A Crash Course on Navigating Trends in Trucking and Freight for 2018


As a result, shippers across the globe are looking for ways to keep up with the Amazon’s unrelenting approach, and these trends in trucking and freight reflect a few of the key ways shippers, third-party logistics providers and truckers will respond 2018. Freight Transportation Trends

Charting a course for GHG emissions and the shipping sector

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The IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) plans to adopt an initial greenhouse gas strategy, the first of its kind for the shipping sector whose annual CO2 emissions are slightly higher than the annual emissions of Germany. Setting a common course?

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6 Supply Chain Trends from 2017 and their Ongoing Progress

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Call it a cop-out if you like, but predicting which logistics and supply chain trends will make a difference to businesses in any given year has become notoriously difficult, given the speed at which technology in particular, can suddenly disrupt the way things are done. Trends come and go.

Three Key Trends In Logistics E-Commerce


This fact explains why understanding and following the key trends in logistics e-commerce are crucial for organizations that want to save their place in the supply chain and get better results with less effort. . The other trend is changing the concept of Black Friday.

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Is Omnichannel Dead? Of Course Not…However, the Focus Is Now on Customer Experience in Omnichannel


Omnichannel, as a word and strategy in retail, is shifting. WHITE PAPER] The Top Supply Chain Trends that Will Impact Supply Chain Management in 2018. Of Course Not…However, the Focus Is Now on Customer Experience in Omnichannel appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Omnichannel has been a go-to plan for retailers since 2008, but it is changing.

2016 Supply Chain Trends: 7 of 12 Trends that Will Drive Supply Chain Management in 2016


As we head into a new year it is a good time to take a look at the coming year and see what it may hold in the way of trends. We have already covered the top 6 trends for 2016 in manufacturing. 2016 Supply Chain Trends: The First 7 of 12.

Top Supply Chain and Logistics Automation Trends to Watch for in 2019


Shippers need to understand the top supply chain and logistics automation trends to watch for in 2019. This level of supply chain and logistics automation will use technology embedded within video analytics to offer drivers an extra hand in the course of duty.

7 Supply Chain and Logistics Trends to Watch in 2018

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It’s that time when idle chatter at the office Christmas lunch turns to debating what next year will bring, especially among logistics and supply chain professionals, for whom it seems every New Year brings new challenges, trends, and disruptive innovations.

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3 Supply Chain Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2020


Here are three trends to consider. . The Institute of Forest Management from the Technical University of Munich developed an AIMMS model that helps forest enterprises consider risks and strategies for carbon mitigation.

How Do Supply Chain & Transportation Leaders Get Started Using Their Big Data Strategy?


Meanwhile, stakeholders do not get to reap the rewards of this new tech trend , and the overall enterprise suffers without realizing it. Yet the majority of companies have not defined a big data strategy, and others are barely starting to notice. . �.

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The 4 Big Manufacturing Technology Trends to Rule the Land in 2016


In this first post of a two-part series, we will expand beyond our 6 general manufacturing trends we predicted would shape 2016 to now laser focus on the manufacturing technology trends that will impact manufacturers in 2016. 4 Core Manufacturing Technology Trends for 2016.

5 Manufacturing Tech Trends You Need to Know to Prevent Risk and Boost Production


Consequently, you need to understand the top five trends in manufacturing tech and how they relate back to connected devices and the IoT. The First 5 Manufacturing Tech Trends of 2017. Communication and collaboration are keys to better manufacturing processes, and new apps and smart devices will further empower this trend. These five trends in technology, powered by the IoT, will be critical to the success of manufacturers throughout the coming year.

7 Trends Propelling TMS Solutions to Center Stage


Consequently, seven key trends will dominate the industry throughout the remainder of the year and propel TMS solutions to center stage. 7 Trends Propelling TMS Solutions to Center Stage. Of course, there will still be opportunities for safety violations, but automated systems, such as robotics, have the potential to virtually eliminate all the human touchpoints from the picking, packaging and shipping process. Transportation Management Trends

Peak Shipping Season: A Review of Trends from the 2018 Holiday Peak Season


It is that time of year again when we at Cerasis take a global view of what trends to expect in supply chain management throughout the remainder of the year. Of course, the best plans depend on the actions of yesterday. Consolidation of logistics’ trends. Automation trends.

Bucking the Trend in Transportation – Simultaneously Cap Rate Growth and Beat Capacity Constraints

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With the trend firmly favoring ongoing rate pain for shippers despite investment into tech solutions, what, if anything, can a shipper do to buck the trend and bend the cost curve back downward toward a sane level of spend? Imagine how much each is saving over the course of a year!

Freight Professionals “Want to Change Supply Chain Strategies Post-Covid” Says Survey

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Shipping and freight professionals want to change their supply chain strategies post-Covid, according to a recent survey. One of the most important trends unearthed was the readiness to change supply chain strategies (42.2%).

8 Freight Shipping Trends Shippers Must Know for 2017


As a result, your company needs to think about these freight shipping trends and how you can prepare to respond to them as soon as possible. 8 Freight Shipping Trends Shippers Must Know for 2017. This trend will be driven more as the year progresses as drivers retire and the driver shortage gains momentum. Of course, automation begets automation. They just need to take notice of what’s happening with freight shipping trends. .

The Top 2019 Logistics Trends Shippers Should Know About

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Unfortunately, companies that fail to stay in line with the top 2019 logistics trends could face uncertainty and lost competitive advantage, so let’s look at some of the top trends shippers should know to stay successful. January 22, 2019 ·. By Adam Robinson.

Survival Strategies for Brands and Traditional Retailers

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Well over half of Black Friday shoppers visited brick-and-mortar stores in 2017, according to Deb Gabor, chief executive officer of Sol Marketing , a brand strategy consultancy. And, of course, you can sit on Santa’s knee, which for most children is distinctly preferable to FaceTiming with the North Pole.) As Amazon has shown, e-tailers can play the brick-and-mortar game, too, while combining that strategy with their mastery of online merchandising.

What’s Big Data in Supply Chain & Logistics? Why Should I Be Looking at This Tech Trend?


Unfortunately, businesses that forgo this course will not be able to maintain efficiency at levels necessary to produce the cheapest and most effective products or services. Why Should I Be Looking at This Tech Trend?

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Rapidly Rising Minimum Wages Will Significantly Increase Your Warehouse and 3PL Costs: Effective Strategies to Combat Their Impact on Your Bottom Line


Of course, there’s a capital cost to these systems which will not be completely absorbed by the 3PL and it takes time to research, purchase and integrate these systems. Increasing minimum wages in Southern California and across the state are a reality and there’s clearly a national trend.

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The 2016 State of Manufacturing Industry Trends: E-Commerce, Robotics, & Analytics


At the onset of 2016, we identified key trends to watch for in manufacturing, and as the year draws to a close, it’s time for an evaluation of our predictions to discover the state of manufacturing. Of course, none of this would be possible without improved self-service features, as explained by “The Impact of B2B E-Commerce on Manufacturers and Distributors,” and comprehensive, easy-to-integrate platforms.

COVID-19 Lesson: Make Your Supply Chain More Resilient

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The companies most likely to emerge strongly from the Coronavirus crisis are those that had diversified their operations and implemented multi-sourcing strategies. It’s widely mooted that many things in the world of business will be different after COVID-19 has run its course.

The State of Supply Chain Trends Part II: AI, Procurement, & the New Lean


The State of Supply Chain 2016 Trends. Of course, the human controlling capacity for actual AI is still far from realistic, but the concept of a superior AI did make strides this year. Most importantly, agile methods allowed for faster decision making across a virtually limitless stream of issues, and this trend held true throughout the year. Understanding how different factors affect the supply chain remains a top priority for research firms around the globe.

These Three Technologies are Hot, But Are Supply Chains Adopting Them?

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That’s a question best answered by studying trends in uptake across the many types of enterprise that rely on logistics and supply chain management to keep the revenue rolling in. Curiously though, many companies have embraced artificial intelligence, even absent the strategies to exploit it.

Committing to preparedness, and the balance between ‘all of it’ and ‘just enough’

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The truth, of course, lies somewhere in between. I encourage you to read the article to see the important trend driving the sustainment of militaries at play. Preparedness StrategyBy David Beaumont.

Supply Chain Software Experts Predict Retail Technology Trends

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Manhattan Associates has predicted five key technology trends which it says will influence the UK retail environment and business strategies in 2018: 1. The post Supply Chain Software Experts Predict Retail Technology Trends appeared first on Logistics Business® Magazine.

6 Supply Chain Trends That Could Truly Shake You Up (2018 Update)

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Trend identification is a tricky business. Supply chain trends make it yet more complex because they represent the intersections of so many different domains. What is a supply chain trend-spotter to do? A Different Perspective on Business Trends and Supply Chains. We explore six overall business and economic trends that have been progressing steadily and measurably over the last few years. What Happened to These Trends?

The Online Retail Landscape in 2019: A Review of the Highs and Lows

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Aside from Amazon, some of the most effective online retailers in 2019, in the USA at least, were those that developed an ecommerce strategy leveraging their traditional, brick-and-mortar outlets. Of course, Walgreens and CVS both sell other commodities in addition to pharmaceuticals.

Upcoming Fluctuations in the U.S. Trucking Market Heading Into 2020

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Of course, everything is dependent on the economic atmosphere of 2020. appears headed for a period of below-trend growth.” Featured Shipping Trends

Preparing for the Future of Supply Chains

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However, this strategy involves more than parts of your supply chain watching for simple leaps forward in tech evolution. With college courses and concentrations in big data and business analytics growing at a fantastic rate, your company could be in an enviable position to snap these vibrant graduates up as soon as they start looking for work.

Supply Chain Management:Fulfillment Options - Recent Trends

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Discuss the latest trends and solutions across the supply chain management landscape. « Delivering the Goods in Online Grocery Business | Main | Scheduling Order Release Process Intelligently » Fulfillment Options - Recent Trends. Of course, the email is sent only after the package has been delivered to the locker by the carrier. Social Media in Supply Chain.the new trend! Instance Consolidation Strategy. About Us. Contact Us.

Product Returns: The Hangover Headache of E-Commerce

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What also separates the leaders from the laggards is their use of online auction marketplaces, business intelligence and analytics, and lotting strategy to improve their liquidation process and effectiveness. Of course, one company’s problem is another’s opportunity.

Supply Chain Innovation Technology: No Longer Just a “Build vs. Buy” Decision

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Across every industry, IT strategy is now business strategy. Of course, these new technologies also come with a lot of risks and uncertainties, which is why many companies are taking a “wait and see” approach before investing any time, money, and resources in them. I agree with Meg Whitman: every company today is a technology company; IT strategy is now business strategy; and speed of execution will define winners and losers.

2018 Supply Chain Trends: Omnichannel, Customer Experience, & Regulations to Shape the Industry


Supply chain managers and executives should be mindful of these additional (read our first post of the top supply chain trends for this year) 2018 supply chain trends as the year progresses if they hope to stay competitive. . Learn the Landscape, trends, types, & applications. Omnichannel is perhaps the biggest of the 2018 supply chain trends. Companies Will Focus on Integrating the Long Tail of Supply Chains to Incorporate all 2018 Supply Chain Trends.

This Week in Logistics News (October 15-19, 2018)

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Of course, chances are that this spring, while I’m away at a conference, my wife will get her payback and turn the A/C on without any debate either. How cold does it have to get inside your house before you accept reality and turn on the heat?

This Week in Logistics News (February 5-9, 2018)

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In essence, Amazon is taking the same “owning the ecosystem” strategy that Apple took in the computer industry. Unless, of course, the shared data is crappy, inaccurate data. Our guinea pig Cow died this morning. The kids named him Cow when he was born.