Sat.Aug 10, 2019

Hong Kong Protests Weigh on Air Transport

Logistics Trends and Insights

Antigovernment protesters began a three-day demonstration on Friday (Aug. 9) at Hong Kong’s international airport. Included among the protesters were employees of Hong Kong’s flagship carrier, Cathay Pacific Airways.


PLS Logistics

When your shipping needs include more than 120,000 pounds of material shipped at the same time to the same place, railcar shipping might be an option for you. Since railcar transportation is often cheaper and more eco-friendly than over-the-road (OTR) shipping, it is worth considering this mode.

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Women in Trucking

What makes a company desirable for women to work? Many say it comes from such reasons as a corporate culture that’s supportive of gender diversity, flexibility in hours and work requirements to accommodate family and life balance, competitive compensation and benefits, training and continued professional development, and career advancement opportunities. If your organization is one that features these benefits (or more!),