Tue.May 24, 2022

5 Signs That You Need a New Fulfillment Partner

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

When online sales grow to the point where E-retail companies need to rely on an outside fulfillment partner, some, unfortunately, wind up committed to a substandard or incompatible service provider.

3PL 209

DRONAMICS is the First Cargo Drone Company Certified for Cross-EU Operations

Logistics Matter

DRONAMICS is the first cargo airline to obtain an EU Light UAS Operator Certificate (LUC). The LUC is the highest authorisation currently achievable for European drone operations. The license is the first one issued in Europe for cargo drone operations.


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WMS + SaaS + Automation = Smooth Operations

Logistics Viewpoints

Surviving or Thriving? It starts with your first form of Automation, Warehouse Management. As anyone who’s experienced change in supply chain technology over the past five-to-ten years can attest, we’ve come a long way, baby.

DTNA aims to combat CPC module thefts

Fleet Owner

Daimler Truck North America is instituting several new measures to combat common powertrain controller theft. Equipment

Gartner on Choosing the Right Supply Chain Visibility Platform for Your Business

Supply Chain Visibility is critical to success in today’s market, but how do you ensure that you choose the right platform? Gartner rates 11 visibility platforms on 100+ capabilities to help you make the best decision for your business. Download the report!

New DHL survey focuses on how global issues and challenges are impacting SME shippers

Logistics Management

Entitled the “DHL 2022 Mid-Year SME Survey,” the survey’s findings are based on feedback from more than 4,000 United States-based SMEs, including DHL customers

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Who is to blame for record diesel prices as the U.S. nears an ‘energy emergency’?

Overdrive Online

Diesel prices continue to batter the economy, and despite a frenzy of political activity, few good options appear at hand. In the near term, it looks like the Northeast may become the new California with diesel prices above $6 and limited availability. Business

The ISM Conference returns to a live setting

Logistics Management

The content is engaging, the energy is high and ESG is front and center

U.S. GSA Awards Purchase Deal to EVgo, OSC~WEBco for Fleet EV Charging Solutions

NGT News

EVgo Inc.,

ISM Spring Semiannual Report is on a growth path for 2022

Logistics Management

For manufacturing, ISM is estimating a 9.2% revenue gain, topping the 2022 estimate, from the December report, at 6.5%. ISM member panelists are calling for 2022 revenues to rise 4.9%, ahead of December’s 4.3% 2022 projection, and in line with 2021’s 4.8% increase

How to Achieve True Net-Zero Emissions: An Action Plan for Supply Chain Leaders

To achieve sustainability, many firms set lofty net-zero emissions goals. However, meeting them is easier said than done. This GEP whitepaper shows why supply shain leaders should take steps now, and offers an action plan for moving forward.

Hyundai Investing $5B in Autonomous Driving and Robotics

IoT World Today

Hyundai Motor Group has confirmed a major $5 billion investment to support its work in robotics, AI technologies, advanced air mobility and autonomous driving capability.

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Fleetmaster Express’ First of 10 Volvo VNR Electric Trucks Set to Arrive in Texas

NGT News

Volvo Trucks North America customer Fleetmaster Express, a for-hire logistics carrier, has ordered 10 Volvo VNR Electrics to support supply chain sustainability efforts for Ball Corp., a global provider of infinitely recyclable aluminum beverage packaging.

The Ecommerce Technology Lifecycle

Logistics Management

Is your 3PL warehouse under pressure to diversify for ecommerce fulfillment

The Future for Women in Autonomous Trucking

Women in Trucking

Operations Redefining The Road Magazine

Using Technology & Strategy to Build a More Resilient Supply Chain

Speaker: Tom Coughlin, President at Coughlin Associates, Inc.

The pandemic has made companies acutely aware of the interdependence of supply chains, with reliance on multiple suppliers to produce crucial components of finished products. One of the consequences will be the growth of more local content in products, and that will require the use of new technologies. In this webinar, learn how to navigate the ways technology working with humans will transform the way products are made and distributed.

Supply Chain Managers Are Quitting in Unprecedented Numbers

Supply Chain Brain

Supply chain managers quit their jobs last year at the highest rate since at least 2016 due to a mix of burnout and a desire for fatter paychecks

3 Simple Ways to Save Logistics Costs

Logistics Bureau

These might seem obvious. But many (most) businesses don’t focus on this well enough. Find out here: Related articles on this topic have appeared throughout our website, check them out: Omnichannel Retail and the Cost to Serve Online Customers.

Physical, Financial Visibility: A Dual Approach to Supply Chain Resilience

Supply Chain Brain

Many observers in the global supply chain and logistics industries are eagerly awaiting a restabilization of supply and demand. But it’s time to bust the myth of a “return to normal

L.I.N.K. | How and Why Coca-Cola Values Truck Driving Careers

Food Logistics

After a large investment in an educational program for trucking, an executive from Coca-Cola joins the podcast to describe the program and why large companies need to invest in trucking careers. Transportation / Trucking

New Research: The State of Supply Chain Network Design in 2022

This report explores how the state of supply chain network design has changed – including how the tools, maturity models, and market demands are transforming the network design practice.

Watch: Look Up: Drones Are Reducing Headcount in the Warehouse

Supply Chain Brain

Drones reduce headcount and bring greater accuracy to inventory management in the warehouse, says Ian Smith, chief executive officer of Ware

Solicitor General recommends Supreme Court deny review of AB 5 independent contractor law

Overdrive Online

While the Solicitor General's recommendation “is very influential and often tracks the Court’s ultimate determination,” said transportation legal firm Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, the ultimate decision lies with the Supreme Court. Regulations

Watch: Can Colleges Help Close the Supply Chain Talent Gap?

Supply Chain Brain

Michelle Carroll, Supply Chain Management Department chair at Fayetteville (North Carolina) Technical Community College, talks about the importance of preparing students for a career in supply chain

Solicitor General recommends SCOTUS deny AB 5 review

Commercial Carrier Journal

While the Solicitor General's recommendation “is very influential and often tracks the Court’s ultimate determination,” said transportation legal firm Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, the ultimate decision lies with the Supreme Court

Gartner's Market Guide for Data Analytics and Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain

The data analytics and intelligence markets are evolving, and supply chain leaders are struggling to keep up. This research offers an overview of the market conditions and provides a list of representative vendors with platform-based solutions for supply chain.

Baby Formula Shortage Shows Risk of U.S. Industry Concentration

Supply Chain Brain

Decades of market consolidation in the U.S. have resulted in problems like the one millions of American families are now facing. Four companies — Abbott, Perrigo, Nestle and Mead Johnson — control 90% of the U.S. supply of formula

Why inventory managers need to understand inventory value


Often, businesses focus on inventory management from a supply chain perspective – holding enough stock to meet customer demand and hitting fulfillment targets.

Getting to Know Dry Bulk Trailers and Other Equipment

Bulk Connection

Right now, you’re probably surrounded by items made of plastic—phones, pens, eyeglasses, yogurt cups, you name it. Practically every ounce of that plastic started as a load of resin pellets or powder transported in dry bulk trailers. Dry Bulk Transport

Ready, Set, Migrate! A Checklist for Migrating eCommerce Fulfillment to A New 3PL

Ship Monk

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already decided to switch 3PL fulfillment companies. Maybe you’re frustrated with poor performance at your current 3PL , or maybe they just can’t keep up with your growth.

8 Questions to Rate Supply Chain Platform Needs and Capabilities

There have been many investments in supply chain technologies, but the ability of vendors to enable orchestration differs, making the buying decision complex. TadaNow offers critical questions to ask when evaluating supply chain platforms.