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Is This the Truck of the Future?

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If you look at the total greenhouse emissions worldwide, then transportation accounts for about 12 percent. Divided by subsector, road transportation is responsible for 75% of those CO2 emissions. No wonder there is a big focus on creating more sustainable modes of transportation.

Tips for Evaluating Dump Truck Dispatch Software


Purchasing a piece of software for your business is a big decision. It can be a large investment, it will likely impact the way your employees perform their jobs, and it has the potential to change the way your organization does business

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Peak Season Preparations for This Year and Next

Logistics Viewpoints

E-commerce sales have continued to soar in 2021. The National Retail Federation projects 2021 non-store and online sales will grow 18-23 percent to $1.09-1.13 trillion , and many retailers should expect significantly more e-commerce orders during peak season.

The Women in Trucking Story with Ellen Voie

The Logistics of Logistics

The Women in Trucking Story with Ellen Voie. Ellen Voie and Joe Lynch discuss the Women in Trucking story.

Procurement: 5 Tips to Deliver Value Beyond Savings

Now is the time for procurement teams to redefine themselves – from buyers to strategic partners across the supply chain. Take the first step today. Discover five tips for delivering procurement value beyond savings.

How Sustainability Will Increase Profitability

Logistics Matter

Sustainability is gaining more and more attention in supply chain and logistics. Many consumers already take action in their own homes, preferring sustainable options rather than harming the environment. This is a deliberate choice because the more sustainable option often used to be more expensive.

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Certain Trucking Segments Ready to Go Electric

Food Logistics

If trucks became all electric, then about 100 million metric tons of CO2 would be saved from going into the atmosphere. Transportation / Trucking

Amazon’s Retail Strategy with Rick Watson

The Logistics of Logistics

Amazon’s Retail Strategy with Rick Watson. Rick Watson and Joe Lynch discuss Amazon’s retail strategy.

Google’s Wing Drones make 100,000+ deliveries

Logistics Matter

Many of the innovations Google’s parent company Alphabet is developing have far-reaching implications for logistics. Next to technologies like self-driving vehicles, they are also working on drones that can be used for last-mile delivery.

CASE STUDY: Amware Helps Image Skincare Scale Fulfillment to Support Growth

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

Image Skincare had just one company-run distribution center in South Florida and sought to open another DC in the center of the country to distribute faster with lower shipping costs.

The Rise of Supply Chain n.0 – 5 Ways to Thrive on Change

Ready to learn how to thrive on change? In this eBook, our experts share the 5 key steps to executing Supply Chain n.0 strategies that thrive on change.

Rolling Blackouts Coming to New England?

Logistics Viewpoints

ARC recently attended the August 2021 New England Public Power Association (NEPPA) conference, where Gordon Van Welie, President & CEO of grid operator ISO New England (ISO-NE) described the challenges to maintain reliable, low-cost power, while meeting the urgent goals to decarbonize electric power.

Transportation vs Logistics with Marty Wadle

The Logistics of Logistics

Transportation vs Logistics with Marty Wadle. Marty Wadle and Joe Lynch discuss transportation vs logistics.

How to Mitigate Disruptions in Your Supply Chain

Logistics Matter

If there is one thing we have seen in the past eighteen months, it is that unexpected disruptions in the supply chain can have enormous consequences. Complete supply chains came to a standstill, and others faced delays they had never experienced before.

Shippers face tough choices in the US trucking market as costs escalate

Supply Chain and Logistics

It’s a good time for larger shippers to consider a dedicated fleet, according to this consultant. The driver shortage and inability for carriers and 3PLs to offer good schedules are making it hard to book a good service. It certainly … Continue reading → Logistics Trucking dedicated fleet driver shortage innovation Strategy trucking

SAP S/4HANA: 4 Tips to Get You Started on the Right Path

With SAP S/4HANA at the core of your digital transformation, you can empower your supply chain with intelligent process automation, unprecedented visibility, actionable insights and real-time collaboration.

The Plant-Based Meat Supply Chain

Logistics Viewpoints

Over the years, sustainability has been increasingly embraced by consumers and brands alike. For many, this has caused them to re-examine the foods that they eat.

The 1985 Kenworth K100E cabover of custom chrome shop Lifetime Nut Covers

Overdrive Online

Schleuger did the custom work on the build, inspired by childhood memories of his father's cabover. It's the only COE he's rebuilt, and he said he plans to keep it that way due to the difficulty involved compared to a conventional. Custom Rigs


UPS provides a look into its Peak Season playbook

Logistics Management

For UPS, providing service levels it prides itself on, is a key part in its approach to the 2021 Peak Season and beyond


Freightos launches guaranteed container capacity service

Supply Chain and Logistics

3PLs such as ocean freight brokers can rise to the challenge of messed up supply chains. This one, Freightos, is introducing a service that guarantees placement of a container on a specific vessel with a known departure date. How much … Continue reading → Logistics Shipping Supply Chains 3PLs container shipping freight brokers intermodal supply chains

4 Critical Steps to Build into Your Digital Logistics Strategy

Up your logistics game by empowering your supply chain with AI-powered analytics, real-time collaboration, IoT-enabled track and trace, and cognitive decision-making to achieve digital logistics success. Build your strategy around these 4 critical steps.

Protecting Jobs and the Environment: Environmental Tariffs to the Rescue

Logistics Viewpoints

Yulin, locating in Shenfu coalfield, together with Ordos and Shuozhou (ShanXi), is called the “Golden Triangle of Coal” in China. Environmental tariffs could be used to slow Global Warming. Congressional democrats and the Biden administration are seeking to pass a $3.5 trillion tax-and-spending bill.

Container ships now piling up at anchorages off China’s ports

The Supply Chain Journal

There are over 60 container ships full of import cargo stuck offshore of Los Angeles and Long Beach, but there are more than double that — 154 as of Friday — waiting to load export cargo off Shanghai and Ningbo in China, according to eeSea, a company that analyzes carrier schedules.

The State of the Trucking Market in 2021


The state of the trucking market in 2021 is uncertain, filled with risk, and continues to evolve, making logistics management challenging.? Let’s consider these top factors affecting the trucking market, their implications on supply chains and how they are driving change within the industry. .

Sourcing from Vietnam could shift as costs and restrictions rise

Supply Chain and Logistics

In recent years Vietnam has had its day in the sun, as production of certain items has shifted from China. It’s been cheaper to manufacture in Vietnam, and it’s been a boon to Vietnam’s economy. But Covid brought a lot … Continue reading → Logistics Managerial Econ Strategy Supply Chains international trade manufacturing supply chains Vietnam

Cognitive Manufacturing: 4 Strategic Pillars That Drive Successful Outcomes

Manufacturers are eagerly embracing Industry 4.0 to gain end-to-end supply chain visibility, reduce OpEx spend, improve asset health and accelerate time to market. Explore the 4 strategic pillars that drive successful cognitive manufacturing outcomes.

Scenes from the first annual SHE Trucking Expo – big-tent appreciation, education in Chattanooga

Overdrive Online

The first in-person convention of SHE Trucking drew hundreds to Chattanooga for a wide array of talks and workshops, an impressively diverse exhibit floor, plenty of fellowship and networking, and much more. Channel 19

TFI needs drivers at leaner, meaner UPS Freight successor

The Supply Chain Journal

TFI International bought UPS Freight with plans to make the LTL carrier “lean and mean,” a turn of phrase CEO Alain Bédard likes to use. While the company is implementing that strategy, including recent cuts to salespeople, one thing it needs more of is truck drivers.

WorkWave Announces the Release of Marketplace to Exclusively Drive Customer Savings and Growth


Time To Read: 3 minutes. Convenient one-stop WorkWave Marketplace portal offers access to unique tools, services, and savings designed to drive sales, streamline workflows, and add value. HOLMDEL, N.J.

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Trucking Carriers head west for a modern-day gold rush — of freight

Supply Chain and Logistics

Apparently trucking carriers are rushing to carry loads from the West Coast to inland America. It’s because the rates are much higher for Eastbound freight. And carriers looking to carry loads back to the West Coast are having trouble finding … Continue reading → Logistics Supply Chains Trucking container shipping supply chains truck rates trucking

Is Digital Procurement Transformation Delivering on the Promise?

Is your digital transformation working, or is it still a work in progress? Download this report, from a GEP-sponsored survey from ISM, to check your performance and see how your peers are reaching their transformation goals.