Wed.Jul 29, 2020

LTL Basics with Doug Sartain

The Logistics of Logistics

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Selling B2B During a Pandemic

Carter Logistics

Covid-19 has changed not only our industry, but every industry across the globe. We sat down for a Q&A with Ted Bowley, our Sales Manager for the Southeast region, to talk about how he is coping with the pandemic and how it has changed his B2B selling approach.

Video 101

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Sorry, I Was On Mute

Talking Logistics

[silence]. Oh, sorry, I was on mute. It happens at least once a week: someone on a Zoom call forgets that they’re on mute. They start talking, but nobody can hear them. “I I think you’re on mute,” another participant will say. Oh, yes, sorry, I was on mute. I’ve been on mute.

Lightning Systems Launches New Lightning Energy Division

NGT News

Lightning Systems, a developer and manufacturer of zero-emission commercial electric vehicles (EVs), has launched Lightning Energy, a new division of the Colorado-based company that offers charging technologies and services to commercial and government fleets.

Key Considerations for Effective Cargo Consolidation

SIPMM Professional Publications

Companies of any size can use consolidation service, but it is particularly useful for organizations with lean supply chains or business that operate in just in time (JIT) environments.

Managing Reverse Logistics: The Value of Integration


Managing reverse logistics can be challenging. It includes tapping carriers and non-traditional returns options to give customers a positive experience. Unfortunately, the rate of returns and demand for reverse logistics are increasing.

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Rail Customer Coalition asks Senate Committee to fill open STB Board seats

Logistics Management

In a letter to the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, the RCC said it strongly supports the confirmation of Michelle A. Schultz and Robert Primus to serve as STB Board members

Neste Opens Four New Renewable Diesel Fueling Stations

NGT News

Neste, a producer of renewable diesel, has opened four new fueling stations in northern and central California, providing greater accessibility to 100% renewable diesel. The fueling stations are open 24/7 and provide a seamless and quick customer experience.

How Procurement can Improve Inventory Management


One thing that procurement departments are working intensively on at the moment is how to spend more effectively. That doesn’t mean just cost-cutting, but where to prioritize spending.

British Columbia Adds 25 CNG Buses to its Transit Fleet

NGT News

Passengers can expect to see 25 new medium-duty compressed natural gas (CNG) buses operating in Victoria in the coming weeks, providing a quieter, greener transit experience for people across the region.

The Premier Order Management System (OMS) RFP

Logistics Management

Download the premier complimentary OMS RFP in the market, developed by former retail executives and supply chain and omnichannel experts with deep expertise across both physical and digital commerce

Commentary: In a tough rates market, fleets can still boost their bottom line — here’s how

Commercial Carrier Journal

In this environment, carriers that do not know and understand their costs will likely focus on pricing to try and increase their revenues, but miss the more important factors of profitability. Industry News News

Five Strategies for Optimizing Warehouse Operations

Logistics Management

Download our whitepaper to help kickstart your efforts with five strategies for optimizing warehouse operations with automation

Green Commuter Adds 100 EV Stars to its Fleet

NGT News

GreenPower Motor Co. Inc., a designer, manufacturer and distributor of electric-powered vehicles, has received a purchase order of 100 EV Stars from Green Commuter.

Q2 U.S. Bank Freight Payment Index sees declines driven by COVID-19

Logistics Management

The report’s second quarter National Shipment Index—at 114.9—was was down 7.6% compared to the first quarter and down 12.5% annually. On the spending side, the report’s second quarter spend index—at 162.3—was was off 13.7%, from the first quarter to the second quarter, and was off 19.4% annually.

Reed Shindell

PLS Logistics

Account Executive | Dallas, TX I attended Clemson University where I studied econometric theory and played sports. I’m currently working on my Ph.D., so my routine consists of waking up at 5 a.m., going to the gym, working, and then going home to study.

Study 52

Stink bug measures in Australia


Stink bug measures in Australia are implemented by authorities to prevent the spread of the brown marmorated stink bug in the country. These bugs see seasonal increases in places like North America and Europe.

Commentary: Getting to the root of the maintenance problem

Commercial Carrier Journal

Today there are too many tires and other components replaced in order to get the vehicle back in service without any action being taken to prevent recurrences of the same problem

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Cross-Border E-Commerce Delivery

Supply Chain Brain

Selling across borders means you can reach new customers in bigger and faster-growing markets. Yet businesses can become intimidated by the operational complexities of selling internationally, especially when it comes to delivery and returns

United wins the Q2 cargo award among the US majors

The LoadStar

An interesting analysis of the big three US airlines’ second-quarter financial results by Loadstar Premium contributor Robert Boyle. As you can imagine, the results were not good.

How a Collaborative Logistics Platform Mitigates Supply Chain Disruption


The value of a collaborative logistics platform implementation is quite clear. Collaborative logistics affords an opportunity for businesses to unlock more resilience and flexibility in their supply chains.

Government urged to avoid "short-sighted protectionism" in ensuring supply chain resilience

247 Customs Broker

[og_img] The International Trade Committee has urged government exercise caution over onshoring as a potential solution to the supply-chain vulnerabilities exposed by Covid-19 A report… The post Government urged to avoid "short-sighted protectionism" in ensuring supply chain resilience appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

Aleppo, Syria: ‘After eating the date bars, students have clearer minds’

World Food Programme Logistics

The principal of a school where the World Food Programme supplies fortified snacks talks about her dreams of success for pupils Before the pandemic, children received the bars every day?—?for for many it was their only meal of the morning.

OW Robotics opens demonstration centre

247 Customs Broker

OW Robotics has opened a demonstration centre designed to showcase the application of robotics and automation in warehousing and logistics operations. The facility, based in… The post OW Robotics opens demonstration centre appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

Mask making in Cox’s Bazar leading a way to handle the pandemic

World Food Programme Logistics

Meet the women in Cox’s Bazar utilizing their skills to protect their community from COVID-19. Roksana received training from WFP on how to make the masks and now is making 30 masks per day Photo: WFP/Nalifa Mehelin Roksana and Moyuna have never met and they likely never will.

Boohoo will "act decisively" following review of supply chain pay allegations

247 Customs Broker

[og_img] Boohoo has promised to “act decisively” on an independent review of its Leicester supply chain, after publishing the terms of reference.

Fury at Australian ports as terminal operators impose sudden access fee hikes

The LoadStar

Stevedores in Australia have implemented “staggering” increases to terminal access charges and road and rail operators are lobbying for their cancellation. On Monday, Hutchison Ports increased the charge on all containers delivered to and from its Brisbane facility by 90% to A$94.78 (US$68).

Logistics Manager Analysis: East Midlands shows promise of more to come

247 Customs Broker

The East Midlands dominated take-up levels in 2019 according to property consultant Avison Young, accounting for 7.4 million sq ft of activity – nearly one… The post Logistics Manager Analysis: East Midlands shows promise of more to come appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

New Automation Sales Manager

Logistics Business Magazine

Material handling solutions provider, Diamond Phoenix Automation, has appointed Paul Stoner to the position of Sales Manager. Stoner brings a wealth of experience in sales management and engineering project design to his new role with Diamond Phoenix Automation.

Logistics Manager Analysis: Demand rising in East Anglia

247 Customs Broker

There has been a see change in attitude towards big box warehouse development on the lower end of the A14 in East Anglia. According to… The post Logistics Manager Analysis: Demand rising in East Anglia appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

Plan for cargo hub at Manston Airport seriously flawed, says consultant

The LoadStar

An aviation consultant has joined a group which believes the attempt to turn Manston airport into a cargo hub is seriously flawed. Government minsters recently overruled the planning inspectorate’s recommendation to reject RiverOak Strategic Partners’ (RSP) scheme, which includes spending £300m on rebuilding, with operations to start in the first quarter of 2023. But consultant Peter Forbes, director of Alan Stratford & Associates, believes RSP sees the only real value in the.