Building a Better Data-Driven Reverse Supply Chain


While this is partially true, all reverse logistics involve a backward flow of products that return to their origin, it’s not that simple. The post Building a Better Data-Driven Reverse Supply Chain appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

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Preparing Your Data for AI, Blockchain, and Other Emerging Technologies

Talking Logistics

One of the biggest mistakes companies often make is chasing after the next, new shiny technology application without first clearly defining the business problem or opportunity they’re looking to address — and without first getting their data in order.

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Editor’s Pick: Data is the New Fuel for Transportation and Logistics

Talking Logistics

Note: Today’s post is part of our “Editor’s Pick” series where we highlight recent posts published by our sponsors that provide practical knowledge and advice on timely and important supply chain and logistics topics.

Big Data in Logistics

Talking Logistics

There are many buzzwords in the supply chain and logistics industry today, and perhaps there’s none bigger than “Big Data.” Everybody talks about it, but what does Big Data really mean? When it comes to leveraging Big Data effectively in your organization, where do you begin? Those are some of the questions I discussed with Bob Daymon, Senior VP of Operations at Transplace , in a recent Talking Logistics episode. What is Big Data?

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Last Mile Communications Depend on Data and Technology


Everyone is looking for a better way to manage last mile logistics. Seasonality, volatility in the markets, rising fees, and other issues affect the profitability in the last mile, requiring more transparency into the costs of final mile logistics.

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Data Warehousing for Integrated Logistics

SIPMM Professional Publications

Now the top-priority objectives of logistics companies are to ensure just-in-time delivery, supply chain visibility, product […]. The post Data Warehousing for Integrated Logistics appeared first on SIPMM ACADEMY. Publication Logistics

Before You Hire a Logistics Data Scientist

Talking Logistics

Robinson in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. “So, I think the types of skills that will be needed in logistics will continue to change and evolve, but I do not think the human factor will ever go away,” said Linbloom. “It

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Using Freight Data to Increase Negotiating Power


The application of freight data holds immense potential. Logistics data is valuable to shippers, freight forwarders, logistics brokers, supply chain partners, third-party logistics providers, customers, and everyone else in the supply chain. Data Freight

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Applying Technology and Data to Increase Returns Efficiency


Reverse logistics efficiency is key to keep returns costs under control and building positive customer experiences. The post Applying Technology and Data to Increase Returns Efficiency appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

Data: The Key to Survival for Transportation & Logistics Companies

Mazars Ledger Manufacturing and Distribution

Challenging the Status Quo Transportation and logistics companies have long adapted to market disruptions from technologies such as automated guided… The post Data: The Key to Survival for Transportation & Logistics Companies appeared first on The Ledger - Mazars USA.

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Five Ways Data Is Transforming the Supply Chain

Logistics Viewpoints

Real-time supply chain data is the foundation for trust between supply chain partners. And so it follows that the data – and the data supplier – that underpins any network should be agnostic. With a solid foundation of common data across these silos, trust can blossom between supply chain partners. The post Five Ways Data Is Transforming the Supply Chain appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints.

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Using Data to Improve Supply Chain Operations

Material Handling and Logistics

Learn how to organize your data operations in alignment with supply chain strategy. Today’s supply chains are increasingly complex, driving logistics operations to invest billions in systems to manage all the moving parts. More data is coming in than ever before.

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How to Turn Data into Business Value

Talking Logistics

Companies have access to more data than ever before, but more data doesn’t automatically translate into more insights and business value. How do you go from data to business value? Why is data context important? Read more How to Turn Data into Business Value. The post How to Turn Data into Business Value appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

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How Data Can Improve Last-Mile Delivery


But dedicated managers have found a solution to help improve this part of delivery: data. Data is generated in all parts of last-mile delivery, and analysis of this information can help companies become proactive rather than reactive with their delivery methods.

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APIs and the High Value of ‘Useless’ Data

Talking Logistics

Global enterprises spend a lot of money on technology — up to 7% of revenues go toward hardware and software to communicate, gather, store, curate, and analyze the organization’s data. However, a robust IT infrastructure is only as valuable as a company’s ability to use it to transform data into actionable insights. Read more APIs and the High Value of ‘Useless’ Data.

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Transportation Data Overload: How a TMS Enables Data Management


The volume and opportunity to collect and manage transportation data is increasing, and companies are clamoring over their potential. Logistics companies are already working hard to use sensor […]. Data, Analytics, Metrics, KPIs Blog Posts

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The Data Needed to Transform Supply Chains

Talking Logistics

Again and again, digitization and data were at the heart of panel and networking conversations. Even headline speakers were professing “data got sexy” and data is now a core strategy for companies looking to succeed. and “What are we using the data for?”

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[Video] Preparing Your Data for AI, Blockchain, and Other Emerging Technologies

Talking Logistics

John Richardson, Vice President of Supply Chain Analytics at Transportation Insight, discusses how companies can prepare their data for AI, blockchain, and other emerging supply chain and logistics technology applications.

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Modernizing the Exchange of Supply Chain Data

Kane is Able

About 15 years ago, I changed industries from healthcare to logistics. Actually, I’ve been surprised at the extent to which the exchange of supply chain data in the logistics world remains old-school or simply manual. Logistics SystemsAs I am an IT professional, you might think it was a jump from an antiquated, paper-based world to a high-speed, technologically advanced one.

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Managed Services Clarifies Data In The Chemical Supply Chain

Trinity Logistics

Chemical manufacturers collect and use a lot of data in their supply chain. They deal with data on their products, customers, transportation, storage, operations and more. You can find ways to manage your data in one place using a 3PL’s Transportation Management System (TMS).

Logistics Data Sharing in the Cloud

Material Handling and Logistics

GateHouse Logistics A/S has introduced ghShare, a cloud portal designed to simplify the way logistics data is shared between carriers and shippers

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SAE International forms microbility data standards consortium

Supply Chain and Logistics

There is clearly a need for standards around data for shared bike and scooter services, for instance. The main cooperators are … Continue reading → entrepreneurship Logistics Service Management Strategy computing innovation Software standards technology transportationSAE is the former Society of Automotive Engineers, and has been a leader in standard setting for many years.

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How Can Data Improve Supplier Decisions?


A growing trend across all industries has been the application of big data , with the use of algorithms and the hiring of data scientists becoming commonplace. Data, Data, Everywhere… but Make Sure your Drinking from the Right Hose. Data Logistics Supply Chain

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Blockchain and Cloud-based Platforms Usher In New Era of Complex Data Streams in Freight Shipping


Blockchain and cloud-based platforms are revolutionizing the way logistics operations are being conducted around the world. Big Data has been a hot topic in the industry for years, but the way to truly harness it has remained out of reach for many companies. Now, complex data […].

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7 Benefits Realized Utilizing Big Data to Optimize Supply Chains


The company focuses on high tech industries such as telecome , data storage, data centers, bio-medicine, and any company who needs supply chain visibility and proactive supply chain services for replacement parts and more. All of these factors make using big data valuable.

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Why Logistics Companies Must Adopt Big Data and Cloud Technology

Supply Chain Brain

More than 50% of companies are using big-data analytics, a recent survey says, but a closer look reveals that adoption rate varies significantly by industry

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Is Your Data Ready For AI and the Emerging Technologies?


Data is the new precious metal and it is becoming more essential than ever before. Technological leaps like blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning run on data. Careful and Regular Data Collection is Critical Data management is not a “set it and forget it” activity.

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Managing E-Commerce Fulfillment Spikes With Data Analysis


This creates a major problem for managing e-commerce fulfillment when orders spike and shippers need to understand how data analysis may help. Disjointed systems and data silos, creating delays in processing and deficiencies in visibility. Data E-Commerce Logistics

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Logistics companies plan to use AI, data to ship goods ahead of purchase orders

247 Customs Broker

Dive Brief: More than 60% of logistics companies will use data and artificial intelligence to ship goods ahead of purchase orders in the next three… The post Logistics companies plan to use AI, data to ship goods ahead of purchase orders appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

‘Data sharing is nice, but cooperation is key’ to ending congestion

Supply Chain and Logistics

And … Continue reading → Logistics Service Management Strategy Supply Chains Trucking cooperation supply chains truckingThe speaker, Stefan Pieters of Jan de Rijk, was speaking of the relation between road hauliers and airport stakeholders. I believe most hauliers at ports, warehouses, inland terminals, and any cargo transfer points would be saying the same thing.

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What’s Big Data in Supply Chain & Logistics? Why Should I Be Looking at This Tech Trend?


Data reflect all the small, seemingly insignificant details of the modern world. From a review of your personal bank account spending habits to larger, more advanced processing capabilities, data evolve and expand with each passing day. Big data in supply chain is not a new concept.

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Demand Management Solutions Continue to Consume More and More Data!

Logistics Viewpoints

Many of these forecasts depend upon having more data. But gradually new data sets were added that improved the forecasting accuracy. A demand management application can truly be a Big Data solution today. The post Demand Management Solutions Continue to Consume More and More Data! appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Demand Management Big DataThere are a lot more demand forecasts being made today at companies then their used to be.

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6 Benefits of Applying Useable Data in Logistics For Continuous Improvement


We continue our series on strategic shipping by going into detail of the 10 main areas that shippers can turn to in order to have a strategic logistics and transportation management mindset. Today we will go into detail on using the available data created in the processing of shipments within transportation management and other related logistics management for continuous improvement. . Shipping processes revolve around a million-trucks-worth of data.

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A gold rush for ELD data

247 Customs Broker

How much is your e-log data worth? By one count, a discount… The post A gold rush for ELD data appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News. The second part in this series will follow this month’s installments in July.

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[Video] Preparing Your Data for AI, Blockchain, and Other Emerging Technologies – Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez

247 Customs Broker

data quality management emerging technologies Past Episode Past Episode - Transportation Insight Technology Transportation Insight customs broker customs clearance freight imports logistics shipping

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The Citizen Data Scientist

Logistics Viewpoints

One of the terms he uses is the “citizen data scientist.” The post The Citizen Data Scientist appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Mike Guilfoyle of ARC has been doing some interesting writing on predictive analytics. I like the concept, and will explain Mike’s thinking in this article. But let me provide a little context first.

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The Takeaway from CSCMP Conference: The Data Problem Runs Deep

Talking Logistics

The industry is moving in an unprecedented direction that is increasingly digitized and more data-centric than ever, and logistics leaders are looking to increase efficiency with artificial intelligence (AI). The Data Problem. What should a data cleansing initiative look like?