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Managed IT Services: Objective Look at Its Pros and Cons


Managed IT service can support your business by delivering significant cost savings and value. However, before contacting a company that provides managed IT services, it is important to determine if it’s beneficial for your business since every solution has its pros and cons.


10 Tips to Improve Logistics Workforce Management

Kane is Able

Other than inventory, your logistics workforce is the largest expense in your distribution centers, eating up 50–70% of the warehousing budget. It’s why managing and reducing labor-related expenses is a top priority for just about every logistics executive.

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TD146: Personal Safety Tips For Truckers

Trucker Dump

We are living in a world full of nut-jobs. Maybe there’s something floating around in the air beyond COVID-19? Maybe we’re seeing the beginning of a zombie apocalypse of sorts?

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Freight Shipping Weight: What You Need to Know

Freight Center

We’ve all most likely told a little white lie about how much we weigh, and most people forgive us for not divulging our exact weight. However, when it comes to shipping, things aren’t so forgiving and getting the true, correct weight is important.

Emerging Markets: Moving forward with modernization

Logistics Management

Regardless of COVID-19 concerns, development continues to move forward as emerging markets continue to put a significant amount of investment into infrastructure of roads, railways and ports. Here’s a trip around some of the most active markets


How 5G Will Affect Supply Chains and Logistics

MTS Logistics

We are living in a world that is changing and improving day by day – today’s revolutionary developments become tomorrow’s daily routine. The internet could be the best example for this.

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Frictionless Logistics: It’s the Collaboration, Stupid with Ketan Karkanis

The Logistics of Logistics

Frictionless Logistics: It’s the Collaboration, Stupid with Ketan Karkhanis. Ketan Karkhanis and Joe Lynch discuss logistics collaboration and the friction that limits productivity for shippers, 3PLs, brokers, and trucking companies. About Ketan Karkhanis.

10 Tips to Reduce eCommerce Fulfillment Center Costs

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

COVID-19 has triggered an increase in online orders. Most are predicting that the increase in B2C fulfillment will sustain, even as retail stores emerge from hibernation.

Applying Technology and Data to Increase Returns Efficiency


Reverse logistics efficiency is key to keep returns costs under control and building positive customer experiences. In today’s world, an easy customer returns process does not always amount to fast, efficient management.

Loading Dock: 4 Best Practices to Optimize Efficiency & Safety


Loading docks can significantly influence the productivity and efficiency of your whole warehouse. For example, slow unloading can become a bottleneck to how much goods are handled in the subsequent processes , while slow loading can lead to an overflow of goods in the staging area.

REPOST: Selecting an E-commerce Fulfillment Partner with AJ Khanijow

The Logistics of Logistics

Selecting an E-commerce Fulfillment Partner with AJ Khanijow. AJ Khanijow and Joe Lynch discuss selecting an e-commerce fulfillment partner. For e-commerce companies the difference between success and failure is fulfillment.

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Amazon Continues to Grow its Delivery Station Network

Logistics Trends and Insights

Have you noticed an increasing number of Amazon delivery station announcements?

‘Data sharing is nice, but cooperation is key’ to ending congestion

Supply Chain and Logistics

The speaker, Stefan Pieters of Jan de Rijk, was speaking of the relation between road hauliers and airport stakeholders. I believe most hauliers at ports, warehouses, inland terminals, and any cargo transfer points would be saying the same thing. And … Continue reading → Logistics Service Management Strategy Supply Chains Trucking cooperation supply chains trucking

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Loading Dock: 4 Best Practices to Optimize Efficiency & Safety


Loading docks can significantly influence the productivity and efficiency of your whole warehouse. For example, slow unloading can become a bottleneck to how much goods are handled in the subsequent processes , while slow loading can lead to an overflow of goods in the staging area.

REPOST: Buying and Selling Transportation/Logistics Companies with Peter Stefanovich

The Logistics of Logistics

Buying and Selling Transportation/Logistics Companies with Peter Stefanovich. Peter Stefanovich and and Joe Lynch discuss buying and selling transportation/logistics companies.

Trinity Logistics Becomes Member of NACD

Trinity Logistics

Trinity Logistics is always looking to grow our company, our brand presence, and most importantly, our knowledge within our focus industries; chemical being one of them.

ShipChain Mainnet Launch Information


As we move toward the official launch of the ShipChain mainnet, we wanted to discuss how that’s going to look from both an economic and technical perspective. Without further ado – . 175,000,000 SHIP are being assigned to the reward pool for validation.

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5 Reasons to Keep Your Telematics Service Provider


Telematics is all but inseparable from the modern supply chain. GPS technologies have been a staple of the industry for some time, but telematics services today can offer even more. With such a variety of services available, choosing the right fleet tracking software can be a challenge.

The Most Important Technology Company in Your Supply Chain Operations

Talking Logistics

When you think about Microsoft and its role in supply chain and logistics, Excel is probably the first thing that comes to mind. The Excel spreadsheet is arguably the most used software application in the field (see “5 Reasons Why Excel Is Champ Of Supply Chain Apps”).

Lightning Systems Accepting Orders for New Electric Ford F-550

NGT News

Lightning Systems, a Colorado-based designer and manufacturer of zero-emission powertrains, says the new Lightning Electric Ford F-550 will be available in gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) of 17,500 to 19,500 pounds. Orders from fleets are being accepted immediately.

7 Pitfalls of Stalled IBP Initiatives and How to Overcome Them


Integrated Business Planning (IBP), as defined by its creators at Oliver Wight , is “the business planning process that extends the principles of S&OP throughout the end-to-end supply chain, product, service and customer portfolios, customer demand and strategic planning, to deliver one seamless management process.”

Product Returns: How Next-Generation Capabilities Improve Reuse, Reclamation, and Resale


Achieving balance within the flow of forward and reverse logistics is a complex task for modern supply-chain professionals. Supply chain executives expect results. Supply chain professionals continue to see a steady flow of product returns.

Virtual Digital Assistants in Enterprise Software: The Journey to No Clicks

Talking Logistics

Instead of manually executing tasks with a mouse or touch screen, why not speak them? We already see this in the consumer realm with smartphones, and in the warehouse too with voice picking technologies.

Now’s the time to fix trucking’s top issues

Truck News

Been there done that. Then, been there several more times because apparently, I never learn. I’m struck with the idea that what we are currently living through will eventually be reduced to a chapter in a history book, and hopefully sooner rather than later.

Sourcing Criteria for the Confectionery Industry

SIPMM Professional Publications

Strategic sourcing skills play an important role before any purchase are made in every industry. It includes analyzing high-volume purchases and developing long-term partnerships with a picked group of suppliers, which can provide quality products and services at low costs.

Tips on Small Business Freight Shipping for Back to School


Learn how to safely deliver back to school supplies promptly. Freightquote provides small business shipping services and low rates. Get a quote today

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[Video] Making A Difference: Transportation Insight

Talking Logistics

The current COVID-19 pandemic is creating many supply chain challenges for companies and organizations around the world, but it’s also serving as a catalyst for change and innovation.

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Six Reasons You Should Partner With a 3PL

Trinity Logistics

There’s a famous quote by Carl Barks that says, “Work smarter, not harder”. This idea can make your personal life run smoother, but what about your business?

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Key Considerations for Digital Warehousing

SIPMM Professional Publications

With the emergence of ever-on e-commerce, the prerequisite for speedier responses and the need to deal with a more prominent number of SKUs with fewer blunders, warehouses need to scale up the standard to meet the necessities of a secure, perceptive and digitized warehouse.

Customer Testimonial: Freightquote + MSI Packaging Inc.


Learn how one packaging company relies on Freightquote for affordable freight shipping rates and superior customer service

Coyote Logistics Launches Dynamic Route Optimization to Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency

Food Logistics

Coyote Logistics expanded its Dynamic Route Optimization program that aims to streamline supply chain operations and reduce uncertainty for carriers. 3PL/4PL