Freight Document Processing: Dos and Don’ts

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It’s important to consider these ten factors when considering automated document processing technology to add value and resiliency to the freight industry. Do Enable Real-Time Document Sharing Capabilities. Don’t Waste Time By Sharing Documents Exclusively by Email.

How to Choose an Automated Document Processing Platform

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One such technology taking the industry further than before is intelligent document automation. When buying RPA for supply chain needs, freight forwarders should consider the intelligent document automation abilities it holds. Is it able to properly classify documents?


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How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI)  for Shipping Document Automation

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Shippers and freight forwarders are turning to AI for shipping document automation to stay competitive in price and efficiency. . What Is Shipping Document Automation ? Automatically Classify All Documents. Upload and Share Documents in Real-Time.

Document Automation Best Practices for Freight Forwarders

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Managing modern shipping processes, especially shipping documentation , can be a challenge for freight forwarders in the best of times. Thankfully AI document automation can improve those vital functions across all areas of the supply chain network.

Where Are My Supply Chain Documents? Managing Critical Documents with Automation

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Staying on top of the ever-changing omnichannel service options and keeping track of supply chain documents and freight documents remains vital for continued growth and success within competitive markets. Why Missing Documents Are a Major Problem in Supply Chain Management.

Freight Document Management: Using RPA with BOLs, Pre-Alert, Arrival, & Invoice Documents

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Everything from freight document management to shipment tracking to payment tracking can benefit from automation and robotic processes. Robotic process automation (RPA) can improve operations with BOLs, delivery alerts, freight document recording, real-time monitoring, drop-off confirmation, and payment verifications. . How RPA Enables Freight Document Management and Improves Data Collection, Analysis, and Application. Document Management Logistics RPA freight document

Document Management System for Shipping: Using Robotic Process Automation and Chatbots

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Logistics managers and experts should budget for automation so that they can improve their current document management system for shipping. Disorganization in document management can cause many issues, so automating this information is the best avenue.

Transshipment Problems Solved: What Is Document Automation for Transshipments

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In overcoming some of the most common transshipment problems faced today, answering the question, “what is document automation?” How Document Automation and RPA Helps Reduce and at Times Eliminate Issues.

Bill of Lading Types: How to Avoid the Detention and Demurrage Due to Documentation

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In shipping, documentation, freight insurance, terminal problems, and trucking shortages are just a few of the problems we face today. But the biggest issue to address in the documentation category is the bill of lading (BL).

Document Management System for Shipping: Using Robotic Process Automation and Chatbots

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Logistics managers and experts should budget for automation so that they can improve their current document management system for shipping. Disorganization in document management can cause many issues, so automating this information is the best avenue. .

August Bot of the Month: Document Indexing Bot

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In the logistics industry the amount of paperwork can be seemingly endless – BOLs, PODs, freight and commercial invoices, packing lists, customs documents – the list goes on. By now, many companies have implemented some form of document OCR to extract the information from the documents, but what happens once that is done? Employees are left with a stack of documents to be manually filed – indexed – into their corresponding folders.

Demo video of the Logistics Business Virtual Exhibition

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The exhibition virtual marketplace enables visitors to source products online, request specific quotations, meet exhibitors on video calls & chats, networking, downloading documents and more. Watch the demo video here to see how it will work. The post Demo video of the Logistics Business Virtual Exhibition appeared first on Logistics Business® Magazine.

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Why OCR-Only Supply Chain Automation Fails

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Optical character recognition (OCR) is automation software designed to convert digital document images into editable text. In practice, this process involves scanning a document, such as a paper bill of lading, into a computer.

7 Benefits of Freight Bill Process Automation

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Freight bill process automation and digital documentation represent a critical feature that can benefit the supply chain as a whole. Many benefits come from freight billing automation and document extraction bots , including the following seven key perks. .

How to Budget for Automation in 2021

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Simple automations can include anything from automating spot quotes via email to processing shipping documents or triggering notifications throughout a workflow. Managing emails, documents, and workflows manually create latency with slow processing speeds. Losing or misfiling documents.

Demo 54

10 Reasons the Retail Industry Should Invest in a Last-Mile Delivery Solution

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Proof of delivery, invoice papers, container manifests, and other vital documents and forms must be handled and managed efficiently at the time of delivery. Customers view brands favorably that provide solid last-mile shipping in retail that takes care of all the final red tape, paperwork, and documentation required. Missing certain forms, losing signatures, and poor filing of documentation can lead to extensive and expensive delays.

Gain The Benefits of Logistics Automation in 5 Steps

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Digitize All Documents. Managing critical documents with automation consolidates file cabinets into an on-demand library accessible through a few simple keystrokes. The digital age is changing how businesses do business.

What is Proof of Delivery and Why do you Need it for Your Customers?


Document proof of a shipment is known as proof of delivery or P.O.D. This document is issued by the shipper and is intended for the customer. Try a demo with Locus! Schedule Demo. We live in an age of instant deliveries.

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What Are the RPA Logistics Use Cases?

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RPA systems can improve communications, make digital documentation more manageable, and help streamline payment process automation. ?Inventory Sharing Digital Documents and Gathering Data From Such Documents. Contact RPA Labs today to schedule a free demo and get started.

What Is CX Automation: The Value of Combined Tech

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Avoid Document Sharing Issues – By moving to integrated cloud-based automation software, businesses and customers can remove the hindrances preventing their documents from reaching each other. talk to an expert at RPA Labs by scheduling a demo today.

Automated Logistics Systems: What to Look For

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When an RPA is not confident about the next steps with a document or data set, this exception gets added to a human employee’s workflow. Digital Document Sharing and Generation. Robotic process automation workflow shines with its simplified approach to document management.

What is a routing guide and what are best practices to create one

FreightWaves SONAR

And according to Brian Straight of FreightWaves , a routing guide is a living document that enables faster transportation management and keeps freight spend under control based on lane volatility, seen also within SONAR SCI Lane Acuity. Request a SONAR Demo. Request a SONAR SCI Demo.

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How to Improve Exception Management with End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

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Customs and clearance delays – International shipments often get stuck at the border due to missing documentation, labeling issues, or a staffing shortage. Schedule a demo today. How to Improve Exception Management with End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility.

Brand Spotlight: EZ Loader TMS is Designed with Brokerages and 3PLs in Mind


EZ Loader TMS also offers customers the opportunity to automate post-delivery documentation, load tracking, email drips, customizable batch invoicing cycle, and more. EZ Loader’s founders turned their proprietary TMS into an end-to-end TMS for brokerages.

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RPA, Quote, Book and Repeat: Top Best Practices For RPA in Logistics

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Generate and Share Digital Documents With RPA Too. Digital processes also make the filing, recording, distributing, and managing of supply chain documents more accurate.

What Are Sailing Schedules & How Can Logistics Chatbots Keep Customers & Employees Always Up to Date?

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Chatbots leverage data sourcing from emails and other documents when providing updates that inform all stakeholders. One perk of utilizing a chatbot is that it leverages all of the data sources from emails to daily documentation for the purpose of keeping everyone in the loop. Upload documents automatically and reduce back-office error and backlog. Access to documents does not have to be an issue. And don’t forget to book a demo with RPA Labs today.

Special EXPRESS Services: NEW ERA

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

Providing Flexible payment options with Student discounts, easy documentation, Free consignment Insurance, Tracking services, Customer support services, fast delivery and other services. Namaste! Coming up with another experience from India.

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TrakItPRO – DGL’s New Shipment Tracking and Client Visibility Platform

Dedola Global Logistics

Shipment Details give you access to status, ETA/ATA, carrier information, cargo information, and documents related to the shipment. Schedule A Demo Today! Schedule a demo today and request more materials on the new TrakItPRO from one of our experts.

Why Effective RPA Relies on a Full Workflow of Automation

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that extracts text from image-based documents and changes it into editable text. To see the power of workflow automation in action, schedule a demo with RPA Labs today.

10 shipper of choice tips to aid in securing capacity and carrier relationships

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Among the shipper of choice tips, offering reliable delivery windows with accurate and on-time truck arrival, communications, and proper documentation will significantly strengthen that reputation. Get started by clicking the button below to request a FreightWaves SONAR demo today.

Tips 91

Challenges in Deploying Customer Experience Automation

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A current chatbot can access the internal document management system to offer robust customer engagement opportunities in today’s technology. To learn more about how customer experience automation can be a part of your solution, schedule a demo with RPA Labs today.

10 Warehouse KPIs that impact freight management

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Typically, these include meeting EDI and electronic document standards; use routing guides, which even small companies should have; labeling inbound cartons and pallets with product SKUs and purchase order numbers; and purchase order terms and conditions.” . Request a SONAR demo today.

How to be a successful freight broker: 3 tips for driving value through bundling

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Most freight brokerages offer visibility, document management and payment tools for their customers and carriers. This includes your process for accepting tenders, covering loads, pick up and delivery, visibility, appointment settings, document management, handling claims, and invoicing. .

How Freight Forwarders Can Process Shipments 85% Faster

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According to customer data shared by RPA Labs , Freight Forwarders spend 113 minutes on average processing shipments, and that’s not even including time spent drafting emails to clients, waiting for responses, or digging up documents that have been misfiled or lost. Customers clearance document checking – 10 minutes. Document Automation. Document Automation allows for seamless system-to-system interaction with a no-code interface. Document Collection .

Why RPA Is Built for the Redundancies of Load Matching

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Digital document management makes it easier to finalize, close, record, and access important papers throughout all lines and channels of communication. Contact RPA Labs today for a demo and to get started. Load matching is growing rapidly as digital freight startups proliferate.

Integration of Supply Chain Systems: Let RPA Do the Virtual Heavy Lifting

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Contact RPA Labs today for a free demo of the innovative system to get started. Robotics Processing Automation (RPA) is a form of digitization and automation within various business models that allows management to establish a set of processes or instructions for a robot (bot) to carry out.

Customer Experience in Logistics: 5 More Tips for Freight Forwarders

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Streamline Document Management With Integrated Systems. Document management systems can be streamlined through digital means too. Request a demo of RPA Labs to get started.

Seeing is Foreseeing: Managing Delivery Exceptions Before They Occur


Try a demo with us! Schedule a Demo. With increased customer demand for online orders, operation managers, fleet managers, dispatchers, and logistics managers are pushed to achieve higher delivery targets with tight deadlines.

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Delivery Management System: A Definitive Guide


A delivery management software analyzes historical data, identifies significant inconsistencies and documents them. Try a demo with Locus! Schedule Demo. I was watching the movie Moneyball when something struck me.

Big data and inventory management


It could be open-ended feedback, images, video, audio, or general business documents. Book a demo to find out more about how EazyStock can help you make informed purchasing decisions, leaving more time to focus on your strategic business goals. What is big data?