Sat.Feb 27, 2021

Innovations and Start-ups: Zero-Emission Trucking, Drones, and Technological Disruption

Logistics Matter

Trends and innovations in supply chain and logistics. That’s what this blog is all bout. Therefore I bring you an overview of my highlights of the news this week on logistics start-ups and innovations below.

Will Chu and the Vector Story

The Logistics of Logistics

Will Chu and the Vector Story. Joe Lynch and Will Chu discuss Will’s story and the story of his company, Vector. Will is the Co-Founder and CEO of Vector, a firm that is digitizing the pickup and delivery process. About Will Chu.


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How Retail Has Adapted to COVID-19 and the Rise of E-Commerce

Supply Chain Brain

Curbside pickup, "insourced" delivery and full-time dark stores are here to stay


THe magic of Christmas Supply Chain Management

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

When we were asked to write a post on any logistics topic which intrigued us, a question which I had since a child popped into my mind. If we were to be Santa, how could we coordinate the Christmas deliveries?

Just In: Inventory Optimization Research

How are organizations performing on inventory optimization? How can new technologies help your team improve? Find out in this new research report.

Obsolete vs. Advanced: The Keys to Building a Better Supply Chain

Supply Chain Brain

Many supply-chain functions become obsolete within five to seven years. What does the shift from obsolete to advanced processes look like