How to Choose Your WMS: Provider’s Top 5 Tips

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Warehouse management solution specialist, Snapfulfil, has published five ‘top tips’ on what to look for when selecting a new warehouse management system (WMS). In the run-up to this year’s eCommerce Expo, where suppliers will be showcasing their latest products and services for retailers, Snapfulfil has highlighted the five key areas that warehouse managers should be focussing on when selecting new software. Snapfulfil’s Top Five Tips for choosing a new WMS: 1.

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[e-Book] The Benefits & How to Execute an E-Commerce Logistics Practice for Manufacturers & Distributors


alone today, according to estimates from Gartner and Forrester Research. Not to mention the industry is growing at nearly four times the rate of B2C eCommerce, as distributors like you respond to the growing demand among buyers to purchase online and on-the-go. We’ll also offer tips on how to go about getting started with best practices of execution in an e-commerce logistics practice. Get the ebook by filling out the form below!

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[PODCAST] Tips for Shippers to Reduce Missed Pickups & In-Transit Freight Problems


Hello and welcome back to another episode of “The Freight Project Podcast!” In this “The Freight Project Podcast” episode you’ll hear : Why having a logistics partner that is dependable is important and what are some metrics we use at Cerasis to make sure we provide that true partnership to our shippers & their vendors. Why it’s vital that shippers have a system in place or processes to effectively manage inbound freight. Download eBook.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Important Tips to Prevent Truck Rollover and Avoid Accidents


Unfortunately, a rollover or any accident with Semi truck has a higher possibility of fatalities due to their significant size and power. Truck drivers need to know how their truck performs and that not every load acts the same at some action. LEARN 12 SECRET STEPS HOW TO MAKE $950 MORE PER TRUCK / MONTH. I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

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[PODCAST] Why Shippers Who Embrace Change Management are More Effective at Managing Freight


Hello and welcome back to another episode of “The Freight Project Podcast!” Tina works with the Cerasis business development team to gather all the necessary information from the customer for a smooth transition into a partnership with Cerasis and our Transportation Management technology and solutions. Tips for shippers to survive & thrive in this and any capacity crunch. Download eBook. Download eBook.

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7 Best Podcasts for Cleaning Business Entrepreneurs


Time To Read: 4 minutes. Current events have caused companies today to look for everything from environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions to sterilization techniques that prevent the spread of illnesses. If you’re an owner of a cleaning company, it is important to anticipate your clients’ needs to land top dollar contracts and earn loyal customers. Benefits of Subscribing to Podcasts. Podcasts are a great resource to build your business.

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B2B Managed Services for Dummies

247 Customs Broker

The potential benefits of Business-to-Business (B2B) integration are well known, but in real-world application many companies struggle to achieve them. They find it hard to roll solutions out beyond a few key business partners. Many companies have found an effective solution to those difficulties in B2B Managed Services, an outsourced service that manages daily B2B integration operations. How to select a suitable B2B Managed Services vendor.

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The Current State of LTL Freight in 2018


The state of LTL freight offers a grand opportunity to overcome the significant obstacles created through economic growth, e-commerce, and global markets. Average weight per shipment is up for the sixth consecutive quarter, reports Jeff Berman of Logistics Management , and economic growth indicates continued diversion of freight to LTL from full truckload and even parcels to maintain capacity. Driver turnover and how LTL can reduce it. Download eBook.

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How High Driver Turnover in Less Than Truckload Carriers Impacts Shippers’ Freight Spend


Overall, truckload fleets have seen turnover rates jump to 98 percent, and while much of the focus of higher turnover rates revolves around full truckload, the guarded less-than-truckload fleets are starting to see a shift in turnover as well. Understanding industrywide turnover rates for trucking is essential to reducing freight spend for shippers. Turnover rates have increased 4 percent to 14 percent, marking the highest turnover rate since the first quarter of 2013.

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Actionable Ways to Plan for LTL Peak Season 2018


This is even more likely thanks to tight capacity , fewer drivers on the road and even refusals to ship freight from full truckload carriers. Shippers need to understand what’s contributing to a higher-than-usual LTL peak season and how to prepare for it to keep freight spend in check. What’s Contributing to Higher LTL Rates in Advance of Peak Season? According to William B. Accessorial charges may rise to double-digit rates.

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