Pick and Pack Process: Challenges and Optimization


The pick and pack process is one of the crucial warehouse processes that can affect your perfect order rate. So, in this article, we will be discussing the definition of the pick and pack process, the challenges associated with it, and some ways to optimize the process.

13 Warehouse Types: Definitions, Functions & Examples


Looking for a private warehousing definition? Now that we’ve covered private warehouses, let’s give a public warehouse definition. When a customer orders, Amazon – via their “ Fulfillment By Amazon ” (FBA) service – picks, packages, and ships their products to the customer.


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The Definitive Guide to Transportation and Logistics Terminology


Interchange Agreement: Agreement and/or contract between two companies to switch or take control of a trailer in order to pick up and deliver shipments. Layover: When a driver is detained overnight or for a 24-hour period while waiting to pick up or deliver a shipment.

Editor’s Pick: Fluid Futures – Creating Value from Uncertainty

Talking Logistics

Note: Today’s post is part of our “ Editor’s Pick ” series where we highlight recent posts published by our sponsors that provide practical knowledge and advice on timely and important supply chain and logistics topics. So, let’s start first with its definition: dis·rup·tion. The post Editor’s Pick: Fluid Futures – Creating Value from Uncertainty appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

An Easy to Understand Guide to Pick, Pack and Ship Methods


The use of pick and pack methods is both an art and science. Picking orders : A warehouse worker will use the packing slip to select items from the shelves in the warehouse. This is the critical aspect of pick and pack services. A brief definition of pick and pack methods.

Trucking picks up rail’s slack, but not in the way you think

The Supply Chain Journal

The answer to that question is a definitive yes. Chart of the Week: Outbound Loaded Rail Container Volume Index, Outbound Tender Volume Index – USA SONAR : ORAILL.USA, OTVI.USA.

Mexico Baked Goods Provider Takes Cimcorp Picking System

Logistics Business Magazine

Cimcorp, manufacturer and integrator of turnkey robotic handling solutions, is providing the order picking system for a fully automated distribution centre in Mexico City built for Grupo Bimbo. While Stöcklin is the general contractor responsible for realizing the brand-new DC, Cimcorp is providing the fully automated picking system also a vital part of the integral system.

The Micro-Fulfillment Opportunity with Julien Seret

The Logistics of Logistics

Micro-fulfillment locations are by definition smaller so they must use their space more efficiently. The configurable geometry of the Attabotics system allows any robot to pick any bin. Julien Seret and Joe Lynch discuss the micro-fulfillment opportunity.

3PL Basics: An Introduction to 3rd Party Logistics with Roberto Cadena

The Logistics of Logistics

The definitions are confusing because the space is so dynamic and ever-changing. Pick and Pack, Sub-assembly. 3PL Basics: An Introduction to 3rd Party Logistics with Roberto Cadena. Robert Cadena and Joe Lynch provide an introduction to 3rd party logistics.

3PL 307

Warehouse Automation

Camelot 3PL Software

Prior to the Chucks, workers manually pushed carts up and down aisles picking items for individual orders. With the Chucks, workers dynamically pick items according to the most efficient locations based on where the Chucks and workers are located.

REPOST: 3PL Basics: An Introduction to 3rd Party Logistics with Roberto Cadena

The Logistics of Logistics

The definitions are confusing because the space is so dynamic and ever-changing. Pick and Pack, Sub-assembly. 3PL Basics: An Introduction to 3rd Party Logistics with Roberto Cadena. Robert Cadena and Joe Lynch provide an introduction to 3rd party logistics.

3PL 195

Berkshire Grey shows next-generation fulfillment robots

The Supply Chain Journal

Berkshire Grey has unveiled its next-generation picking robots for fulfillment operations. Berkshire Grey said its intelligent fleets of mobile robots can: Integrate robotic picking with mobile robots to increase automation levels and fulfillment speeds.

The New Face of Grocery Delivery

Logistics Viewpoints

It definitely makes you wonder what Apple would have done with its music player without the use of the name. For those companies that offer curbside or in-store pick-up of grocery orders, store associates pick items and prepare them for a staging area.

Respect, Standards and Jidoka

The Lean Thinker

Since then these four steps have been picked up and incorporated into the training materials of many consultants, used to write the Wikipedia article on jidoka (which I most assuredly did not author), and even found their way into some academic papers.

Warehouse vs. Fulfillment Center: What’s the Difference?

Ship Monk

Here your products are processed, picked, packed, and shipped out to customers. Once items are picked they are sorted and packed by professionals who send them out via the shipping option selected by customers. Synonyms are funny.

Cost of Warehouse Management System Software

The Logistics of Logistics

In the Cloud model, upfront costs primarily consist of: WMS implementation (requirements definition, system configuration, system and user acceptance testing, integration to existing corporate and/or material handling systems, go-live support, etc.).

This Week in Logistics News (March 5 – 11)

Logistics Viewpoints

On a personal note, we definitely built a lot of Lego sets over the last two years. Amazon is turning grocery-picking gig workers into Whole Foods employees. Amazon , which has struggled to streamline its grocery strategy, is looking at grocery-picking gig workers in a new way.

Hours of Service Update for AG Truckers?

Blue Grace Logistics

Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has worked closely with the USDA to clarify rules and definitions regarding livestock and agricultural commodities in its hours-of-service (HoS) regulations. The U.S.

Introducing MonkProtect

Ship Monk

As soon as a customer places their online order, the sales process enters a new cycle that covers everything from picking a product off the shelf to ensuring its safe delivery. Well, a lot , but branded tracking pages definitely make the list!

Automating Cross-Border Transportation with Matt Silver

The Logistics of Logistics

There are a few differences, but it’s easy to pick up a load in Toronto and deliver it the next day in Chicago. Mexico is definitely more challenging. [13:00] That definitely weighed into why we were able to raise capital. [00:50] Introduce yourself and your company. I’m Matt Silver, Founder and CEO of Forager. We’re based in Chicago, and our primary focus is on building technology to automate cross-border transportation.

KPIs for Your Warehouse: How to Choose and Use Them

Logistics Bureau

For example, a picking rate of 100 cases per hour (CPH) indicates that your warehouse is working faster than if you pick 75 cases per hour and exponentially faster than at 50 CPH. For Picking. For Picking. However, it’s not a definitive measure. For Picking.

Do Capacity Management Tools Work for Freight Agencies?


It’s not technically a feature, since it’s more of an alternative configuration of the program, but it definitely deserves the spotlight since it gives the power of capacity management to freight agents, something that’s , unique amongst capacity management vendors.

Tools 78

What is a Logistics Service Provider?

Ship Monk

Logistics Service Provider Definition. Behind every hero is a sidekick who helps guide them to success. Batman had Robin, Simon had Garfunkel, Hercules had Phil, and Frankenstein, had, well, Igor.

This Week in Logistics News (September 3 – 9)

Logistics Viewpoints

It is definitely a bittersweet time of year. Fall is here, hear the yell, back to school, ring the bell. These are the opening lines from one of my favorite songs, especially this time of year.

How O2O Is Shaping the Future of eCommerce

Ship Monk

In all fairness, eCommerce is definitely a driving force behind the changing landscape of retail. BOPIS stands for “Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store,” and it’s super straightforward: Just search for the items you want, click “Buy,” and pick your order up at your chosen store’s nearest location.

How to Calculate Inventory Holding Cost or Carrying Cost

Ship Monk

Holding cost (or carrying cost) by definition, is the cost of holding inventory in a warehouse until it is sold or removed. Talk to your 3PL fulfillment provider, or warehouse manager to see if they are doing everything possible (like optimized slotting ) to reduce picking and packing costs.

Autonomous produce: TuSimple delivers watermelons 42% faster in pilot run

The Supply Chain Journal

could eventually alter the way produce is picked, packed and shipped to local groceries. They have to pick and pack and get it ready for shipment in a different way than they would for something they know is going to be a very long-haul drive.”.

Spotlight On: Robots In Distribution Centres

Logistics Bureau

Bur first here are some definitions. Autonomous mobile robots: These are free-path robots controlled to operate on the best put-away or picking path. They can achieve high rates of replenishment and picking and are now able to pick cartons, object and eaches to totes or conveyor belts. Industrial robotic order picker: Using conventional robots with articulated arms for picking and palletising/ depalletizing etc.

International Truckload Shipping To and From Mexico: The Basics

Trinity Logistics

If you’re looking to export your finished goods into Mexico for sale or consumption – this is called “definite” importation. In its journey from country to country, a different carrier will be delivering your freight than the original carrier who picked it up.

Emerging Trends Around Last-Mile Delivery Fulfillment Models 2022


It involves picking up products from a convenient location like a curb outside the store instead of shipping it home. It has turned out to be the best option for retailers who love the convenience of an e-commerce experience and bypass shipping costs by picking up their orders in person.

This Week in Logistics News (October 16 – 22)

Logistics Viewpoints

LaserShip and OnTrac announced that they have entered a “definitive agreement to merge.” For a flat fee of $6.95, a courier will pick up the order and deliver the item within two hours.


Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

The company bought those robots from Kiva Systems company in 2012 for automating the picking and packing process in the centres making Amazon even more efficient. The robots move through he warehouses for doing the picking, which normally is done by a person. Amazon goal is to have a robot that is capable of picking or selecting individual objects no matter their order or placement without the need for assistance. The robots can picked and stowed in a minimum amount of time.

How to Ship: Oversized Cargo, Containers, and Parcels


For a much more detailed description of such trucks and their pros and cons please see our definitive freight shipping guide. . It’s important to get your quote on time (and possibly expect some changes) before your shipment is picked up.

How COVID-19 Impacted the Top Ocean Freight Ports in the Americas

Now, That's Logistics

Currently, the New York region is one of the worst affected to schedule deliveries to terminals, due to the lack of trucking capacity to pick up full containers,” the forwarder continued. In 2020, the top ocean freight ports in the Americas were all located in the U.S., where Los Angeles, Ca.,

Viewpoint: Here’s the truth behind the 24/7 port operations pledge

The Supply Chain Journal

The ugly truth is the congestion will not be alleviated anytime soon and it will definitely not be any better in the next 90 days. Truckers are not going to work 24/7 if they can’t pick up containers at a warehouse that is closed. This commentary was written by Lori Ann LaRocco.


Ottawa Logistics

Although Bill Gates is quoted as saying, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning,” he most definitely did not build the Microsoft empire off of bad logistics.

ASRS Warehouse Systems: Everything You Need to Know


ASRS Definition. Such tasks can include placing items or picking them from storage. As demand picked up, warehouses had to handle greater quantities of goods. The way inventory was stored didn’t lend itself to the process of demand-oriented flow and picking. pick accuracy.

How to Ship: Large LTL Freight


Freightera marketplace allows you to get quotes from 100s of carriers all in one place, and then pick the deal you want. Pick as you go. For more information, tips, and helpful or interesting titbits about shipping, feel free to check out our definitive freight guide.

The Post-pandemic Ecommerce Fulfillment Environment

3PL Insights

The concept of ecommerce is definitely not new, but for some businesses without an online presence, the practice can be overwhelming – especially when it must be implemented quickly. Customers want to be able to buy online and pick up in store quickly – within hours of placing an order.

Carrier Capacity Management Levels the Playing Field in a Carriers’ Market

Logistics Viewpoints

Increasingly, some retailers, e-commerce merchants, and other shippers have broadened their definition of carrier capacity management to include new and effective ways to lessen the carrier capacity crunch.