3 Things Good, Lean Visuals Have In Common & Mieruka: The Four Different Types of Visuals with Examples


To find out more information about the examples in this post, please visit Magnatag Visible Systems website. Mieruka : The Four Different Types of Lean Visuals with Examples. Each section will soon provide links to more examples used within Toyota.

The Stay at Home Economy and Its Supply Chain Impacts - Part 1: Definition


To listen to music, for example, I merely plug into an amp and headphones and through the power of Amazon, Spotify or Pandora I have just about every song ever recorded at my fingertips. I have noticed a bit about my own behavior and started looking to see if it was just me or was it a "trend" (I am not usually "trendy"). The behavior is simple: I just stay at home more and I have made my home a bit of a "Disneyland". Rather than go out for entertainment, I have it brought to me.

HBR: Managers Think They’re Good At Coaching. They’re Not.

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example may have been a somewhat extreme case, a recent HBR article by Julia Milner and Trenton Milner titled Managers Think They’re Good at Coaching. As an alternative, they offer up a definition of coaching by Sir John Whitmore: “unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. The very definition of kata implies a structure. “No… this is coaching. That means I talk, you listen.”

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Defining Digital Transformation

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If you do an online search for “digital transformation definition,” you get about 133 million results, including the following examples: Digital transformation is the application of digital technologies to fundamentally impact all aspects of business and society (Source: InfoWorld ). While these definitions are valid, they are also too broad and high level, especially for executives who are trying to grasp where and how to get started or move forward on this journey.

Three Reasons to Choose a Full-Service Logistics Provider

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For example, logistics providers have a much more comprehensive knowledge of the best market price and quality of transportation services than their clients, who may only have time to collect two or three pricing quotes. Blog Topics. The Shared Milkrun Mexico & Border Logistics.

2018 Parcel Oversize Changes: Tightening of the Vise

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Overall, not only are fees increasing to $80 list for both carriers, but the definitions are tightening, and the minimum billable weight is changing (FDX). For example, if a package qualifies for oversize according to FedEx’s definition, it will receive an $80 charge (list rate).

Top 3 Driver Incentives That Improve Fleet Performance


While no company would want their drivers to break the speed limit, they can definitely reward faster operations. For example, drivers can use GPS technology to select the fastest routes, and can be rewarded for their efforts in order to focus their energies on providing a timely service.

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China’s Silk Road Initiative to Benefit from Trade War

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Examples include Chinese state-owned Cosco investing in port operations in Spain, Greece, Italy and Belgium. The initiative is definitely reshaping supply chains and redrawing trade lanes.

Putting the Patient at the Center of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

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Through an auditing process, for example, DB Schenker ensures that the transportation providers have the right processes in place and that they can perform the transport within the shipper’s parameters. “If Consider whether ports have sufficient outlets and/or research containers, for example, and ensure that they align with your company’s needs. When the hurricane hit, some were definitely better prepared than others.”.

The Journey to Global Supply Chain Visibility

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His definition of real-time is instantaneous — knowing exactly what is happening now. He gives the example of the Uber app as what most people today would consider real-time visibility. I therefore asked Julian for some examples of how companies are driving this value. Achieving global supply chain visibility is a journey that companies have been on for many years, but most haven’t reached that promised land yet.

Before You Hire a Logistics Data Scientist

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As one example, Lindbloom highlighted the rise of GPS-enabled mobile devices, which has made shipment tracking more affordable and widespread, and he also highlighted cloud computing and the growing use of APIs for integration.

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Sustainable transport: What are the choices for shippers?


For example, companies can split transportation over two or more different modes. There is no clear scientific definition of how to measure the sustainability of transport. Sustainable transport: What are the choices for shippers? Why is sustainable transport such an important issue?

Blockchain in Food Safety.

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In food, for example, a retailer would know with whom his supplier has had dealings. I would definitely spend few minutes to discover this while buying some products, would you

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Making Sense of Supply Chain 4.0

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The trouble with this definition is that it doesn’t explain what exactly changes in supply chain management—that is, what gets “transformed”—when digital technologies are adopted. For example, if yields are down, then more lots are started to get the throughput required.

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Ethics in Procurement – Simple, but Not Always Easy

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For example, how would you deal with the following situations in procurement? Read on for more about these examples in the text that follows. Stolen and black-market supplies are further examples. The aerospace and defense sector is an example.

Import Compliance Basics: 5 Things You Need to Know

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Once you have at least three months’ worth of data from your major brokers (and if you don’t, this is a definite red flag), look at those dashboards and figure out what does and doesn’t look right. For example, you may pick up on some common typos that make their way into the system (i.e.,

What is a 3PL & How Can They Benefit Your Business?

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A quick definition of fourth party logistics is below: What is 4PL? Key examples of 3PL: The major functions. Key examples of 3PL: The major functions | Transportfolio. What is a 3PL & How Can They Benefit Your Business? Transportfolio. Maybe you’re a relatively new business.

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Emerging Trends in Automation: What it Means to Supply Chains


This example generates a huge amount of data that can leverage in the supply chain. While this example may still be a few years off, it is important that you understand how the top emerging trends in automation will shape supply chains and transportation processes in the coming years. The Standard Definition & Components of Automation: Today: There is a standard definition of automation in the supply chain. By definition, robotics are the icons of automation.

Mega Ships from Asia are Transforming East Coast Ports

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Here are some examples: Port of New York/New Jersey: Last September, the first “mega ship”, the 14,4000 TEU CMA CGM T. Additional language available. Nearly 2 years since the Panama Canal expansion, the effect on East Coast trade is dramatic.

Logistics and the Smart Technology Revolution

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For example, increasing utilization of sensors across supply chain environments is producing a flood of information – via Blockchain or not – and all this new data is proving to be extremely valuable for monitoring logistics processes, and for decision making. Additional language available.

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How to choose right option in Ocean Freight or Sea freight

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If it is an LCL load it definitely causes delay because your other shipment shares your container space. One more example is when you buy a product on Amazon, if you select standard shipping you get basic rate. International shipping has only two options: Air freight or ocean freight.

Cargolux and Panalpina Team Up to Win Q Rally challenge

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Corporate Air Freight Business Process and Integration Manager for Panalpina, Marie Seco Köppen said, “The advantages of working with Cargo iQ members are that definitions and standards are known, and the Q Rally is about identifying the root cause of problems to eliminate them,”. “In

The realities of logistics and strategic leadership – ‘2018 edition’

Logistics in War

The conversations continued throughout 2018 and continued to highlight significant, strategic, challenges which define Defence organisations even today, and point at the transition leaders must make as they ‘stare, mid-career, at their future in Defence bureaucracy, into an environment where the definition achieved in operational planning is not possible, and where institutional functions and logistics processes are completely integrated through the span of the strategic level’.

Digital Transformation: Why It’s Not an “Easy Button”

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There is so much talk, and varying interpretations, about digital transformation, that I began our discussion by asking Roger for his definition and what he sees as the current adoption rate. For example, when a customer wants to buy something from you, they send you the order with a purchase order number. He also shared some examples of customer success stories.

The Secret of Getting Ahead (Takeaways from Command Alkon ELEVATE 2018 Conference)

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It also matters because federal and state agencies and competitive pressures will also demand it (see, for example, the Federal Highway Administration’s e-Construction and Partnering initiative). One case study, for example, highlighted how a hauler, cement supplier, and ready-mix production plant were able to transform and streamline the supply management process. What a difference a year makes.

Swimming Cities & Airports

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Alongside the needed military equipment, this for example includes a medical center, a gym & stores just to name a few. For example, the people that are responsible for coordinating all movements of planes, the “shooters”, wear yellow clothes (see image below).

POCs and Pilots: What Do You Need to Know Before Implementing a Software Solution?

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For example, if a company is evaluating a track & trace solution, then they might want to do a POC with a handful of carriers to understand how the system will perform. What is your definition of success? Many companies have realized that they need data to understand how they’re performing and to know what to do next. Lately, the data has been focused on the track & trace side of the supply chain.

Unlearning Supply Chain Management

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A great example is a procurement professional who has spent the last 30 years perfecting the art of “buying.” It’s tempting to just keep the term and change the definition, which is what many of us have done.

What Is Free or Freight on Board (FOB), and Why Should Shippers Understand This Term?


Although its original definition was used exclusively for seafaring transport, modern use of the term can be applied to all shipment modes of transit. For example, the actual line item may be location name of the origin instead of the actual word, origin.

A Recipe for Success: Best Practices for Supply Chain Integration

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For example, a recent consumer products company we worked with needed a supply chain built from the ground up. For example, focusing on the wants of only the executives can leave the voice of the functional teams unheard. No two supply chain integrations are ever the same.

TMS in the Cloud: Some Lingering Misconceptions

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For example, some companies still view cloud TMS solutions as… Being one-size-fits-all : That is, they believe the solutions are not configurable, so they would have to change their transportation processes to conform with the software’s way of doing things.

When Does a Comment to Investors Become an Illegal "Signal" to Competitors?


For example, does the statement "disciplined capacity control" state a good business practice to the investors or does it state to the competition "If you don't add capacity I won't add capacity". The example used in the lawsuit is, according to the article: ".airline As I said in 2015, this is definitely a case to keep an eye on and it could have broad and deep implications for the transportation industry as a whole.

Five Common Customs Pitfalls — and How to Avoid Them

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If the attribution is not definitive, false tariff classifications can lead to excessive duties payments. In the process, for example, the indicated number of pieces in combination with the weight serves as the basis for automated plausibility checks.

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Material Handling and Fleet Management: Uncovering Opportunities for Cost Savings and Other Business Benefits

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Fleet Management: A Different Definition. For example, he notes that for lease purposes utilization of a forklift is usually defined as the time from when the key is turned on until when it is turned off. Supply Chain and Logistics executives are under a great deal of pressure to not only meet today’s more demanding customer expectations, but to do so in a cost-effective manner. Therefore, finding opportunities to minimize costs and improve productivity are more important than ever.

Awarding Canadian Women in Power for their “Unbreakable” Grit: WXN’s Top 100

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This recognition further demonstrates women’s ability to break barriers of inequality, while showing by example, the possibilities for aspiring women and underrepresented social groups. Presentations on professional development and the unique experiences and challenges women continue to face, channels us to examine current definitions of power. Image Source: Women’s Executive Network.