Sun.Apr 04, 2021

[Video] The Way Forward In Transportation Management

Talking Logistics

This past year taught us that the rules for success moving forward won’t be the same as those from the past. This is particularly true in transportation management.

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U.S. Manufacturing Surges Most Since 1983

Supply Chain Brain

manufacturing expanded in March at the fastest pace since 1983, catapulted by the firmest orders and production readings in 17 years. The data add to evidence of an economy poised to accelerate

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Boom! when 5G technology+AGvs

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) is a type of wheeled mobile robot, which moves along the wires or markers or magnetic strips on the floor, or through visual navigation or laser navigation. It is mostly applied to industry for transporting in warehouses. Momo case: How can AGVs help?

Watch: How Can We Eliminate Hiring Bias?

Supply Chain Brain

Rhett Lindsey, founder and chief executive officer of Siimee, discusses the roots of hiring bias, and details the change in mindset that companies need to undergo in order to eliminate it

Just In: Inventory Optimization Research

How are organizations performing on inventory optimization? How can new technologies help your team improve? Find out in this new research report.


Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

Nowadays pollution is a topic of great importance in all the industries, as for the daily operations of a company, big quantities of CO2 are released.