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SONAR Indices & Insights: Plan and Measure Refrigerated Shipping Capacity & Rates

FreightWaves SONAR

This week, learn how freight market participants, especially those freight parties who are executing refrigerated shipping moves, rely on SONAR indices that show reefer freight data and activity. What are the available refrigerated shipping indices in SONAR? Example : ROTVI.ATL was 250 as of August 1. RHAUL.ATL = 50.

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Refrigerated Trucks Are Using Visibility, Productivity & Collaboration Tech to Create High-Value Supply Chains


Many shipping lines rely on refrigerated trucks and other advanced shipping services. Examples of Tech Used in Supply Chains Today. Keeping everyone in the loop is another key to successful supply chain management, especially among refrigerated trucking carriers. . Maintain open lines of communication and collaboration.


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Five Keys to Cold Chain Success with Tyler Hildebrand

The Logistics of Logistics

FSMA applies to: Food transported in bulk, where the food touches the walls of the vehicle (Example: juices). Packaged foods not fully enclosed by a container (Example: fresh produce). Food that require temperature control for safety (Example: beef). Root cause analysis. Significant impact to the food supply chain.

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Cold Storage Warehouses: The Ultimate Guide


The types of cold storage warehouses (with examples). 5 Cold Storage Warehouse Examples. This includes spending on refrigerated products like food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. If you think of a cold storage warehouse cooling system as a mechanical human body, the coolant (also called a “refrigerant”) is like the blood.

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3PL Basics: The 11 Transportation Services with Jeremy Thone

The Logistics of Logistics

The ship types include bulk carriers, container ships, tankers, refrigerated ships, and roll-on / roll-off ships. Refrigerated ships (reefers) are cargo ships used to transport temperature-controlled transportation, mostly fruits, meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products, and other foodstuffs.

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Guest blog: With the Truck Driver Shortage, How Many More Drivers will be Enough?

CH Robinson Logistics

The answer is not simple and involves research and analysis across a number of factors. This data is based on industry output derived from monthly government statistics published by the Census Bureau, Federal Reserve Board, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Bureau of Economic Analysis. Analysis of employment data.

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How Cold Chain Logistic Providers Build Trust with Traceability

Logistics Viewpoints

billion in 2020, the cold chain market is expected to reach more than $628 billion in 2028, nearly tripling its growth in less than ten years, according to a market analysis report by Grand View Research. Take tracking produce, for example. Valued at nearly $210.49 Temperature-sensitive products beyond food also rely on traceability.

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