

The 2023 Supply Chain Crystal Ball: Challenges and Solutions

Speaker: Olivia Montgomery, Associate Principal Supply Chain Analyst

Curious to know how your peers are navigating ongoing disruption? In this webinar, you’ll gain actionable insights from Olivia Montgomery as she walks us through Capterra’s extensive research on how businesses - notably small and midsize businesses - are addressing supply chain challenges in 2023.

The Fishtail Story with Marc Held

The Logistics of Logistics

Marc Held and Joe Lynch discuss the Fishtail story. Marc is the Co-founder and CEO of Fishtail, a Boston based fintech company that empowers freight forwarders to finance the movement and procurement of goods – for small and medium businesses (SMBs) around the world. About Marc Held.

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September Cass Freight Index Report points to gains

Logistics Management

September’s shipment reading—at 1.241—rose 4.8% annually, and freight expenditures—at 4.627—climbed 21.2% annually

AI in Supply Chains: People Will Always Be Needed

Trinity Logistics

The following is an opinion article on AI in supply chains, written by Russ Felker , Chief of Technology (CTO) of Trinity Logistics. Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow its presence in our everyday lives, businesses, and now, supply chains.

An Overview of the Resin Market and Long-Term Analysis

MTS Logistics

Shippers have many questions around every market, but resin is a hot commodity that brings about its own questions. How did the resin market perform last year amid congesting and operational issues worldwide?

As supply chain problems persist, preventive maintenance is key to TCO

Fleet Owner

Spending on scheduled maintenance can help reduce fleets’ total cost of ownership—and it also assists with driver satisfaction, reassuring them that their trucks are well-maintained and setting them up for success. Perspectives / IdeaXchange

5 Powerful Prescriptive Analytics Examples in Supply Chain

Prescriptive analytics is a type of advanced analytics that optimizes decision-making by providing a recommended action. Supply chain, with its complex planning questions, is typically an area where optimization technology is required. Read about 5 use cases.

REPOST: The Tive Story with Krenar Komoni

The Logistics of Logistics

Krenar Komoni and Joe Lynch discuss the Tive story. Krenar is the CEO and founder of Tive , a leading provider of real-time supply chain visibility insights that help logistics professionals actively manage their in-transit shipments’ location and condition. About Krenar Komoni.

Digitizing & designing smart transport for new India | Thoughts,Conversations & Insights

Vishal Jadhav

What was the last item you purchased online? Remember when you received it at your doorstep? From one click purchase to the delivery – What all actually goes behind the scene?

The Black Hole at the Heart of Supply Chain Management

Logistics Viewpoints

Usually, a supply plan can’t be fully executed. Robust supply plans can optimize across distribution, manufacturing, and logistics constraints and deliver an optimal plan that hits service objectives at the minimum cost.

Mitigating Supply-Side Service Risks with AI

Talking Logistics

In September, 2021, we asked members of our Indago supply chain research community — who are all supply chain and logistics executives from manufacturing, retail, and distribution companies – “Is your company becoming more supply driven?”

6 Ways Video Telematics Improves Driver Safety

An in-cab dash cam video system can help fleet operators significantly reduce risky driving, costly legal judgments, and insurance costs. Download the eBook and learn 6 ways to improve driver safety by using dash cams on your trucks.

Retail Delivery Trends with Matt Schultz

The Logistics of Logistics

Matt Schultz and Joe Lynch discuss retail delivery trends. Matt is Vice President of Logistics Partnerships at OneRail , an Orlando-based last mile transportation visibility solution providing shippers with Amazon-level dependability and speed. About Matt Schultz. Matt Schultz is Vice President of Logistic Partnerships at OneRail. OneRail is an Orlando-based last mile transportation visibility solution providing shippers with Amazon-level dependability and speed.

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The Future of Pharmacy 2022: The Year of Supply Chain Transformation

Carrie Gorman

Here are four factors that are driving the future of pharmacy and leaders to rethink drug supply management in 2022 and beyond

For Many, the Annual Freight Bid Season is Not “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Logistics Viewpoints

Tis the season to be jolly – unless you are overwhelmed with the many tasks traditionally associated with the annual freight Request for Proposal ( RFP ) season. For decades, shippers have sought proposals and awarded contract lanes to carriers.

Above the Fold: Supply Chain Logistics News (October 21, 2022)

Talking Logistics

After writing about it since January on Talking Logistics, I’m sure you’re all wondering: How did the JDRF Death Valley Ride go last weekend? I’ll let these photos speak for themselves. Overall, it was a fun and inspiring event!

A Deep Dive Into Supply Chain Strategy: Why Yours Isn't Working

Speaker: Michelle Meyer, Founder and CEO of MatterProviders

Michelle Meyer is here to walk you through the future of supply chain strategy, and why your current approach is probably not working. In this exclusive webinar, she will explore ways to develop and perfect your new supply chain design in this post-pandemic era of economic uncertainty.

Emissions soar at Port of Los Angeles in 2021

Supply Chain and Logistics

Last year the increase in emissions at the Port of Los Angeles was due to the extreme congestion at the port. ships were stacked up nearby, waiting to unload. And congestion in the terminals also created more truck waiting. Fortunately, … Continue reading → Logistics Supply Chains Sustainability container shipping emissions ocean shipping ports scorecard sustainability

Crashes, injuries and fatalities up since the FMCSA's ELD mandate

Overdrive Online

Despite FMCSA's estimations that the ELD mandate would reduce injuries and fatalities in truck-involved crashes, crash numbers in the four years post-mandate tell a different story. Are ELDs the cause of the problem, or just one factor? CSA's Data Trail

Trucking interests support DOT’s call for more safe trucking parking

Logistics Management

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg recently pledged the Biden administration’s support for increasing the availability of safe parking options for America’s professional truck drivers through its Trucking Action Plan.

John Schwegman Leads Commercial EV Growth for Mullen Automotive

NGT News

Mullen Automotive Inc., an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has hired John Schwegman as its chief commercial officer (CCO) for Mullen’s line of commercial vehicles.

Getting Started With Scenario Modeling in Supply Chain Network Design

To build your supply chain’s agility and responsiveness, you need to look at scenarios more frequently instead of relying on a single plan. Let’s explore how you can apply scenario modeling in supply chain network design.

Why Cybersecurity Has Never Been More Important for the Supply Chain Sector

Supply Chain Brain

Employee negligence and error are among the most significant cybersecurity liabilities for companies in the supply chain sector. Here are some pointers on how companies can empower employees to defend supply chains

John McGee Trucking, CAP Trucking: 2022 Small Fleet Champs

Overdrive Online

The final four contenders -- two in each 3-10-truck and 11-30-truck category -- squared off at the NASTC annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee, where owners John McGee and CAP Trucking's Chris Porricelli walked away with the title belts. Small Fleet Champ

Audi Demonstrates How Connected Car Tech Can Save Lives

IoT World Today

Audi has presented an extensive demonstration of how its Connected Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X) tech can enhance road safety.

Demo 114

Advancements in Transportation and Autonomous Trucking

MTS Logistics

We’re living through and operating businesses in a unique time in history. Consumers have never been more aware of supply chain disruptions, delayed delivery times, and restocking challenges than they are today.

How to Gain a Competitive Edge: A Deep Dive Into Supplier Diversity Programs

Speaker: Rod Robinson - SVP of the Supplier Diversity Practice, Insight Sourcing Group

In this exclusive webinar, Rod Robinson, SVP of the Supplier Diversity Practice Lead & Center of Excellence, dives into the key benefits corporations are seeing emerge from their supplier diversity programs and how you can gain invaluable competitive advantages with a supplier diversity program of your own.

Automating Business Data Within the Metaverse Workplace

Supply Chain Brain

An increasing number of companies are looking to adopt the metaverse as a key element of their future business plans

How Consumer Demand For Transparency Has Helped Unlock the Many Benefits of Supplier Diversity

Morai Logistics

The term “supplier diversity” has gained a great deal of attention in recent years and for good reason. A strong supply chain is a well balanced supply chain and that comes from inclusion and diversity. Thus, it’s important to shed light on what supplier diversity is and why it’s so valuable.

Editor’s Pick: September U.S. Container Import Volume Drops, but Delays at East and Gulf Coast Ports Remain High

Talking Logistics

Note: Today’s post is part of our “Editor’s Pick” series where we highlight recent posts published by our sponsors that provide practical knowledge and advice on timely and important supply chain and logistics topics.