Trucker Tools with Kary Jablonski

The Logistics of Logistics

Kary Jablonski and Joe Lynch discuss Trucker Tools. Kary is the CEO of Trucker Tools , the leading carrier relationship management platform that helps brokers grow their carrier network, book loads digitally, track freight, and build enduring relationships with carriers to drive reuse.

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Google Cloud Supply Chain with Paula Natoli

The Logistics of Logistics

Google Cloud Supply Chain with Paula Natoli. Paula Natoli and Joe Lynch discuss the Google Cloud supply chain and the solutions they provide to their logistics and supply chain customers. Key Takeaways: Google Cloud Supply Chain. Document AI.


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Four Essential Supply Chain Management Tools

CLX Logistics

Every day, global supply chains increase in size and complexity as customer demands endlessly rise. To meet these demands, shippers need the right supply chain management tools with the flexibility to grow and scale as needed. Demand Forecasting Tools.

Freight Document Processing: Dos and Don’ts

RPA Labs

Now more than ever, companies are searching for tools that maximize both their stability and flexibility when facing the future. It’s important to consider these ten factors when considering automated document processing technology to add value and resiliency to the freight industry.

Document Automation Best Practices for Freight Forwarders

RPA Labs

Managing modern shipping processes, especially shipping documentation , can be a challenge for freight forwarders in the best of times. Thankfully AI document automation can improve those vital functions across all areas of the supply chain network.

5 Supply Chain Collaboration Essentials to Mitigate Disruptions

Logistics Viewpoints

Few organizations are immune to the effects, which are acutely felt in supply chains — and the more complex they are, the greater the probability of interruptions. Supply chain collaboration is essential to mitigating the risks that come from exposure to disruption.

New tools to increase supply chain visibility

Logistics Business Magazine

FourKites , a leading real-time supply chain visibility platform, has released powerful new capabilities designed to help shippers, carriers and forwarders more quickly and easily collaborate to increase end customer satisfaction, reduce supply chain costs and increase on-time delivery performance.

Freight Document Management: Using RPA with BOLs, Pre-Alert, Arrival, & Invoice Documents

RPA Labs

These advancements in technology help streamline countless functions and tasks within global supply chain operations and management systems. Everything from freight document management to shipment tracking to payment tracking can benefit from automation and robotic processes. Robotic process automation (RPA) can improve operations with BOLs, delivery alerts, freight document recording, real-time monitoring, drop-off confirmation, and payment verifications. .

Freight Document Management: Using RPA with BOLs, Pre-Alert, Arrival, & Invoice Documents

RPA Labs

These advancements in technology help streamline countless functions and tasks within global supply chain operations and management systems. Everything from freight document management to shipment tracking to payment tracking can benefit from automation and robotic processes. Robotic process automation (RPA) can improve operations with BOLs, delivery alerts, freight document recording, real-time monitoring, drop-off confirmation, and payment verifications. .

Document Extraction Bot

RPA Labs

Whether your company is a domestic freight broker, an international freight forwarder , an ocean carrier , or a trucking fleet, you probably rely on your employees to do data entry, document processing, shipment tracking, and invoicing. Document Extraction Bot.

Top 6 Supply Chain KPIs: Keep Your Dashboards Simple

Logistics Bureau

The Supply Chain Manager’s Multi-function Display. By now, you are probably wondering what airliners have to do with supply chain KPIs. It’s not uncommon though, for companies to make the mistake of over-complicating their supply chain performance monitoring.

Transshipment Problems Solved: What Is Document Automation for Transshipments

RPA Labs

As highlighted by Supply Chain 24/7 , “ automation is now a familiar technical concept for enterprises, with many automating manual, repeatable tasks to achieve efficiency. How Document Automation and RPA Helps Reduce and at Times Eliminate Issues.

Supply Chain And Logistics Trends That Could Be Big In 2020

Logistics Bureau

Rob O’Byrne makes an early start with his round-up of supply chain and logistics trends that might make industry headlines in the coming year. 2020 Supply Chain and Logistics Trends: What’s Around the Corner? The Death of the End-to-End Supply Chain.

Why OCR-Only Supply Chain Automation Fails

RPA Labs

Supply Chain Dive reported, “Annual installations of industrial robots will jump from 450,000 a year in 2015 to 600,000 in 2022.” Labor shortages and the proliferation of e-commerce are driving the increased demand for efficiency in today’s unsteady supply chain.

BiTA introduces collaboration platform tool

The Supply Chain Journal

The Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) hosted a public-facing webinar last week to celebrate the four years of its vibrant community and its path forward in the exploration of blockchain technology’s applicability to the challenges of modern supply chains.

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FDA wants funding to strengthen supply chain

The Supply Chain Journal

This is an excerpt from Medically Necessary, a health care supply chain newsletter. The new budget request proposes initiatives to regulate the health care supply chain and mitigate shortages of drugs and medical devices.

Eight Essential Documents That Are Key to Shipping

MTS Logistics

On the other hand, you also need to know and understand the rules and regulations of exporting and importing, and crucially, you need the proper shipping documents. However, most documentation is still handled manually in some countries.

Integration of Supply Chain Systems: Let RPA Do the Virtual Heavy Lifting

RPA Labs

RPA in the supply chain is revolutionizing the way the network as a whole operates. This addition to modern supply chain systems enhances productivity and profitability through automated processes associated with RPA, API, EDI, and other vital supply chain metrics and platforms.

SEDNA raises $34M, brings ‘speed, simplicity’ to supply chain communications

The Supply Chain Journal

The operations behind moving goods around the world takes coordination among a number of supply chain actors to solve complex problems effectively.

Transforming the Construction Materials Supply Chain

Talking Logistics

If you stop to think about it, the construction industry supply chain is all around us — it’s the roads we drive on, our houses and commercial buildings, and all sorts of other infrastructure. But when you take a closer look at how this supply chain works, you realize that there is a lot of waste and inefficiency. Simply put, there’s probably no other supply chain that is in more dire need of transformation than the construction industry supply chain.

Time Management and Supply Chain

20Cube Logistics

Supply chain logistics is an industry in itself and at present a booming one. It’s a chain of activities, and if one link breaks or gets disturbed, the entire chain is haywire. Warehousing is part of the supply chain and today every business needs warehousing services.

Achieve Supply Chain Visibility With Efficient Technology Integrations


Supply chains are complex and ever evolving. There are often a number of systems working in the background to keep your supply chain running smoothly. Technology integrations are an important step for ensuring supply chain visibility for your entire operation.

Transport Management System: Making your Logistics Supply Chain Successful

20Cube Logistics

With the constant technology evolution, the supply chain logistics is being introduced to a new and innovative way of shipping consignments. The new normal of shipping is not only growing business to large scale but also optimizing their supply chains.

Takeaways from the IBM Watson Supply Chain Summit

Talking Logistics

In fact, at one conference this spring, after delivering a keynote presentation that had nothing to do with technology, the very first question I received from the audience was “What do you think about blockchain and its potential in supply chain management?”. Those same questions also come up for AI and machine learning, which is why they took center stage at the IBM Watson Supply Chain Summit last month in Atlanta, GA. IBM Watson Supply Chain Summit.

Buying RPA for Supply Chain: 5 Steps to Selecting the Right RPA Software Provider

RPA Labs

With continued digital innovation, data from across the supply chain network and even consumer purchasing trends can be easily collected and analyzed to understand historical trends better and predict future demand. RPA for supply chain systems.

Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

Material Handling and Logistics

We salute the year’s top advancements in supply chain technology and processes. Thanks to omni-channel distribution, 3-D printing, self-service logistics and other avenues of disintermediation, traditional supply chain roles are rapidly being transformed into all-new opportunities. Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2016 : robot pickers, bridge-inspecting drones, autonomous freight shuttles, and more.

Defining the Full Scope of Visibility in the Supply Chain


Of all the components that make up the modern supply logistics and shipping network, the one that can significantly impact operational efficiency is visibility into the supply chain. Keeping this focus continues to be essential for the management of the supply chain. .

Work from home supply chain jobs


What roles in logistics and supply chain can you do from home? Supply & Demand planning: In many multi-national companies, you almost never talk to demand and supply chain planners face to face.

Shipping Paperwork: What Documents Do You Need for Your Shipment?

GoShip Blog

Apart from organizing core supply chain operations, it is critical to take care of the shipping paperwork. Effective documentation management will eliminate probable shipment constraints and let you deliver the goods with no disruptions. Signing up for the shipping and logistics documents often seems to be an exhausting task. Many business owners avoid leading documentation to focus more on their operational activities. Common shipping documents.

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OSCA brings supply chain visibility to textile licensee

Logistics Business Magazine

Whether it’s Superman, Batman or the Avengers: The German licensee of these motifs is relying on Setlog ’s software OSCA to better manage its supply chain for the production and transportation of clothing with movie and comic motives.

The Benefits of RPA in Supply Chain

RPA Labs

There are many benefits of the use of RPA (robotics process automation) in supply chain. RPA in the supply chain holds many benefits for those who use it to its full advantage. Logistics and supply chain staff are buried in emails, documents, and inefficient processes.

myGW offers Kärcher supply chain transparency

Logistics Business Magazine

It also provides access to all relevant documents such as invoices or delivery receipts stored online, enabling them to be viewed at the touch of a button. The post myGW offers Kärcher supply chain transparency appeared first on Logistics Business® Magazine.

Collaboration Technology for a More Sustainable Supply Chain


What’s in this Sustainable Supply Chain article : The problem of carbon emissions and waste derived from supply chains. The market is loaded with outdated, on-premise, traditional supply chain software that helps track a shipment on a map.

The 6 Top Supply Chain Trends to Make Supply Chain Managers the Hero of Their Company


Supply chain leaders will face 2018 with uncertainty and opportunity. Digital technologies are becoming more prevalent in basic supply chain functions, and changes in legislation are likely to spur dramatic changes that will result in the need to reevaluate supply chain strategy in both domestic and international locations. of the digital supply chain. Supply Chain Managers Will Focus on Increasing Perfect Order Deliveries.

How to Create a Better Shipping Experience: Trends in Logistics Technology to Optimize Supply Chains


Before the COVID pandemic ran through the supply chain, in-network resiliency had never been tested or tried extensively. There have been disruptions in the past, but nothing has ever shaken the chain the way this pandemic has. Real-time tracking and order updating tools.

Refrigerated Trucks Are Using Visibility, Productivity & Collaboration Tech to Create High-Value Supply Chains


There are many trends and analytics within the shipping and transportation industry that maximize success for the supply chain. Collaboration tech appears among the newest and most potent available of all these tools and processes. Examples of Tech Used in Supply Chains Today.

Transportation Supply Chains: On-Demand Digital Freight Matching

Morai Logistics

Experts believe that through digital freight matching, transportation supply chains can open a new way of driving efficiency and visibility. Advancements in technology have created many opportunities for transportation supply chains to develop game changing digital tools. Emerging platforms such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have enabled supply chains to improve efficiencies and visibility.

Why Blockchain Within The Supply Chain Makes Perfect Sense


Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from Kevin Doubleday who discusses the importance of blockchain within the supply chain. Current Supply Chains don’t operate at the cadence of business. Integrating Blockchain within the Supply Chain could change that. When we are asked about “killer” use cases for blockchain within enterprise systems, Supply Chain is the usual suspect — and for good reason.

How An ERP System Can Increase Your Supply Chain Productivity


Maintaining an efficient and productive supply chain is the backbone of any successful business, and ensuring that your supply chain is well-managed and cost-effective is of vital importance. Surprisingly though, many businesses aren’t operating the chain as smoothly as they could. If the answer to any of these questions isn’t a resounding ‘yes’, you may not be getting best use out of your tools. Supply Chain Technology

Why Leaders Are Migrating On-Premise Supply Chain Technology Systems to the Cloud


To meet the consumer demands in today’s increasingly evolving logistics world, many businesses are beginning to implement supply chain technology systems successfully. On-premise supply chain technology systems come with many downsides.