Examples of How Supplier Quality Management System Implementations Pay Off


We conclude our series on supplier quality management (SQM) today with a look at some case studies and examples of benefits derived from the application of a supplier quality management system. Examples and Case Studies from the Implementation of a Supplier Quality Management System.

The State of Supply Chain Trends Part IV: Data Analysis, Wearables, and the Cloud


Modern supply chains are evolving beyond anyone’s expectations due to increased use of cloud-computing technologies, wearables and advanced data analysis. For example, wearables measuring the number of steps, heart rate and calorie consumption can virtually eliminate on-the-job cardiac events, reports the Inventory & Supply Chain Optimization Blog. Data Analysis Grew Exponentially, Providing More End-to-End Visibility and Continuous Improvement.

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Amazon Go and the Future of Sentient Buildings: An Analysis

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Specifically, they are inferring pose for articulated motion analysis in crowded scenarios. For example, the current setup has a dense array of cameras which we assume is probably required to make this all work. When it comes to disruption of business as usual for supply chains, Amazon towers above the rest. They are often spoken about by competitors with a combination of reverence and fear.

Typical Challenges in a Repair & Return Process - Part 2 ( Analysis)

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Analysis & Probable Solution : The conversation which is mentioned in the blog titled "Typical Challenges in a Repair & Return - Part 1" brings out some of the key issues which are pertinent to a repair & return process. Most of the inventory management systems have provisions to have various statuses for on-hand stock.For example RH- To indicate repair hold, Active - To indicate as ready to use, RV - To indicate repair at vendor site etc.

Saving Your Company After a Data Breach

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Should you follow the example of a company like Equifax , which did everything wrong in a wake of a cybersecurity breach and incurred hundreds of millions of dollars in costs, not to mention a stain on its reputation? Global Supply Chain Management Quality & Metrics Regulation and Compliance SC Analysis & Consulting Supply Chain Security & Risk Mgmt. Companies large and small are susceptible to data breaches.

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How A.I. Will Transform Shipping and Logistics

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Are containership schedules, for example, flexible enough to be tweaked every time an A.I. Business Strategy Alignment SC Analysis & Consulting Global Supply Chain Management All Logistics Global Logistics Transportation & Distribution All Technology Supply Chain Visibility SC Finance & Revenue Mgmt. is seeping into virtually every industry, and logistics isn’t immune.

Blockchain for the Supply Chain: Reality vs. Hype

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For example, approval by multiple parties to a transportation arrangement is required in order to issue an authorized bill of lading. A pharmaceutical company, for example, is likely to find blockchain to be of high value, as means of complying with strict regulations on maintaining a drug’s chain of provenance. SC Analysis & Consulting Global Trade & Economics All Technology Supply Chain Visibility Sourcing/Procurement/SRM SC Planning & Optimization Global Trade Management

Trade Wars Put U.S. Small Business on the Front Line

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As an example, China has imposed tariffs on farm products and seafood, as well as autos; and the companies affected can be small food exporters, agricultural supply companies, or auto parts suppliers. SC Analysis & Consulting Regulation and Compliance Global Trade & Economics Global Supply Chain Management All Technology Global Trade Management SC Planning & Optimization SC Finance & Revenue Mgmt. The U.S.-China China trade war is escalating by the day and the U.S.

Disadvantages of Poor Supply Chain Management

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Here are three examples of how sub-par supply chain management can harm your business: Mismanaged Implementation – Changing a supply chain management system takes financial investment, time, and human resources. Industry-leading logistics providers focus on continual analysis.

All About TMS: What is it and Why is it Important?

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For example: i. For example, a logistics company can benefit from using a TMS by managing shipments going across borders in multiple currencies and by being able to scale business with less labor. Blog Topics. The Shared Milkrun Mexico & Border Logistics.

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Product placement in supermarkets – or: „eye level is buy level“

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Doing the research for an Unit Load analysis for products in supermarkets for the logistics course, I came over a really interested, related topic: the product placement in supermarkets. For example, there is baked goods area, bathroom area or a sweets area.

Supply Chain Management:Maintenance Practice- A standard to be.

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hmm.gadgets, graphs, analysis etc. Strategy, an engineering framework, failure mode analysis maybe.phew! For example, preventive maintenance are either time based or meter based and it appears that it has got nothing to do with equipment dynamics in itself. There are heaps of operational data in the raw format and in some cases even well processed data such as vibration analysis, chemical analysis etc. About Us. Contact Us. Newsroom Investors Careers.

Don’t Lose Your Balance on Electronic Recycling

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The following is an example of a Mass Balance evaluation results for an Apple iPad. From this chart you can quickly see the different characteristics of the product to help in decision making: Mass Balance Example: iPad (source: GEODIS).

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The Cost to Serve Bangkok Customers… And Why it Matters

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In fact, the information in this article is just as useful to logistics providers, especially those that have not completed their own CTS analysis. If your company’s distribution network covers any location within Thailand’s borders, a CTS analysis will reveal a lot about how your supply chain is affecting revenue and profit. For example, while working with one of our clients, a consumer products company with 13 warehouses located around Thailand, we conducted a CTA analysis.

For Your Supply Chain KPIs to be Meaningful, Apply Some Golden Rules

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A prime example of this kind of manipulation (and really, it is manipulation), is when performance issues arise which results in shipments being delayed. . Don’t get me wrong here; off-the-shelf KPIs can serve a useful purpose, for example, when used for external benchmarking exercises.

Industry Trend on the Rise for Supply Chain and Logistics: Automation


Automation will allow for supply chain executives to focus their time on data analysis and forecasting as opposed to managing and overseeing every single process in the supply chain. For example, as per Ryan Duguid of Manufacturing.net , automated technology can continuously fulfill orders.

Foreign Trade Zone Update: Two Developments You Must Watch Today

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Specifically, CBP will conduct a risk analysis across the FTZ program. For example, few economic studies have focused on FTZs, and those that have do not quantify FTZs’ economic impacts,” the GAO study notes. “In

Types of Risks Impacting Supply Chains in 2018

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Hurricane Maria, which slammed into Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, is a prime example of a catastrophe that reverberates through supply chains. Examples include sub-suppliers that perform poorly, financial insolvency, and trade or tariff.

Cost To Serve – A Smarter Way to Improved Supply Chain Profitability

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Too much leads to resources being monopolised on gathering tons of data and a subsequent risk of “paralysis by analysis” Cost to Serve (CTS) is an approach that helps you avoid both extremes. How will we use the outputs from the analysis? Supply chains are complex entities.

The Mind-Boggling Complexities of Food Distribution (Why Optimization is Critical)

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It is also my go-to example when I try to explain supply chain and logistics to my kids. “Do Take one of the questions above, for example: Can a single truck deliver multiple types of food products together or do they get delivered via separate trucks?

Supply Chain Management:A New Lens for Supply Chain Roadmaps

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They expand into an analysis of revenue-accruing & cost-optimizing functions, and result in the identification of capabilities that the organization aspires to develop or enhance. Let us take an initiative such as Inventory Optimization as an example. About Us. Contact Us. Newsroom Investors Careers. Infosys Labs. Industries. Industries. Aerospace and Defense. Airlines. Automotive. Communication Services. Consumer Packaged Goods. Education. Energy. Financial Services.

Navigate Shipping Landscape with Proactive Analytics

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In four years at enVista, Quinn has worked directly with clients to enable their success and achieve transportation goals through data analysis and solutions focused reporting. More than ever, shippers today are feeling the pressure from both customers and carriers.

Inventory Management in Service Logistics Industry

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Example A: Fashion Retailer – Business Strategy is short life cycle products. Example B: Supermarket Retailer – Business strategy is to have low cost to compete effectively. Example C: Oil & Gas – Products and services are diverse. What is Inventory Management?

What’s Big Data in Supply Chain & Logistics? Why Should I Be Looking at This Tech Trend?


For example, does location A offer more benefits than location B. In this example, location A is located outside of shopping center with few restaurants. In other words, they have actually used data analysis to realize what does and does not improve profit margins.

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Building the Business Case for Supply Chain Risk Management


Besides, these risks are much more serious (for example, there were about 134,000 reported cyber-attacks on businesses in 2017 , or almost 50 percent increase from 2016). For example, Supply & Chain Executive reported that there were 260 major natural disasters in 2016 that resulted in an economic loss of $211 billion. For example, Deloitte reported that 85 percent of global supply chains experienced at least one disruption caused by fraud or abuse in 2016.

Supply Chain Management:BIRT Reporting Redefined!!

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The level of analysis performed on the reports demonstrates the maturity of the EAM program and the application within the organization. Failure analysis, Cost and forecast computation etc. are few of the examples of such complex reporting. About Us. Contact Us. Newsroom Investors Careers. Infosys Labs. Industries. Industries. Aerospace and Defense. Airlines. Automotive. Communication Services. Consumer Packaged Goods. Education. Energy. Financial Services. Healthcare.

Vendor Managed Inventory Model for Supply Chain Cost Reductions


Below I will outline how a vendor managed inventory model, in conjunction with reverse marketing, value analysis, and collaboration will achieve supply chain cost reductions. Reverse marketing starts first with Value Analysis. What is Value Analysis? Value Analysis.

[INFOGRAPHICS] How Manufacturing Data Will Transform The American Manufacturing Industry


The Rise Of Manufacturing Data Analysis. In order for manufacturing data to be used in the decision-making process, companies must ensure that they are using high-quality data in their analysis. For example, choosing which suppliers are the best , most valuable partners.

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The Rise of the Intelligent Supply Chain


For example, the Business Intelligence solution focuses on five key areas that are of common concerns to many businesses: carrier performance, vendor performance, volume analysis, equipment/container utilisation, and exception management. Supply chains are awash with data.

Solutions for Managing Transportation Spend

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I asked Dale for some examples of how they have been able to help clients in this area. Dales cited another example of a company doing a great deal of LTL shipments with multiple carriers over multiple lanes. For example, if they are in a commodity market where price is the differentiator, we help them design a lowest-cost network. The Analysis.

This Week in Logistics News (March 4-8, 2019)

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The latest example is Walmart “raising its delivery goal posts for suppliers, asking them to deliver more goods on time,” as reported by Jennifer Smith and Sarah Nassauer in the Wall Street Journal.

7 Reasons Why the Supply Chain Matters to Business Success

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Walmart may be the most famous example of a company that has succeeded primarily because of a well-developed and aligned supply chain strategy. For example, supplier performance issues can cause problems with inventory, order fill; on-time delivery performance and customer-order lead times.

Bringing the IoT to the automotive supply chain

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In general, an IoT supply chain solution involves a wireless tracking system coupled with a cloud-based monitoring and analysis platform. In addition to real-time alerts, IoT tools also provide comprehensive data sets that can be used for root-cause analysis of problems on a macro scale.

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What is DFMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) Analyses And How Can It Reduce Supply Chain Costs?


A thorough analysis of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) is just one tactic you can use to find success within the constructs of the chain. The analysis means getting into the nitty gritty and paying attention to every detail, no matter how small you may think it is. Assembly Analysis. For example, your couch is made up of springs, fabric, cushions, nuts, bolts and insulation. Manufacturing Analysis.

Import Compliance Basics: 5 Things You Need to Know

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For example, you may pick up on some common typos that make their way into the system (i.e., If, for example, you are making goods in a foreign country and selling them to a domestic customer, make sure any incoming duty cost (i.e.,