April, 2022

A Guide to eCommerce Pick and Pack Services

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

Pick and pack services are at the core of the eCommerce order fulfillment process. Breaking down the service: a warehouse associate ‘picks’ an order out of inventory and then brings it to a station where the order is ‘packed’ and a shipping label is affixed. Sounds simple, right?

A Case for Mitigating Market Volatility: Moving Your Supply Chain Closer to Your Customers

Logistics Matter

Ìncreased flexibility, access to larger workforces & reduced operational expenses.


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The Driver’s Perspective with Dean Key

The Logistics of Logistics

The Driver’s Perspective with Dean Key. Dean Key and Joe Lynch discuss the driver’s perspective.

Trucking Action Plan Keeps America Moving

Food Logistics

These plans are necessary to keep America moving, to keep goods moving, to keep drivers and other employees safe and to give carriers and freight providers the tools and resources needed to run. Transportation / Trucking

How to Optimize Your Supply Chain in Times of Disruption

Disruptions expose gaps in the supply chain and amplify problems. What can be done? Research by GEP and North Carolina State University shows how tech can fix the gaps and ensure supply chain resilience and optimization. Download now!

Why Are You Asking Questions?

The Lean Thinker

When someone brings a problem to a leader, it is typical for the leader to begin asking questions. The intent of those questions can make a world of difference. Diagnostic Questions. In what I would contend is the more typical case, the questions are diagnostic.

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Will the 24-Hour, Automated Fulfillment Center Become the Norm?

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

The 24-hour automated fulfillment center arose out of necessity to satisfy consumer appetites for fast delivery via standard shipping. For years, 3–4 days was an acceptable delivery time. That has shrunk to 2 days.

Picking Robots in the Warehouse and How They Will Replace Humans

Logistics Matter

The Does LogisticsMatter? Podcast is all about trends and innovations in supply chain and logistics. This episode features Herbert ten Have, CEO at Fyzir. In this episode, Herbert and I talk about robots in the warehouse, specifically picking robots.

Supply Chain Lessons From NW Arkansas with Donnie Williams

The Logistics of Logistics

Supply Chain Lessons From NW Arkansas with Donnie Williams. Donnie Williams and Joe Lynch discuss supply chain lessons from NW Arkansas. Donnie is an Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management and the Executive Director of the Supply Chain Management Research Center in the Sam M.

U.S. Xpress explores how Kodiak AVs can fit into its fleet

Fleet Owner

The giant carrier and trucking robotics company created the first autonomous freight route to Atlanta as they explore the right-sized AV routes so humans can focus on hauls closer to home. Technology

The Easiest Platform to Manage Shipments

Access Uber Freight’s network of more than 100,000 carriers, generate instant quotes, get competitive rates, tender loads in seconds, automate manual workflows, and track end-to-end load status from any device with this easy-to-use shipper platform.

Supply Chain Visibility: A Product or Feature?

Talking Logistics

Is supply chain visibility a product or feature? I’ve been debating that question for some time, most recently in a Talking Logistics episode (stay tuned for highlights). Supply Chain Visibility solutions have been around for a long time.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS): Growth Accelerated in 2021

Logistics Viewpoints

I just completed the data gathering process for ARC’s global Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) market research study. Although I have not yet completed the market forecast, I certainly have a good feel for what the WMS market experienced in 2021.

Trends 128

New eBook Asks: “Do You Need to Fix Fulfillment?”

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

As a leader within your online business, it’s your job to drive growth. More customers. More orders. More sales and market momentum.

eBook 203

Innovations and Start-Ups: Picking Robots, Autonomous Trucking, and Drones

Logistics Matter

Trends and innovations in supply chain and logistics: that is what this blog is all bout. Therefore I bring you an overview of the news this week on logistics start-ups and innovations below. Follow @LogisticsMatter on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news and the best background stories.

Top 5 Supply Chain Processes That Need Better Collaboration Right Now

A lack of collaboration is a leading cause of supply chain headaches. GEP offers 5 remedies to ease your pain. Download this guide for must-have tools and processes for better supplier interactions.

The Warp Story with Daniel Sokolovsky

The Logistics of Logistics

The Warp Story with Daniel Sokolovsky. Daniel Sokolovsky and Joe Lynch discuss the Warp story. Daniel is the Founder and CEO of Warp , a company that connects shippers, carriers, and facilities to find the most efficient route for middle-mile freight. About Daniel Sokolovsky.

Biden to nominate Hutcheson to lead FMCSA

Fleet Owner

Currently FMCSA’s fourth consecutive acting administrator, the White House said Hutcheson was instrumental in developing the bipartisan infrastructure law.


DocGo, Jefferson Health Transport First Patient in All-Electric Ambulance

NGT News

DocGo, a provider of last-mile mobile health services and integrated medical transportation solutions, and Jefferson Health have partnered to transport the first patient in DocGo’s all-electric, zero-emissions ambulance – the first vehicle of its kind to be registered in the U.S. “As

5 Steps to Address the Rising Geopolitical Risks to Your Supply Chain

Logistics Viewpoints

My recent conversations with the supply chain practitioners are dominated by supply chain risk — specifically geopolitical risks in light of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Market Insights Report: Top Trends for 2022 Planning and Beyond

The freight report you need for insights into where the industry is headed and how to stay resilient in 2022.

Advantages of Chicago Fulfillment Companies

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

It’s often referred to as Second City. But when it comes to transportation and fulfillment, there are many reasons why Chicago is second-to-none.

Welcome to the Spotlight Truck Drivers

Talking Logistics

Pay $200,000+ for a four-year college degree to get a $100,000 job (if you get an engineering or other high-paying degree) or pay $4,500 for a 12-week training program to get a $110,000 job? Put differently, do you want to be an engineer or a Walmart truck driver? There was a lot of buzz last.

The Looming Supply Chain Threat with Felix Asare

The Logistics of Logistics

The Looming Supply Chain Threat with Felix Asare. Felix Asare and Joe Lynch discuss the looming supply chain threat. Felix is a cyber-security consultant and Founder of Premier Choice Consulting. Key Takeaways. Felix Asare is a cyber-security consultant and Founder of Premier Choice Consulting.

Class 8 orders remain level as OEMs continue to fight supply constraints

Fleet Owner

Heavy-duty truck and tractor orders continue to hover around 21,000 per month since fall 2021, according to preliminary March data from ACT and FTR. OEMs are still dealing with order backlogs plus component and labor shortages in 2022. Equipment

GEP Outlook 2022

The GEP Outlook 2022 report explores global business trends and features seven critical leadership themes that will help you proactively prepare for and power through the challenges ahead.

Is a 'trucking bloodbath' on the way for owner-ops as rates soften against record-high diesel?

Overdrive Online

With tens of thousands of new trucking companies having paid near record high prices for used equipment and diesel prices surging as rates fall, one expert predicts "there won't be an explosion of bankruptcies, but there will be some.". Business

Warehouse Labor is Front Page News: But what’s below the fold?

Logistics Viewpoints

Source: Osha Certified Warehouse Worker. Warehouse labor has been in the news quite a bit lately. Of course, virtually everyone relied upon direct-to-consumer fulfillment at some point during the COVID-19 lockdowns, placing widespread reliance on warehousing capabilities.

Getting a Handle On the eCommerce Returns Process in Fulfillment

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

The demands of online shoppers continue to accelerate. In addition to fast, free shipping, they now want an easy and efficient eCommerce returns process. In fact, 95% of online buyers say that how well a brand handles returns influences their decision to buy again. Fulfillment Services

“TMS-Plus” Is Helping to Break Down Silos & Optimize Across Domains

Talking Logistics

For quite a long time now, executives have been calling out the need to break down silos between the different stakeholders and the various functions in the lifecycle of a supply chain. Coordinating across different systems and parties has been a major challenge for companies.

The Digital Levers You Need to Achieve Sustainable Cost Reduction

For supply chain and procurement pros, cost reduction is is a top priority today. This timely new paper from GEP explores powerful and effective digital levers that can help you to slash costs and create more value for the business. Read it now.